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Sep 292013

A different sound than what we have been hearing from Skrux recently, his remix of Rudebrat’s ‘Always Wonder’ demonstrates his ability to excel in producing outside of one specific genre. While we normally receive a melodic and anthemic dubstep release from Skrux, he has tactfully adjusted up the trap style flow of the original to create what is labeled as a “drumstep” remix. Hitting with a clean but heavy undertone, Skrux creates a worthwhile remake of an already outstanding track. Check out the original if you missed and snag both of them of them up for free.

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Sep 122013

Yes yes, I’m sure you’re wondering who in their right mind would take a Miley Cyrus track and remix it after her recent, abominable performance at the VMA’s. But leave it up to to Skrux to take a Cyrus track and rework it into a mesmerizing tune with his melodic and anthemic dubstep style, picking up Cyrus’s name from the ground and adding some very much needed musical finesse to her image. Check it out below and as always, snag it up for free.

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Sep 052013

A masterful blend of tracks, Skrux unleashes an incredibly moving mashup with his latest ‘Universe’ release. Meant to be consumed with deep a musical inquiry, Skrux layers the tracks in the piece in a subtle yet hypnotic fashion. Fitting each track in a unique position while allowing them to flow in unison. Skrux gives birth to a new delicate and spellbinding dubstep creation. Available for free download via Facebook.

*Free Download*

Skrux & Felxprod – Find You ft. Complexion
SirensCeol – Coming Home
Krewella – One Minute (Culture Code Remix)
Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Remix)
Adventure Club – Do I See Color (Big Gigantic Remix)
Elliot Berger & Flowki – Biased
Flux Pavilion – Midnight Run
Crywolf – The Home We Made Pt. II
Mr FijiWiji – Fire Inside (Skrux Rework)
KDrew – Circles
Marina and The Diamonds – Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)
Skrux & Bone N Skin – After Dark
Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (Skrux Remix)
The Two Friends – Feel Me (Clark Kent Remix)
Skrux & Felxprod – Find You (Clark Kent Remix)
Mr FijiWji – Science is Cool
Zedd – Clarity ft. Foxes
Zedd – Spectrum ft. Matthew Koma
Adventure Club – Wait
Clark Kent & Yinyues – Cosmos (Skrux & Complexion Remix)
The Two Friends – Feel Me (Skrux Remix)
Billy Van – Lullaby ft. Annamarie
Blure – Endless Fantasy
Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train ft. Joni Fatora

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Aug 302013

Always behind a scintillating production, Skrux has gifted us with a flood of incredibly powerful yet moving dubstep creations. Teaming up with Bone N Skin for the release of ‘After Dark’, the two put together a volatile and staggering heavy-hitter, resonating with a incendiary grind yet balanced with melodic finesse. Check out the release below and snag it up for free. (“Buy” = Free Download)

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Aug 202013

Consistency has always surrounded the sounds of Texas based producer Skrux. Never ceasing to provide us with gripping dubstep productions that are more than just womps and wobbles, Skrux has infused his dubstep style with an penetrating dose of musical emotion and a masterful integration of vocals to compliment it. While his releases are usually free, Skrux has released his latest, hypnotic dubstep concoction ‘Last Breath’ on Bandcamp for $1, asking us to pay a small price for another peerless production from a producer whose generosity has brought us handfuls of memorable works of music.

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Aug 122013

A true master of his craft, Skrux has consistently delivered hypnotizing electronic productions, never ceasing to inject his compositions with gripping, emotional melodic tales and enveloping percussive artistry. His latest release, one that should not be erroneously categorized into any genre, is an archetypal production representative of the kind of sound he is always bringing to the speakers. In a masterful rework of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Young & Beautiful’, Skrux gives birth to an entrancing sound, gorgeously integrating Lana Del Ray’s vocals into a crisp and clean, atmospheric electronic production. Available for free download, Skrux has gifted us with another superb and peerless work of music.

Free Download

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Aug 052013

For those who finding the heavier side of dubstep too abrasive, there is one producer who continues to drive enchanting and harmonically mesmerizing sounds into the genre: Skrux. Hailing from Arlington, TX, the young and dexterous producer has crafted an alluring style by tactfully balancing dubstep with emotive and heartwarming melodies. Bringing a new remix to the surface, Skrux has reworked Felix Cartal & Clockwork’s ‘The Fire’ into a riveting dubstep remix, using the mesmerizing vocals of Madame Buttons to compliment an engulfing storm of grinding vibrations and gripping drumwork.

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Jul 032013

An unwavering source of entrancing and emotive productions, Texas’s Skrux has surfaced once again with another scintillating release. Remixing Elliot Berger’s ‘Diamond Sky’, Skrux powers the remixes with a soothing, energy rich, and bass filled concoction, flooding the speakers with spellbinding soundscapes and the dreamy vocals of the talented Laura Brehm. Another captivating tune for the fast-rising producer, Skrux will certainly be a name that catches your ear in the future.

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May 302013

Earlier this week you might remember us sharing Clark Kent’s remix of Felxprod & Skrux’s ‘Find You’. If you missed, be sure to check it out as it is featured as part of Felxprod & Skrux’s ‘Find You ft. Complexion EP’, a release that puts forth five back-to-back release, one original and four remixes, that all resonate with an emotive, melodically entrancing, and clean yet heavy dubstep flow. A compilation of incredibly moving anthems from artists like Myriad, SirensCeol, and Clark Kent, this latest EP is something that every ardent electronic music connoisseur should get their hands on.

Felxprod: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | YouTube
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Clark Kent: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter
SirensCeol: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Beatport
Myriad: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter
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May 272013

Earlier in the year Mr FijiWiji released a remix of Gemini’s ‘Fire Inside’ that quickly broke through the viral barrier penetrating thousands of speakers in a matter of hours. If you have yet to hear Mr FijiWiji’s remix, be sure to check it out in addition to Skrux’s recent rework, both inspiring, emotionally laden, and deeply sedative productions that brilliantly utilize the entrancing vocals of Greta Svabo.

*Free Download*

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