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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Nov 302014

Keep a close eye on this rather elusive producer coming out of New Jersey. Jimmy Butler, soon to be known commonly know as ‘buji.’, for better or for worse, is touting some serious sound production at the age of fifteen. Butler recently showcased his remix of Drake’s ‘The Ride’ as a turkey day treat. No telling if this will be released for free but it certainly pounds with enough force and flavor to keep you invested in determining if it does get tossed up for grabs. The remix spans a lengthy five plus minutes and buji. creates a radiating oceanic-bass flavored anthem, flooding your sound system with an sweeping mist of electronic synths, bleeps, melodies, and percussive breakdowns. Do take note of the name as there is sure to be more musical delights pooling in from this young and talented northeastern producer.

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Nov 112014

Amsterdam-based label ZenSupremacy reeled in a gem for their most recent “fresh-guest release”. For those of you who follow Darker Than Wax, KA-YU may not need an introduction but if this is the first time your ears are filled with his synchronous vibrations, do take note. KA-YU sits on a catalog of resonant productions, creations which classifies as “feelgood” music. While his genre summary serves his music rather well, capture the true spectrum of his musical taste and influence with ‘Alohilani’, a hypnotic anthem laced with tight snare hits rolls, aromatizing synths, and soulful vocals for a seductive turbulent musical experience.

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Nov 112014

Crafted with a crisp and fluid musical structure, Singularis layers another polished production onto his mountainous stack of electronic beats and rhythms with ‘Moonflower’. The release made an appearance on ‘The Trapdoor Records Records’, a multi-artists compilation featured and debuted by Mixmag earlier in the month and will effortlessly swirl you into a placable mood. Spiraling through aquatic melodies and purring baselines, the Dutch beat composer offers the opportunity for a refreshing indulgence in the tidal pools of hip-hop and electronic waves.

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Jun 172014

We’ve known Party Ghost to be incredibly well-versed in producing electronic music, but his latest compilation just might be the greatest testament to that statement. Once a steady crafter of explosive and exhilarating productions ranging from electro and dubstep, to mid-temp and mash-ups, Party Ghost has flipped the script with the delivery of his recent EP, ‘VPR’.

Spread over four productions, ‘VPR’ is an idyllic example of how a producer can evolve and transform their style and sound to create works of music that still have the capacity to grab and engage their listeners. While ‘VPR’ doesn’t quite have your typical Party Ghost electro stompers, it is nonetheless filled with moving, emotionally rich and lustrous arrangement of electronic sounds from emotive vocal bits, stirring hi-hats, and punchy snares to deep kick drums, burst of spirited melodies and anthemic breakdowns. Whether this is a new direction for Party Ghost or an simply experimental EP, we’ll take it either way, with pleasure.

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Apr 172014

Remember the rapper Jibbs? That’s okay—neither does anyone else. But I am willing to bet that you remember his one hit “Chain Hang Low” because most of you probably did a little bumping & grinding to it at a high school dance or something along those lines. Anyway, nostalgia aside, the talented Colorado duo BearsOhMy went and turned the long-forgotten crunk hit and put their own unique spin on it, turning it into a high energy certified bass/trap heater. Snag up this free download and get the honeys bouncing at your next high school reunion. And if you’re in the area, you can catch BearsOhMy with LoudPvck this Sunday (420!!) at the Fox Theater in Boulder.

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Apr 072014

Lo and behold the latest installment to UK visionary LAXX’s fire starting catalog: ‘Step Two’. Out now via Never Say Die Records, ‘Step Two’ showcases LAXX’s impressive grasp of how to craft anthemic and ground-trembling electronic productions, which resonate with a flavor able to be consumed and savored across the wide spectrum of electronic music listeners. The four track compilation aptly rivals sounds filtering into and circulating within the realm of trap, though LAXX denominates his productions with a categorization of his own: “Twitch”. Categorize it as you wish, but LAXX tactfully delivers a complex and polished blend of heavy-hitting tracks that are crafted with an equal capacity to wreak havoc on any dance-floor they are set loose on. Pair one of these originals with the monstrous MUST DIE! remix of ‘Brainbug’, and you get a quaking eruption of bass cradled vibrations streamlined straight into your ears.

Download Here

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Mar 262014

Searching for fuel for your late night endeavors? Look no further as Mekato has recently served up a juicy and hypnotizing forty minute mix that compiles a series of productions that will allow you to instantly unwind and get your daily stresses off your mind. Given that the tracklist is still pending, this should give you reason to traverse through the mix without intermission to identify a track and allow you to simply enjoy the musical subtleties and aromas offered within. Mekato tastefully blends a combination of downtempo, trip-hop, and some trap styled production to create a stirring yet simultaneously relaxing listening experience. Stay tuned for an update on a tracklist or a download link as we hope that either of those prospects will be accommodated.

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Mar 212014

Following a few months of inactivity on SoundCloud, Bay Area producer Rudebrat has bestowed upon us another gripping production. Stamped as a trap, soul-infused electronic composition, Rudebrat devours any hint of mental negativity with a sweeping flood of though-provoking sound waves, all resonating with and rooted in melodic finesse, percussive hypnosis, and vocal liveliness. Offering a series of musical passages to envelop you in realm of musical bliss, ‘Never Sweet, Never Bitter’ should be the next thing you inundate your senses with.

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Mar 042014

Hailing from Southern California, Crush Effect is emerging with a sound that should not go unnoticed by any electronic music listener. ‘Until The Next’, the latest installation to their first-rate discography, showcases a crisp, polished and deeply refined sound whose influences stem and embrace aspects within multiple realms of music from dubstep, trap, and glitch-hop, to blues, funk, and soul. Truly designed to be devoured from beginning to end, Crush Effect craft an assortment of tracks that syphon an eclectic and enveloping sound through your sound system, one that could easily fall into the caliber of releases that are being unleashed by some of the top contenders in the electronic music arena. The compilation is available at a donation basis, and while you might be tempted to snag this up for free, you might want to invest something into this project as this is a movement that merits support on every level.

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Feb 142014

Those who follow the stream of PrototypeRaptor’s release are well aware of his capacity to piece together incredibly diverse compilations of electronic music productions. His latest EP, ‘Tristram’, is yet another polished and stunning assortment of sounds from the Raptor, ranging from electro and progressive house to trap and dubstep flavored passages. For a mere five dollars, you can pick up seven of what are arguable some of PrototypeRaptor’s most finely-tuned releases that can fill your surroundings with an intricate array of sounds, appropriate for any the time of day and mood.

Download ‘Tristam EP’ Here

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