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Nov 052013

Shortly following the release of a teaser, Schoolboy graced us with a full length preview of his remix of Zedd’s ‘Stay The Night’. The remix has finally hit the shelves earlier today vis Interscope Records. Schoolboy’s remix shares a spot the compilation which also features remixes from Tiesto, DJ SNAKE, Nicky Romero and Henry Fong. If you didn’t get a chance to check out the full remix last week, indulge immediately; this remix is huge.

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Oct 302013

Not too long ago we got a tease of what this remix was shaping up to sound like. If you missed that preview, treat yourself to the full version of Schoolboy’s forthcoming remix of Zedd’s ‘Stay The Night’. The remix is set to be released via Interscope Records on November 5th as part of a remix compilation for the original.

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Sep 122013

We always take pleasure in sharing the sounds of up-and-coming artists. One producer who we have kept our eyes on is IndO was has consistently gifted us with first-rate productions spanning a range of genres. His latest creation is electro-house mashup of Madeon’s ‘Technicolor’ and Zedd’s ‘Clarity’. A compelling mix, IndO delivers a powerful and heavy-hitting track that’ll cater to the like of many of you. Snag it up for free if you’d like.

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Mar 022013

The bombardment of ‘Clarity’ remixes that came as a result of Zedd’s remix contest has surely left many with the desire to never here this song again. With the contest still underway and with so many remixes floating around, it’s easy to be over-saturated with the track yet once in a while, there is a remix that catches your ear. The track you have here before you was put together by the young UK producer Matt Nightscape, who has reworked ‘Clarity’ into is own emotionally-laden, glistening, and enlivening electro remix, creating an uplifting and moving anthem that can be appreciated from all angles. Give it a play and snag it up for free if you’d like.


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Feb 032013

Time and time and again, we’ve capitalized on every opportunity in sharing a SirensCeol release as every one of his musical creations is of pristine quality. Evidenced by his diverse catalog of multi-genre productions, the Californian native is one of the most versatile talents infiltrating the scene at the moment. This week he delivered two astonishing releases, ‘Close Encounters’, a scintillating original dubstep production infused with his flawless melodic leads, mesmerizing vocal hooks, and clean but powerful breakdowns, and this mashup that he dropped earlier today, a perfect fusion of his ‘The Time of our Lives‘ track with Zedd’s famous hit, ‘Clarity’. Both these releases are up for free so give them a listen below and pick ’em up on his Facebook.


Jan 222013

With another ongoing Zedd remix contest in effect, this time for his ‘Clarity’ hit featuring Foxes, by now you’ve most likely heard tens or even hundreds of remakes of this song. And even with a flood of ‘Clarity’ remixes, it’s hard to find one that stands out among the rest. However, the one you have here before you from the German producer Elocnep, truly separates itself from several other remixes I’ve heard in its overall approach in reshaping ‘Clarity’.

Elocnep hardly uses the vocals such that he cuts them and inserts them as chopped vocal notes rather than having them play out in their entirety. So if you’re tired of hearing the vocals of ‘Clarity’ played out over and over again, this one will not drive you away. He crafts the intro into a jovial, uplifting, and catchy groove only to transition the track into a heavy, explosive yet scintillating and jittery dubstep anthem with a powerful grind. This is easily one the most creative takes on ‘Clarity’ I’ve heard in recent times. Give it a listen and if you’d like, snag up a copy for free on his Facebook.


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Dec 162012

We’ve been watching this track float around for a while. When it originally got uploaded to YouTube in late November, it was titled as a deadmau5 remix, and of course, numerous people bought it, except the many skeptics, and it quickly gained thousands upon thousands of views, currently almost at 60k. Well as of recently, the true maker, Tom Budin, finally changed the track name and took credit for what is still an amazing and beuatiful progressive house track, one that sounds very similar to the deadmau5 style we’re all used, but to all those who were fooled, sorry, this is not the mau5 himself.

So if you got trolled, and many of us often do, the joke is in good spirits as the track was indeed a tribute to Joel. But all joking aside, this is a perfect testament to how a big name next to a track can easily influence someones perception on how “good” a track is. If anything that can be taken from this, it’s to not judge a song by who makes it but instead by its musical integrity, because at the end of the day, if you’re solely judging a song based on how popular the producer is that made it, you might want to revaluate your criteria for gauging good from bad music. The track is up for free so if you have yet to hear it, indulge in one of the most sedative and entrancing remixes of Zedd’s ‘Clarity’. (For anyone who’s still an adamant believer that this isn’t Budin’s work, watch this)

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Dec 012012

A new bootleg from the French virtuoso Yannick Gazzola, the stage presence of The Deficient, dropped a few days adding another superb production to his line of well-respected releases. Gazzola has established a respected reputation among his contemporaries with his adroit electronic production abilities, a feat which has allowed him to produced some first-rate original creations, collabs, and remixes. His latest work is an impressive piece where he blends two highly acclaimed hit: Far Too Loud’s massive release ‘Firestorm’, and Zedd’s adored ‘Spectrum feat Matthew Koma’. He throws in a full dose of Oli Cash’s hit while tastefully integrating the vocals of Matthew Koma, an element that undoubtedly made Spectrum the sensation that it is today. The track is now up for grabs on The Deficient’s Facebook page so give it a play and pick up a copy if you wish. ☺Enjoy☺


Aug 302012

Tracks like this make you wonder, what methodology did Zedd and his team use to determine the winner of the ‘Spectrum’ Beatport Remix Contest? With over two-thousand submissions, it’s hard to believe that every remix received equal review and consideration. I’m sure many were ruled out after thirty seconds of play but that doesn’t account for all the other remixes that were well produced and tastefully mixed. While Shreddie Mercury bathes in the glory of victory, and so he should, I understand why listeners & producers alike found difficulty in accepting the contest results. Since so many submissions prevented Shreddie from obtaining a unanimous win, it only seems fit to salute them, this one included.

From new sensations like Madeon to older and more treasured acts like Daft Punk, France has furnished some of the most influential figures in EDM. This is an amazing & authentic French production, the result of a collaboration between French duo The Noisy Freaks and French producer Guillaume Cloutou, aka Blaster. As a Noisy Freaks fan and supporter, I have yet to hear a release on their behalf that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy or love. I will comment and say that I think this remix jumps into the Spectrum vocals too quickly, but with what follows, I have no additional remarks other than the fact that this is griping funk based complextro jam with a bouncy and ebullient flow. Be sure to snag a free copy.

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Aug 252012

Since we’re going to be throwing up a ton of Zedd ‘Spectrum’ remixes, it only seems appropriate to acknowledge the winner of the Beatport Remix Contest before we do so. Another personal favorite, Shreddie Mercury’s ‘Spectrum’ remix yielded the win in spite of the fact that it did not have the popular vote. Even though most spectators believed that Savant’s remix, which we will post soon, deserved the win, you have to respect all the contenders for their efforts and submissions.

With that said, and in all honesty, Shreddie’s remix is a phenomenal Electro-House track that truly deserved every ounce of the victory. Unfortunately, because his submission won, it will not be available for download as it is to be released via Interscope Records in the near future. However, as a thank you gift to all voters and supporters, Shreddie released a free track on his SoundCloud. Powerglove: Pt 2 is a perfect fusion of Electro-House and Moombah, one that should really appeal to any EDM connoisseur. Snag a free copy, peep the ‘Spectrum’ remix, and check out some of his other freebies. ☺Enjoy☺