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Jul 012014

Germany’s Virtual Riot has charted a path of steadily syphoning productions into the stream of electronic music, and when doing so, thousands take to listen with an almost guaranteed certainty of being duly pleased. Musically versatile and armed with a skilled command of various sounds, Virtual Riot can bring you all the sensations aroused during an explosive, melodically rich, and floor-rumbling bass music experience, but wuith varying tempos or styles, and in do say, he never looses his grasp of how to continuously satisfy your musical interest and desires. ‘Earth & Sky’ emerges as the latest freebie from the German bass music juggernaut, offering you an entrance to an auditory landscapes swirling with dreamy, melodic delight, harmonized vocal chops, and of course, a volcanic burst of gritty, molten glitch-hop sound waves.

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Mar 202014

Earlier in the year we commented on the phenomenal quality and talent showcased in Astronaut’s Monstercat EP ‘Quantum’. The compilation received a wave of support from existing fans and certainly garnered the support and appreciation from new listeners as well. To revive the essence of the EP, Monstercat recently compiled a remix EP featuring renditions by some equally talented and gifted producers in the electronic music arena.

Serving as the opening remix on the compilation is Virtual Riot’s take on ‘Quantum’, where the German reworks the original electro-house gem into a dreamy and moving yet exhilarating dubstep anthem. Slicing clips of the the original vocals in a melodic fashion, Virtual Riots compliments the original production with stirring and galvanizing breakdowns linked tastefully with a flood of brilliant and celestial harmonies. Virtual Riot’s remix can be purchased on Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Dec 022013

There are a millions of opinions circulating in the base of electronic music listeners, and one that has been trending with many is that Virtual Riot is mastering the game. Virtual Riot has been rising the ranks, taking listeners by storm with an onslaught explosive releases. Be it original productions, remixes or jaw-dropping mashups, Virtual Riot is turning heads at every turn and his brutal dubstep spin on ‘Work Bitch’ is not to be missed. Download information coming soon. In the meantime, indulge and get a freebie treat with ‘Troublemaker‘ if you missed it.

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Oct 292013

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a freebie from Virtual Riot, but this latest tune brings us a fiery new production from the young and versatile powerhouse. If you missed his hypnotizing remix of Claire’s ‘Next Ones To Come’, be sure to check it out and snag up ‘Troublemaker’, a massive blend of grinding glitch-hop sound-waves and growling trap stylings that’ll leaved you floored.

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Sep 172013

Virtual Riot continues to remain a prominent presence in electronic music, highlighting himself as one of the more talented minds in the industry with a catalog of diverse and supreme productions. Adept at producing in a multitude of genres, the young producer has added a new dubstep remix to his recent train of releases, taking Claire’s ‘Next Ones To Come’ and revamping it into a euphoric and melodically hypnotic remix. There is no official word on its release but nonetheless, this is one to be savored until we can get our hands on it.

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Sep 052013

It is without a doubt that Monstercat has provided the electronic music community with a stream of new and impressive sounds from a pool of extremely talented producers that are often overshadowed by industry giants. Their fourteenth mixed artist compilation ‘Discovery’ recently hit the shelves via iTunes and provided a mouth-watering assortment of thirty astonishing tracks from the label’s hottest producers. Featuring names like Au5, Favright, Televisor, Soulero, Fractal, Tut Tut Child, PIXL, Haywyre, Pegboard Nerds, Rameses B, Falcon Funk and so many more, ‘Discovery’ is a perfect collection of tracks for the avid and open minded electronic music listener.

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Apr 292013

Gifted with the ability to produce gems in virtually every genre of electronic music, the young and dexterous Virtual Riot has showcased once again why he is one of the most talented sounds to the storm the electronic music arena. Out now with his latest remix, Virtual Riot puts forth a grueling dubstep remix, echoing with shuddering bass, mechanized grinds, and a booming breakdown that flows with a destructive force.

*Free Download*

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Apr 022013

Celebrating his ten-thousandth ‘like’ on Facebook, German based producer Virtual Riot finally released his ‘Energy Drink’ single for free. While it hit the web over a week ago, hundreds of listeners were eagerly awaiting its free download. Adept at producing in a multitude of genres, Virtual Riot has put together a booming complextro piece.

Flooding the speakers with staggering complexity and an explosive wave of masterfully constructed sounds, ‘Energy Drink’ hits with a flow that is most appropriately explained by the track title. Geared towards those who revel in forceful and shuddering complextro soundtracks, ‘Energy Drink’ is the perfect fix for any dirty electro fiend. If you’re not familiar with Virtual Riot, be sure to check out some of his most recent hits, especially his ‘Idols’ track, which has to be one of the best mashups to date.

Free Download

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Dec 142012

Earlier today the young German producer, Viral Riot, released his latest musical creation, diverging from his usual musical style to create this incredible glitch-hop remix of duo off/chopped.’s ‘million miles’, where he takes the original and formulates a new, melodically moving and scintillating funk based electronic pop groove with a brilliant and absorbing musical atmosphere. The vocal samples used add a perfect touch to the flow of the track making the entire production a heavy and massive yet harmonious hit. Be sure to give it a play and pick up a copy below; this one has been getting quite a few replays. ☺Enjoy☺


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