Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Dec 102014

The latest installment to the Fall Mix Series originates from our Canadian neighbor, trog’low. The Vancouver based producer touts a vast catalog of productions sourced with a fervid appreciation for jazz, classical and hip-hop. With several compilations already under his belt, trog’low appears to be in the preliminary stages of releasing additional material, suggested by the title of the mix, ‘Sparkling Adventures 2’, a would-be successor to his previous ‘Sparkling Adventures‘ debut. The mix finds itself laced with a horde of unreleased content, upbeat in rhythm and colorful in melody, serving as a superlative tracklist for daily adventures.

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Feb 112014

Cult Classic Records has steadily filled the stream of music with enveloping productions from some of the underground’s most talented musical minds. The latest compilation to hit the label comes from Canada’s gifted beatmaker, trog’low. ‘Late Night Travels’ embodies his experiences traversing through his city’s late night environments, which have resulted in the formation of a series of intricately crafted instrumental productions that stimulate your senses with serene harmonies, soothing percussion, and a flood euphoric vibrances. The album builds off some of his previous releases like ‘Goodnight Eskimo‘, and can be picked up for a price you name.

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Aug 282013

Resonating with some similarities to his ‘Mellow Feats’ compilation, trog’low’s latest full compulation release, ‘Sparkling Adventures’, delivers a jiving fusion of non-jarring hip-hop influenced beats and nostalgic jazz-spiced soundscapes. Available for free download, the ‘Sparkling Adventures’ compilation is crafted with an abstract, rhythmic sound, characteristic of trog’low with harmonically uplifting and mentally stimulating musical structure. With bouncy drumwork and polished jazzy instrumental leads, trog’low puts together a well-rounded set of tracks that are the perfect musical backdrop for a serene environmental setting.

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Jul 282013

It’s been a while since we shared the sounds of Canadian based beat maker trog’low, although you might remember his appearences on this thread upon the releases of his ‘Lost Chords Volume I: Moods‘ and ‘Goodnight Eskimo‘ albums. If you missed them, and enjoy the tranquilizing sounds of ambient downtempo productions, check them out in addition to his most recent EP, ‘Granulum’, a six track compilation lined with an array of melodic, soothing, and though-provoking instrumental productions, crafted with a smooth and euphoric musical touch. Stream the EP in its entirety and snag up a copy on Beatport or iTunes if you’d like.

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Feb 032013

Weekend afternoons are always in need a of a different musical vibe than what you’re typically used to if you eat, drink, and breathe electronic dance music. What you have here before you is the long awaited compilation from the German based music virtuoso, trog’low, a follow up on his ‘Goodnight Eskimo‘ release.

‘Lost Chords Volume I: Moods’ is a seductive and deeply hypnotizing set of sedative beats each infused with a dreamy ambiance, interwoven with melodic hooks derived from an array of sources like keys, strings, wind, vocals, and numerous additional instruments that captivate the mind to ease and relax the body. So if you need something musically engaging that is simultaneously pacifying, peep trog’low’s latest release below, pick it up for free or if you’d like to show some extra support, purchase an official copy on Bandcamp.

Free Download


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Sep 082012

If your Friday night was as eventful as you planned, or if you decided to have a casual slow paced evening, in both cases, you’ll find some much needed Saturday morning tranquility in Trog’low’s latest album, ‘Goodnight Eskimo’. For those of you who have missed our previous Trog’low posts, if you’re going to listen, be open to a slightly different sound, one that resonates with a calm, soothing, and relaxing flow.

Trog’low is known for his masterful musical creations that result in sedative hip-hop beats fused with classy melodic jazz leads in an ambient atmosphere. ‘Goodnight Eskimo’, compared to his older albums, has a mellower and more experimental feel. ‘Will You Think of Me’ and ‘Crashing in the Distance’ are personal favorites, but the whole album is worth a listen. This is the kind of music that provokes you to just sit down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Sink into place, close your eyes, take a deep breathe and let the peaceful and tranquilizing sounds of Trog’low carry you to the most fascinating corners of your imagination. ☺Enjoy☺


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Aug 182012

It has been a while since we posted a song like this. Here at Heady Tunes we will never forget the root of why we acquired a love and passion for electronic music. It is because of songs like these. This is a perfect track to help wind down the night. With a beautiful and pacifying melody, this should please and soothe the ears of any music goer. If you’ve never heard of Trog’low, lounge back and be open to hearing a calming and sedative tune. Grab the Bic ©, pack it up, turn it up, and relax. ☺Enjoy☺

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