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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Jun 032014

A couple of weeks ago we featured California producer Seven Lions’ impeccable new EP Worlds Apart, and if you still haven’t taken the time to listen, you are truly missing out—seriously, get on it soon! Right now I’d like to draw your attention to the title track from the EP, featuring the other-worldly vocals of Estonian singer/songwriter Kerli. Released as a single today on Ultra Music, ‘Worlds Apart’ blends Seven Lions’ typically massive dubstep style—complete melodic builds and bone-rattling, euphoric drops—with a more progressive/trance-like vibe brought on by Kerli’s ethereal voice and super smooth synth work. In keeping with the rest of the EP, this single is yet another moving masterpiece from the long-haired bass god. Pick up your copy from iTunes or Beatport now—turn it up and enjoy! But be warned, this song is just about guaranteed to cause a few rave tears, so be sure you have the tissues ready.

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Dec 232012

It’s not so much a hunch anymore as it’s more just a matter of time; Spaveech with undoubtedly be an artist that rises to stardom, and rightfully so. Over the last couple months we’ve had the privilege in sharing almost every one of his releases, each being equally unique in style and massive in sound. Regardless of g2enre, he lays it down big every-time. And that is perhaps his most impressive characteristic, aside from the fact that every production is crisp and seemingly flawless, it doesn’t matter if it’s electro, progressive, dubstep, trap, or moombah, whatever he’s touching, it’s instantly a musical gem.

His latest release, a remix of Skrillex’s ‘Summit’, is a huge progressive, electro style jam with some absorbing melodic progressions and an amazing mid-tempo breakdown mid way. As always the track is up for free so for any ardent electro fan, give this a play and be sure to snag it up for free in addition to his latest original mix, ‘Solstice’, a brilliant electro, trance infused hit. If you missed our recent Q&A with him, be sure to check it out for an in-depth look at the how Spaveech became a musical prodigy that he is.


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Nov 162012

Since last year, Flaxo, the young producer from San Francisco, has been a presence in the electronic music scene that has been a constant source of remarkable productions both in quality and originality. He has seen some extremely successful releases on Royalty Fetish Recordings, where his highly acclaimed ‘Vile Prankster EP‘ was released, Allusion Records and Plasmapool‘s daughter label, Houserecordings.

Though Flaxo has demonstrated his expertise in electro-house and specializes primarily in that genre, he’s show tremendous production versatility as evidenced by his dubstep remix of ‘Fade’ by Singularity. Earlier in the week he released a remix of Singularity’s ‘Breathe’, making this his second remix of Singularity in the past year, adding another amazing gem to his list of priceless musical creations. Flaxo’s remix of ‘Breathe’ is simply described with three words: electro, trance, and perfection. Snag it up for free and if be sure to check out his older Singularity remix if you missed it. ☺Enjoy☺


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Oct 172012

English producer and DJ Gareth Emery has certainly made his mark on the trance industry in past years. Known consistently as the highest ranking British producer in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll, Emery’s releases always provide a brilliant blend of beautiful vocals and classic trance synths.

Gareth’s famous track, ‘Concrete Angel’ was released on his label Garuda in early 2012 and features guest vocalist Christina Novelli. While the idea of a remix album of this already brilliant track is hard to fathom, I highly recommend giving the K Theory remix of ‘Concrete Angel’ a listen, as this San Francisco based duo has totally ‘electrified’ the track into something fresh and new that will keep you grooving. Providing hints of the original tracks throughout and, of course, Christina’s enchanting vocals, K Theory’s electro-house spin on ‘Concrete Angel’ results in a perfect blend of trance and electro vibes.



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Oct 172012

Seven Lions, an artist frequently recognized by Heady Tunes (see Carlos V’s post last week about a free download of the Seven Lions’ track ‘She Was’), released his new EP on Tuesday titled ‘Days to Come’. If you’re looking for mid-week pick up, give this album a listen, as each track results in pure euphoria flowing from your speakers.

Seven Lions, a California based producer, has consistently provided ground-breaking sounds and production techniques to the dubstep scene in the past year and he continues to do so with ‘Days to Come’. Providing a wide variety of genre grooves, including dubstep, glitch hop, trance, progressive, and electro house, each track is easily recognizable as a Seven Lions production, though  among a pleasant variety of bpm changes and dynamics. With vocals similar to ‘Above and Beyond’, but the grit of a true electro and dubstep album, I promise you won’t be disappointed in the new EP ‘Days to Come’!


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Sep 222012

Tritonal - Still With Me

If you like trance and dubstep, then this is the track for you. Tritonal, an established trance duo based in Austin, Texas, recently released the remix album for their single ‘Still With Me’, featuring beautiful vocals by Cristina Soto, a well-known player in the trance industry. While the original is worth an iTunes purchase, it’s difficult to compare to the brilliant production created by Seven Lions with his remix of the track.

Incorporating trance elements of the original and also Seven Lion’s unique and incredible dubstep production capabilities, the Seven Lions remix of Tritonal’s ‘Still With Me’ will truly have you amazed at its perfection. This up-and-coming California based producer truly shows his colors in this masterpiece, as in all of his remixes and originals, proving that he will surely take the forefront of the dubstep and dance industry soon enough. So please, have a listen and enjoy the ecstatic sounds of the Seven Lion’s remix of ‘Still With Me’. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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Sep 212012

Dinka - Lotus

Don’t you love how music can transform your attitude, making you feel energized, happy, and motivated? That’s how I feel every time I listen to a track by Dinka, a Swiss-based DJ and producer. Crowned the ‘Queen of Progressive House’ due to her unique blend of progressive house, trance, and ‘beach anthems’, Dinka provides a fresh perspective to the industry with her every release.

‘Lotus’ is no different, as this beautiful new single offers an uplifting melody accompanied by her signature synth-work. And, as can be found in every Dinka track, listen for the hints of vocal samples and unique airy accompanying synth sounds throughout. While the original is stunning, I also recommend reviewing both the remixes, especially Johan Vilborg’s production, as it adds a nice upbeat progressive-house feel to Dinka’s work while making good use of the original’s vocal samples. All three versions of ‘Lotus’ are likely to keep you on an all-day high; I suggest keeping the album on repeat and sampling the rest of the Dinka discography.


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Sep 172012

Mat Zo - The Sky

If you’re unfamiliar with Mat Zo, now is the time to check out this UK-based producer’s hit discography, including tracks such as ‘Mozart’, ‘Rebound’, and ‘It’s Yours’. Mashing beautiful vocals with unique pads, bass, and percussion elements, Zo pushes the boundaries of trance and adds new dynamics to the genre with his every release.

‘The Sky’ is no different, as the 22-year-old producer shows his talent once again with a track you’ll be sure to have on repeat. Though released in May 2012, the official video only just debuted in August and features incredible footage of sky divers jumping from, what appears to be, the Swiss Alps. So, what’s the wait? Press play now and jump into ‘The Sky’ with Mat Zo and featured vocalist Linnea Schossow!



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Sep 132012

Arty, Nadia Ali & BT - Must Be the Love

Since the release of his hit collaborations with Mat Zo on ‘Mozart’ and ‘Rebound’ in 2011, Arty, a Russian-based trance producer and DJ, has quickly become an international sensation. Though only 22-years-old, Arty has risen to stardom in his relatively short DJ career, ranking #25 on DJ Mag’s ‘Top 100 DJs’ list in 2011. His fame is well-deserved, as Arty consistently showcases his talent with releases including his recent hit single ‘Open Space’, collaborations on Paul Van Dyk’s newest album ‘Evolution’, and a top remix of Zedd’s ‘Spectrum’.

As the summer comes to an end, Arty proves himself once again in a brilliant and highly-anticipated release upcoming on Armada Records. The new track, titled ‘Must Be the Love’, is a collaboration with Grammy-nominated musician and producer BT and features vocals by the beautiful and talented Nadia Ali. ‘Must Be the Love’ combines Arty’s signature synth-work and piano, BT’s exceptional pads and sequencers, and Nadia’s captivating lyrics and vocals to create the perfect modern trance-track.

The upcoming release is due September 17th on Beatport, though you can hear a sample on Arty’s Soundcloud page meanwhile. Give it a listen and I think you’ll be as anxious as I am for this upcoming release! ‘Must Be the Love’ is certain to be a 2012 hit.


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