Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Dec 022014

One of the newest additions to Gramtik’s Lowtemp Music family, French electro hip-hop outfit The Geek x Vrv, have some serious heat coming out of their studio. Their latest release, “Say It” is a superb specimen of electronic hip-hop at its finest. The beat is deep, sultry and soulful. The samples are spot-on. And the vibe is undeniably chill. But really, would you expect anything less from a pair of Gramtik-approved gents like these? Beside this one, the tempos and vibes vary throughout their catalogue; some tunes are more upbeat and electronic, while others are smooth and soulful like this one. Honestly, these guys sound really similar to Gramtik’s earlier Street Bangerz days, so if you liked that, you will definitely appreciate this. Be sure to snag this free download while you explore the Geek x Vrv’s other work, including excellent remixes and mixtapes, most of which are available for free on their Soundcloud. I think it’s safe to say that we can expect great things from these two in the future. Enjoy!

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Nov 182014

Not much else can be desired from the Greek beatmaker mononome, a versatile musical craftsman who repeatedly delivers slates of lush and textured trip-hop/abstract hip-hop productions. Splicing and composing his musical narratives on an Akai MPC 2500, mononome swings a deep, emotive and melancholic groove into the base of his latest compilation ‘Tale Of The Phoenix’. The six track release comes filled with many of mononome’s signature drum sequencing patterns, warm basslines, dusty horn samples and vocal bits, as heard throughout ‘From The Ashes’. Pick apart the compilation in bits and pieces, or allow the rhythmic and emotive progression of the album carry you into a contemplative musical state.

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Jun 162014

It is without question that Kill Emil has risen to become one of more talented beatmakers fromGreece. We have had the pleasure of featuring several of his releases on this thread, and this month we take that pleasure once again as Kill Emil is celebrating the release of his third album, ‘Lights & Shadows’.

Out now on Beatquick, ‘Lights & Shawdows’ is a multi-faceted compilation that delicately illustrates a captivating musical narrative, cycling from dark and melancholic moods to uptempo and elated grooves. Hashfinger and Kill Emil’s fellow Greek countryman mononome make an appearance on the album, adding a two complimentary and tantalizing releases to the solo-album. Arguably one of Kill Emil’s most manicured and well-crafted release, ‘Lights & Shawdows’ provides a new, life-enriching elixir for the downtempo, trip-hop community to guzzle up for an eternity,

Download Here

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Jun 112014

On July 2nd, Darkside and Virtual Recess will be releasing their collaborative ‘Extra Dimentional Concepts EP’ on Nuages Records. The album is excepted to bring us a dense compilation of chilled and sedative instrumental productions, laced with an intoxicating coolness. ‘Hap Turas’ was released courtesy of Nuages Records to give us a taste of the forthcoming installment to the US trip-hop, downtempo and jazz label’s catalog. Gear it up and allows yourself to be carried away by the dusky keyboard walks, vinyl scratches, and brass bursts.

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Jun 022014

New York based producer NohaBeats first landed on our threads upon the release of his ‘Kosmos Intro‘ production, a release for which we complimented with tremendous praise. If you missed it, be sure to indulge and kicking off the month of June with NohaBeats latest, full-length compilation, ‘Cross Chatter’.

Arguably one of the most developed and matured release we have seen from NohaBeats thus far, ‘Cross Chatter’ streamlines a flood of jazzy, hip-hop influenced beats into your ears. Fragranced with soul, funk, and uplifting musical aromas, NohaBeats’ newest compilation is a incredibly savory treat for every crate-diggin, soul, hip-hop, jazz and electronic listening fiend.

Download Here

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May 212014

Narrating one of the richest musical dialogues in the chambers of downtempo and trip-hop, The Moderator has returned to Cult Classic Records with a new, flooring LP, ‘As The Lights Fade‘. The album arrives as a new addition to his “MODulations” series and is packed with a deluxe assortment of remastered and reworked productions. From the melancholic guitar licks and soothing beat of ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘Feeling Blue’, to the seductively smooth and jazzy swing of ‘Soothing Night’ and ‘Mod’s Jazz’, The Moderator’s latest compilation offers an infallible cure for daily stresses with pacifying and psychologically uplifting vibrations. Courtesy of Cult Classic Records, ‘As The Lights Fade’ can be pick up for free or for a generous donation.

Download Here

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Feb 022014

Among many of the talented beatmakers coming out of France, Kognitif is constantly erecting sounds that resonate with a pristine quality and a gripping musical allure. If you’re looking for stimulating trip-hop release to sink your teeth into, Kognitif’s latest album is the prefect set of tracks to treat yourself to. Kognitif brings vocalists and an instrumentalist on board to help craft some new, original releases that should not be overlooked in the midst of his dense and polished catalog of top-notch, trip-hop, abstract hip-hop productions. Name your price, and the compilation is yours.

Download ‘MONOMETRIC’ Here

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Jan 122014

Music discovery can be a long and tedious process when you’re looking for something that hits the spot just right and fits the mood perfectly. Romo’s fourth beat tape rolls in with a slew of tracks that are geared toward easing one’s efforts in finding something that is simultaneously soothing and musically stimulating.

‘Afterthoughts’ is a ten track compilation packed with a range of sounds hovering around the trip-hop and downtempo domain. With punching beats, lively melodies, and a stream of appetizing samples, Romo’s latest EP offers an arrangement of glowing productions that can be enjoyed from beginning to end without cessation.

Download ‘Afterthoughts EP’ Here

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Jan 042014

Brazilian born Kill Emil continues to stuff his music bank with hordes of tasty beats and hypnotizing instrumentation. The promising musician has made another appearance with ‘Looking At The Rain’, an original track released as part of a two side series from Sinoptic International called ‘Pure Dopeness‘. Both sides of the release, A and B, feature productions from a range of beatmakers and Kill Emil contributes with this smooth, dusky, and thought-provoking trip-hop composition. Snag it up for free and check out some of the other releases on the album on Bandcamp.

Download ‘Looking At The Rain’ Here

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Sep 142013

A track off his most recent compilation, ‘Tight Beatz Vol.3‘, ‘Homunculus’ is a soothing trip-hop production, a stand out track on the album with its swinging groove, bouncy piano riffs, jazzy undertones, and continuous vocal hymns that fill the track with a mesmerizing aroma. Crafted to bring you a relaxing and refreshing sensation, ‘Homunculus’ is meant to be savored in its entirety with open mind ready for sedation.

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