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Nov 122013

Over-saturated with repetition and often lacking musicality and authenticity, the pool of electronic music has the capacity to drown out your ears with unfulfilling and insipid productions. While many loose interest swimming through volumes of cacophonous electronic music, those with persistence inevitably find artists like Uppermost, a presence that breathes musical creativity, emotion, and euphony into the industry. With arguably one of the most diverse catalogs around, Uppermost resides in a class of France’s most talented and versatile musical storytellers, and if he has yet to capture your attention and ear, familiarize yourself with one of the brilliant minds that has graced the electronic music spectrum.

HT: You’ve stated before that you try to refrain from thinking in genres. If you had to choose though, under the category of music, where would you place your sound and style that would most accurately guide listeners in the right direction of what Uppermost embodies musically?

The music I make depends on what I want to express in a specific moment. I can’t seem to give it a name, genre or direction. Tomorrow I may express something radically different, I see the project “Uppermost” not as a brand but as a personal expression of what I witness and feel as a human being.

HT: From the States at least, it seems like France, more so than some other European countries, is a huge breeding ground for skilled and talented electronic producers. Would you agree and do you feel surrounded by that kind of crowd at home?

I’m not really sure about this. I’ve never been that much interested about what’s going on in France musically as I didn’t feel people enjoyed or understood my music there. Until recently, there wasn’t much people supporting my projects in France.

HT: What inspired you to take the route of an independent artists and what has been the most difficult thing to over come since that decision?

I’ve been making music to create a space where I’d find inner peace and a way to express myself freely without any constraint. The obsession for money in the music industry made me decide to keep my independence. Yes it does take a lot more time to gain exposure, you may not have the right strategies, the right marketing, the right management, but would you accept selling your goal in order to achieve it?

HT: You’ve maintained a balance of putting out free and purchasable music. If people can’t afford a Beatport release, are you ok with them pirating it? If so, what is reason behind your music at all? Is it strictly for-profit?

I discovered most of the artists that inspire me today by first downloading their album on file-sharing websites. It’s not ‘piracy’, it’s a way to escape from a world obsessed by money and private property. For me, real ‘piracy’ comes from an industry that forces artists to corrupt themselves in order to gain exposure. I keep selling my albums because I found out putting everything out for free tends to devaluate my work, as if it was something I don’t care about.

HT: You’ve mentioned that you keep your set up pretty minimal. What equipment do you using for synth design, if any at all?

I work on a laptop, with FL Studio, headphones, and a few VST’s such as Sylenth, V-Station, Massive, Image-Line ones.

HT: Any chance we’ll see a follow up on your ‘Control’ album with that same sampling style? What was your favorite track to produce off that album? ‘Flow’ was a big favorite.

I like to keep the next projects a mystery. The track from ‘Control’ that I was feeling the most is probably ‘No More Domination’.

HT: Your ‘Hidden Poetry EP’ has been out for a little over a month now. What goes behind making a track like ‘Visions’? It’s an emotionally laden release and yet flows with a playful and incredibly heartening sound. Where does that come from?

‘Hidden Poetry EP’ has a very strong and personal story behind it. As the title says, it is meant to stay ‘hidden’.

HT: Deccies’s ‘Go With the Flow’ was a complimentary and glowing addition to the Uppwind Records. Do you have any other artists lined up for releases on Uppwind Records or are you very particular with adding new music?

Deccies is definitely an artist that inspires me a lot. For now, I am focusing on my next projects, but as soon as I feel like the label has gained enough exposure I’ll open it again to other artists.
HT: You have a considerably large following here in the United States. Any intentions on touring around North America?

A few things are being organized at the moment, no more information for now but there are definitely good news for 2014.

HT: What’s next for your catalog in the immediate future: an LP, an EP, some free releases?

You’ll get the answer soon.

HT: Three favorite tracks of the year so far and one that you just absolutely cannot stand to listen to?

Well they may not be tracks from this year but they are my favorites: Burial and Four Tet – Moth / Fakear – Kid / Nora En Pure – Come With Me. What I can’t stand to listen to: Epic sax guy.

Many thanks to Uppermost and his team. Give his most recent album, ‘Revolution’, a listen if you have yet to do so.

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