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Dec 182013

Just when you thought Spag Heddy couldn’t bring something more brutal and sinister to the speakers than his most recent release, he erupts with a new track that catapults you into a dancing frenzy. ‘Freak It’ was released for free on Spag Heddy’s SoundCloud and comes in the wake of him racking up over one million plays on SoundCloud. There is no slowing the momentum that has been created by the Dutch bass music juggernaut, and thus you should take the proper precautions and strap yourself in for this; Spag Heddy delivers a devastating drumstep assault with an explosive torrent of bone-rattling sounds and a cascade of holiday flavored melodies.

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Nov 052013

One of the dominating forces in the current stream of bass music, Spag Heddy continues to churn out aggressive and gruesome productions. The recent activity on the producer’s SoundCloud reassures us that there is no sign of slowing down, evidence by his “premix” of MUST DIE!’s ‘Serpentine’- a hammering, fire-starting tune with a stomping beat and a ferocious onslaught of musical elements. Stay tuned for the full release and be sure to pick up Spag Heddy & EH!DE’s monstrous ‘Limitless’ collab for free if you missed it.

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Oct 052013

Not exactly sure how he does it but Spag Heddy keeps tossing up new releases, originals and remixes, at a relentless rate, never failing to brew and deliver a gruesome, bass rattling production. The latest sounds shared by the Dutch juggernaut is a forthcoming remix of Bone N Skin’s ‘On Fire’. Picking up the pace of the original, Spag Heddy beautifully flips ‘On Fire’ into a nuclear drumstep remix. No official release date has been announced but we’ll be keeping an eye out for this to hit the shelves.

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Feb 172013

A while back you might remember us sharing a massive remix from Spag Heddy of Breathe It’s ‘I Wanna Talk’. If you missed it, or if you still have yet to hear of Spag Heddy, give it a listen in addition to his latest release. A master of his craft, Spag Heddy consistently delivers some of the heaviest sounds in bass music and his ‘Are You Ready?’ production is an entrancing yet monstrously filthy and thrashing dubstep assault, another huge addition to his catalog of first-rate productions.

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Nov 282012

Over the weekend, Dutch based producer Spag Heddy dropped his official remix of Breath It’s ‘I Wanna Talk’, turning the original tune into an incredible dubstep infused hit flowing with a polished melodic harmony and a brilliant use of the vocal leads. This has been getting a ton of support through various outlets but if you missed it, be sure to give a play as it is an extremely catchy and massive production that will certainly moves the likes of any electronic music connoisseur. ☺Enjoy☺


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