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Oct 222013

Two brilliant melodic pioneers coming together on one track gives you this radiant gem from Soulero and Mr FijiWiji. ‘Nebula’ is quickly rising in Beatport’s charts and is currently sitting at #2 spot on the Chill-out Top 100, though Beatport may have misplaced it in that region as the track hits with more of an electronic pop feel. Nonetheless, ‘Nebula’ resonates with a celestial sound and feeling, an entrancing 128 bpm composition from the ground up is seasoned with emotive vocal bits and glistening melodic passages that are true to Mr Fijiwi and Soulero’s style; something a consistent follower of their sounds should pick up on instantly.

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Sep 052013

It is without a doubt that Monstercat has provided the electronic music community with a stream of new and impressive sounds from a pool of extremely talented producers that are often overshadowed by industry giants. Their fourteenth mixed artist compilation ‘Discovery’ recently hit the shelves via iTunes and provided a mouth-watering assortment of thirty astonishing tracks from the label’s hottest producers. Featuring names like Au5, Favright, Televisor, Soulero, Fractal, Tut Tut Child, PIXL, Haywyre, Pegboard Nerds, Rameses B, Falcon Funk and so many more, ‘Discovery’ is a perfect collection of tracks for the avid and open minded electronic music listener.

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Jul 082013

Climbing the ranks as a talented and ever-evolving artist, Sweden’s young and dexterous Soulero, a figured birthed from the mind of Philip Rimstad, has expanded his musical influence with a steady train of phenomenal releases. Skilled in the realm electro-house, Rimstad has returned to bring us another enlivening prodcution. Out now via Monsercat, ‘Video Boy’ resonates with Soulero’s signature emotive electro sound, formed through a balanced combination of moving, heartfelt melodies and gentle yet powerful percussive elements. A short but engulfing release, Soulero adds another splendid production to his catalog that has already broke the top 100 on Beatport’s Electro-House.

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May 092013

Charting a path for inevitable success with a catalog of extremely polished productions, the young and dexterous Soulero has become a growing presence in the electronic music arena. Hailing from Trollhättan, Sweden, Soulero has made a name for himself by consistently driving incredibly emotive electro compositions through the speakers, works of music that truly have the capacity to move and speak to listeners. You should be quite familiar with name if you follow our thread regularly, but if the name is new to your eyes, be sure to get acquainted with one of electronic music’s hidden gems. Check out our latest interview with Philip Rimstad of Soulero and be sure to treat yourself to some of his most recent releases.

HT: You have a long history of producing music for those who aren’t aware. Your discography is dense and spans across various genres, so can you tell us how and what influenced you to get started at such a young age? Why did you chose electronic music as an outlet of self expression?

There was really no plan behind it at all, haha. My friend downloaded this program called FL Studio 4 years ago and showed me that he could make music, but even after a whole year of practice I still couldn’t believe he didn’t make use of the software better so I started using it myself to show him that it couldn’t be too hard. Electronic music is just my favorite type of music since the day my older brother started listening to the old school genre nowdays called “hands up”. From there I wanted to explore what genre of electronic music was most suited for me.

HT: Where do you draw your inspiration for moving and melodically driven compositions like ‘Coma’, ‘The World’ or your ‘Save The World’ remix for example? Can you talk a bit about those tracks?

My creations are often just attempts to create something like bigger artist such as Overwerk or Mord Fustang but I end up making something totally different anyways. I usually just cut up some vocals, add a chord progression and go from there. ‘Coma’ is probably one of my personal favorite songs.

HT: There is a prevalence of female vocal cuts in your releases that add a passionate touch to your tracks; kind of a hallmark of your style. Where do these sounds stem from? Are they samples from outside sources or are they occasionally recorded from vocalists?

They’re from acapellas I found around the web from time to time.

HT: When you look back on older releases like your ‘Beliefs Are For People EP’, how much do you think your sound has evolved from then to present day Soulero? What’s changed and what’s stayed the same?

Not much to be honest, haha. Just the overall quality and fullness of the songs. Better mixdowns and more stuff going on and so on.

HT: As a listener, your tracks resonate with a lot of feeling. From your standpoint, is there one track that you have a special attachment to, maybe one that you put your heart into more than any other release?

Nah, not really. Most of my songs are influenced from how I felt at the time. 
As far as I can remember there’s not any special case other than “A Girl” being writen to my ex-girlfriend.

HT: Bon Appétit’ received a tremendous amount of support upon its release. How did that project come about and is there any chance you and The Noisy Freaks will collaborate again?

I actually started talking to those guys after they remixed my song ”Without A Twist” for a ODN Records release. They’re really nice guys. I started sending some projects to them and they got inspired by two of them so they started working as soon as they had the files ready. After two of them where done ”Delicious” and “Milkshake” they sent me a project of theirs and I attempted to finish that one to round up as a 3 song EP. We most likely will work soon again!

HT: Do you ever have any thoughts of delving in to the dubstep genre or abandoning your current style to experiment with a much darker and grungy sound?

I’ve tried but it’s just not for me. It’s not what I want to do with my music.

HT: What’s next for you? Is there a forthcoming single, EP, or maybe even an album that you have up your sleeve? As your fan base grows, is there any prospect you might find a slot on a tour or at a festival, either in Europe or in North America? Where do you think you’ll be two years down the road?

Currently kind of stuck. No inspiration but I’ll probably get back up and running soon enough. There’s a collab single coming out soon with Stephen Walking and hopefully a collab with Eminence on Monstercat in the near future so look out for that. I’m still not the best at live mixing but yeah, I definitely want to start playing live in-front of people, doesn’t really matter where as long as I get to play, hehe! Hopefully I’ve manage to make my sound even more unique and have a more solid workflow.

HT: Favorite electro-house artists at the moment?

Trampboat, Overwerk, Mord Fustang and Joe Garston. They’ve always been huge inspirations to me. They all should have a much bigger fanbase compared to what they all have been putting out there lately.

Huge thanks to SectionZ Records for facilitating the interview and to Philip Rimstad of Soulero for kindly sharing a few words with us. Be sure to show them both some love and support.

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Apr 062013

A track demonstrative of his versatility in electronic music production, Soulero’s recent collaboration with Fyrien highlights his capacity to synthesize a polished assortment of sounds into a range of genres. Carried by a hypnotic and entrancing cadence, ‘All I Need’ is a powerful and anthemic liquid dubstep release, vibrating the core with deep harmonies for a stimulating auditory experience. Though a departure from his usual electro sound, Soulero’s collaboration with Fyrien is a refreshing shift in style and another meritorious addition to his recent line of releases.

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Mar 032013

If you follow our thread regularly, Soulero should be a familiar name to your eyes as his sounds have assumed a place here numerous times in the past. Breaking the silence earlier today from a brief period of inactivity, youthful Swedish prodigy Soulero released a new freebie, adding another radiating and nostalgia inducing electro-house track to his discography. Known for creating spellbinding soundscapes with hypnotizing vocal cuts, melodic carries, and entrancing electo breakdowns, Soulero has once again delivered another stylistic gem with ‘A Girl’. Give it a full listen and be sure to grab a free copy below.


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Jan 132013

If you follow our thread regularly, Soulero should not be a name that’s new to your eyes. In the past, we’ve had the privilege in sharing many of his releases and the young Swedish producer had an exceptionally big year in 2012 with several successful releases that propelled him to become one of the most sensational sounds to be featured on Monstercat.

Earlier today, he unsuspectedly dropped a well-crafted mashup/bootleg of Mord Fustang’s ‘Magic Trooper’ and Nervo & Hook N Sling’s ‘Reason’, where he tastefully maps the unforgettable and absorbing vocals of ‘Reason‘ over Fustang’s hit. The track is up for grabs so give it as I’m sure it’ll appeal to many of you. If you’d like to show some extra support, be sure to check out his latest Monstercat release, ‘Break Away’, and get an official copy on Beatport.

Free Download


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Nov 212012

A while back you might remember us sharing Soulero’s single, ‘The World‘, which was released last month on Monstercat. Earlier today, unexpectedly, Soulero released an edit of that track which features the vocals of singer Anna Yvette. If you have yet to hear the original, ‘The World’ is a moving, emotive tune rich in electronic substance and melodic harmony. Anna Yvette compliments the song brilliantly with her voice, using it to draw the listener deeper in the euphoric realm of Soulero’s sounds, adding the perfect touch to an already beautiful track. If you’re in need of something to help you ease into the night, fall into the deeply enlightening sounds of Soulero’s latest tune. ☺Enjoy☺


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Nov 102012

Earlier today Soulero released his and vocalist Dani The Girl’s incredibly moving collaboration, ‘Regrets’: a five minute journey through a mesmerizing composition, scintillating with the beautiful and hypnotic vocals of Washington D.C.’s Dani The Girl, and vibrating with electronic touch of the young Swedish prodigy, Soulero. The two instantly create an absorbing atmosphere with a passionate and emotive sound, rich, animated, and flowing with musical beauty, delicately immersing you in a pool of bliss, and drowning you with euphoric harmonies and sedative melodies. The passing of the intro leads into a sudden but brilliant transition where the song explodes into a hard hitting stadium sounding electro-house anthem, creating a perfect balance between the soothing introductory house elements and some much needed heavy electro energy. Show some support, share, and pick this one up for free. ☺Enjoy☺



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Oct 242012

Released via Funk Sound Recordings, Soulero‘s latest single, ‘Coma‘, has beauty written all over it, in every aspect: the melodic frequencies, the emotive vocal cuts, the percussive elements, and the blend of each into a harmonic electro-house anthem like no other. Soulero stands unrivaled in stylistic composition and creativity. His sounds are unique from the bottom up, echoing with so much passion and feeling, it’s hard to verbalize. They are moving, inducing a state of nostalgia, remembrance, a sense of familiarity; you connect with it yet it’s so unpredictable and so intriguing, it absorbs your interest.

There is nothing quite like the Soulero sound and if there is anyone whose influence is bound to be heard across all fronts, it’s his. If you missed Soulero’s previous release, ‘The World‘, give a listen for another taste of melodic electro-house at its finest. For anyone completely unfamiliar, snag up some free downloads, particularly his latest album with The Noisy Freaks, ‘Bon Appétit‘, easily one of the best recent collaborations in the genre. Stay tuned for Soulero’s forthcoming EP, ‘My Little Adventure‘, set to release on November 2nd via SectionZ Records. ☺Enjoy☺


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