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Nov 302014

Those of you who have kept tabs on the The Cancel here on this thread and on other platforms, may have been slightly disconcerted at the announcement of the duos disbandment. The Ukrainian production team anchored themselves deep into the stream of jazzy hip-hop instrumentals and together delivered a vibrant stream of memorable singles and lengthy compilations. The fate of the project is, thankfully, not looking grim as one of the members will be continuing the advancement and expansion of the The Cancel’s musical catalog from now and well into the foreseeable future.

‘Criminal’ surfaces as The Cancel’s first full-length solo album since the split, and the nineteen track compilation will not leave any fan disappointment by any means. Packed with an array of musical essentials, the majority of releases featured on ‘Criminal’ cycle through a melancholic terrain, rooted with rich and gentle melodies, soothing vocal hymns and punchy gusts of percussive breaks; ideal for the upcoming cozy winter days. The Cancel albums always deliver a return greater than their monetary value, so if you’re in the mood for giving, snag up the newest installment in the latest phase of The Cancel musical history.

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Oct 292013

With a large majority of music available for free, it it easy to overlook a release that has a price tag on it. The Cancel’s ‘Night Light’ album fell victim to that inclination but upon revisiting the compilation as a whole, it became abundantly clear that album was worth every penny and more. Known for crisp and clean jazz influenced hip-hop instrumental productions, the mastermind duo behind The Cancel beautifully showcases its sound with a mouth-watering, sixteen track arrangement of soothing beats, emotive vocal hymns, and revitalizing doses of jazzy licks and riffs. Arranged to capture your attention and ease your mind from beginning to end, ‘Night Light’ is meant to be savored in its entirety so sit back, take a break from your daily regiment, and soak in what is undoubtedly one of the best compilations of this flavor to be released in recent times.

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Jul 042013

Always providing the music community with upbeat, emotive, and soothing instrumental beats, the Russian duo has surfaced again to bring us another delectable treat. A sedative, melodically relaxing, and percussively moving composition, ‘Sunshine’ resonates with a flavor true to its name. Bright, harmonically radiant, and swinging with gleaming vibrations, The Cancel deliver another serene and mint production with their latest single.

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Mar 022013

A while back you might remember us sharing a compilation from the The Cancel titled ‘Daybreak‘. Be sure to check it out if you missed it and peep the latest release from the Ukrainian, ‘Ocean Soul’. A continuation to their trend of releasing smooth, refreshing, jazz-infused instrumental beats, The Cancel have once again showcased their capacity to flawlessly combine soul and funk with sedative beats to create an invigorating groove that appeals to the like of music goers from all walks of life. So if you’re in need of some sounds that lighten your mood and relax the body, give a listen to ‘Ocean Soul’ and pick up a free copy below.

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Jan 122013

A while back you might remember us sharing a two track EP, ‘Coffee Cafe‘, from the Ukrainian duo, The Cancel. Well, earlier in the month they released their latest album ‘Daybreak’, a fourteen track set of absolutely flawless, sexy, and hypnotic hip-hop infused beats that are all delicately lathered in a lush coating of funk, soul, and infused with jazzy instrumental leads, vocals, and melodies. While I refrain from saying this in most cases, ‘Daybreak’ is nothing short of fire as every single track on this album is a fresh and relaxing dose of pure musical wonders. If you need a soundtrack for you Saturday afternoon, and if you appreciate music of all tastes, allow the magical sounds of The Cancel’s latest album to engulf your day. Get an official copy on Bandcamp.

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Dec 152012

As we wait for Ukrainian duo to release their forthcoming collaborative EP with Linoskii, elevate your senses with one of the older releases, ‘Coffee Cafe’, a two track EP with some finely crafted jazzy instrumental beats with a soothing rhythmic vibe and some intoxicating melodic keys, the perfect feel for a weekend morning. Young can pick these tracks up for fifty cents a piece, and for only a dollar, this EP is quite the musical steal. Sit back, relax, replenish your energy reserves, and stay tuned for their upcoming release set to drop early next year.


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