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Feb 082014

In celebration of reaching five-thousand likes on their recently founded Facebook, France’s magnificent electronic duo The Geek x Vrv have unleashed a new freebie onto the plates of their exponentially growing fan base. ‘Greece Sunrise’ once again showcases their capacity to create a finely tuned, crisp and heavy hip-hop influenced electronic production. The release hits with some vocals that are probably not understandable to your ear but that is what makes the release that much more impressive. The Geek x Vrv can throw something your way that is not even in your native language and it’ll get you up and moving with it. Definitely be sure to snag this up, and if you missed it, check out our brief interview with the duo that we ran earlier in the year.

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Jan 222014

MOZ Photography

If there is one movement that has unleashed a catalog of some of the freshest and tastiest productions in recent times, it is none other than the one pioneered by The City of Lights’s prolific duo, The Geek x Vrv. Comprised of Axel Rondeau and Vincent Téoulé, The Geek x Vrv have been behind so many flawless hip-hop instrumental styled electro funk productions, intoxicating listeners with punchy beats, savory ol’ school flavored samples, peerless instrumental licks and jazzy melodies.

As they continue to release at an astonishing and relentless rate, The Geek x Vrv will undeniably remain one of the hottest acts to erupt from France’s electronic music underground. In the wake of their sophomore B.T.O.S compilation, B.T.O.S Vol. 2, a ten track release with an irresistibly toothsome assortment of hip-hop instrumentals, we had the chance to ask the fast-rising duo about their inception, their recent EP, and what the future has in store for them.

Download ‘B.T.O.S Vol. 2’ Here


HT: The sounds both of you put out is nothing short of top-notch. How did you meet and decide to start producing together?

Well we met through a mutual friend, we started to chat online, and then the idea of a collaboration came. Since the feedback we were getting was rather positive, we decided to carry on together.

HT: Do your musical musical taste and influences ever clash when producing, or are they always in agreement?

Usually we manage to agree on which style to use, so most of the time we are in agreement. Though there are exceptions. But we try to limit ourselves the least, so we don’t hesitate to propose original ideas.

HT: How would you two describe your style to someone who is not an electronic music fan but is about to listen to your music for the first time?

Grab Electro, Hip Hop, Soul & Jazz, mix all of these styles and you get something new and fresh. We’ve never thought about it to be honest, but we think we’d tell them that most of our tracks are “new with some old, something new and fresh”.

HT: Are you two producing with Ableton at the moment, and are there ever any live interments recorded into a track?

Yeah Ableton is great for us, and it’s the DAW we’ve been using for a while so it’s become really easy to produce now! For the instrumental part, we’ve started to gradually get into it, but as we are not natural musicians, it’s a bit hard. We’ll get the hang of it.

HT: ‘One Love EP’ was a bit heavier than some of the releases on ‘Amicalment Votre’ and ‘Chinese Morning’. Do you two see yourselves creating more bass heavy, maybe dubstep influenced productions in the future?

Actually One Love EP was produced 4 months ago. We make tracks based on how we feel at the time. We must have listened to electronic music at the time. Our influences evolve rapidly even if we try to keep a main line, so yeah, why not some tracks with more bass, or instead, a few more chill ones!

HT: You guys recently did a collaboration with Emiljo A.C. Is there a reason why it wasn’t released for free and are there any other collaborations in the works?

Our collab with Emiljo is available on Emiljo’s SoundCloud for free. We do have other collaborations in the works very soon, some remixs too. We’re lucky to be working with some great artists at the moment.

HT: Can you guys see yourself coming over to America for some performances in the States?

Of course! We would love to play in the USA some day. It would be a dream become true, so we’re gonna carry on making music and hopefully some day we’ll be able to come over!

HT: In both of your opinions, what was the best The Geek x Vrv release in 2013?

For us the best release of 2013 was the Flume remix, and [best] production, ‘It’s Because’.

HT: Biggest moment for The Geek x Vrv in 2013?

There hasn’t been a big moment for us yet because we only started playing in 2014, but I’d say our time with Tha Trickaz who talked about our EP on their label was the best moment. Having the chance to be contacted by artists we’ve always loved, listened to and seen live, is fantastic. And I’d add that our upload on the youtube channel “The Sound You Need” gave us great visibility and made us able to share our passion with more and more people, and when Pretty lights dropped our Flume remix in The HOT SH*T Podcast!!

HT: What is up ahead in 2014? There is BTOS Vol. 2, but beyond that, what can we expect from The Geek x Vrv in 2014?

Well 2014, we are gonna have loads and loads of stuff to release! After B.T.O.S Vol. 2, there is gonna be quite a few remixs and collaborations, then 2 new EPs, with one collaboration with an independant brand. We’d like to take the time to work on the release of a full album as well. And there will probably be a B.T.O.S Vol. 3, and always free of course! SO there is going to be a lot of new stuff, we are gonna be playing more and more live sets shortly so our live set is evolving too.

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Nov 122013

There are always artists you keep a close eye on, but you can never stray away even for a second from these two. The Geek & Vrv have been relentlessly tossing up some of the tastiest tracks onto the cloud of electronic music, and if you feel like that cloud is often weighed down with polluted and tarnished productions, The Geek & Vrv are flushing those away with a catalog that pours mouthwatering, ol’ school flavored electro-funk creations down to the surface.

Adding to that stream of music is their most recent EP, ‘Amicalement Votre’, a delicious assortment of tracks that need not beg for consumption as they instantly nourish your system with a heavy dose of funk infused beats. From the enlivening and anthemic vibrations of tracks like ‘Sacrifice’ to the deeper, more emotive grooves like ‘It’s A Man’s World’, ‘Amicalement Votre’ is crafted with a narcotic potency, delivering the ultimate fix for any music enthusiast.

Download ‘Amicalement Votre EP’ Here

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Oct 242013

The last we heard from these two was when we shared their remix of Pretty Light’s ‘Around The Block’, a worthy remake of the original that you should definitely give a listen to if you missed it. Aside from that, The Geek and VRV have unleashed a massive and snarling bass heavy remix of Stevie Wonder’s hit ‘Superstition’. This may surpass the spin that The Noisy Freaks put on Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ but check it out for yourself. Nonetheless, this is an incendiary and must have production from the ground up. Snag it up for free.

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