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2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Dec 022014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’re probably aware that the shadowy producer Zhu made a buzzed-about pit stop in NYC the other weekend. With so much attention paid to the faceless wonder and his live “Nightday Experience,” it’s easy to overlook the Jersey-based DJ/Producer who warmed up the decks that night. Bender, a DJ/producer with obvious skill, was responsible for getting the crowd in the mood with an opening mix of deep, moody house grooves. Below you can check out his mix containing several of his own impressive remixes as well as a variety of thick, bass-heavy beats that build up a dark vibe that fits perfectly into the Nightday Experience. Check out the mix below and be sure to visit Bender’s Soundcloud page where you can cop his remixes and other sets for free. Keep an eye on this guy as he is bound for good things as house music continues its upward trajectory.

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Aug 232014

After the successful release of their latest album The Night Is Young in February, the funkiest electronic duo in the land is back at work with a very fresh remix of Zhu’s smash hit ‘Faded’. I know what you’re thinking: enough with the ‘Faded’ remixes already! I promise this one is worth the listen. It’s always a risk to remix a song that is steadily becoming a bit played-out; however Big G superbly maintains the deep, sultry vibe of the original and manages to put their own saxy spin on the track. Although they are known for a more dubbstep/bass/etc. sound, Big G has taken a step towards the current flavor-of-the-week sound—so-called “future house”— and created a track that reminds me a bit of Oliver Heldens or Tchami. Of course, I’m not knocking the guys for following the trend as they are known for branching out into various genres with plenty of success. Plus, it doesn’t really matter because a funky track is a funky track no matter how many times it’s been remixed. And if you know what’s good for you, I’d recommend checking out Big G on their Touch the Sky Tour this fall. Enjoy!

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