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2. marked by or showing good judgment.
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Dec 052014

More sweet sounds are coming from Denver! This time the noise is coming from the aptly-named Vibe Street who is putting out some seriously tasty electro-soul jams on his latest EP, She Makes Me Feel. Starting off with “Something From Outer Space,” a bluesy little number covered featuring some shredding guitar, the EP features five songs, each with its own distinct flavor. Ranging from groovy and soulful to smooth and sultry, these supremely crafted beats make for an eclectic listen with vibes for days. In addition to the masterful and diverse sampling, each track is loaded with ample bass, smooth vocals, and psychedelic soundscapes. Perhaps the best song of the EP is the closing track “Down, Soft and Low,” which incorporates more acoustic sounds, creating a pleasant, summery feel and setting Vibe Street apart from other musicians in the electro-soul-hip-hop-etc. realm. Do yourself and your weekend a favor by grabbing this EP along with a host of music for free on Vibe Street’s Soundcloud page. Then go spread the word about this notable talent. Enjoy!

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Jan 272014

Over the weekend one of Colorado’s emerging electronic music artists, Vibe Street, preformed his first “all-original live set” at The 1up in Denver. He released the mix of that recent live set, which spans a little over an hour, and if Vibe Street is a name that has not met your eyes and has not graced your ears, delve into this mix headfirst to get a taste of the musical flavors he’s bringing to the table. A full serving of this electro, soul, funk and folk, genre-blending mix will nourish and instantly replenish your energy reserves.

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Sep 162013

Earlier in the year, David Moricca, CCO and Founder of Mixify, published on article on Forbes titled “Online Music Festivals: The Future Of EDM?“, a piece in which he outlines how there is huge market for online electronic music performances; events that are gathering views by the tens of thousands. More and more artists are moving onto the online platform to feed their fans interactive live sets and if you have yet to experience one of these online electronic music performances, the return of Vibe Fest is something you should you delve into head first.

Returning for the third time in the past couple of months, Vibe Fest has brought a wave of talented electronic musicians such as Artifakts, Archnemesis, Vibe Street, Late Night Radio and several others to the plug.dj platform, an outlet for online musical performances.

If you’re looking for a continuous stream of some enlivening and savory electronic virbation, tune in to the official Vibe Fest music venue on plug.dj tomorrow beginning at 7PM for a dose of some of the freshest sounds in the electronic music arena. Featuring acts like D.V.S*, Vibe Street, Orphic, MuzzY and more, Vibe Street is something every electronic music connoisseur should get the chance to experience. Register on plug.dj here and snag up some free downloads from tomorrow’s performers below.

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