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Apr 022014

Simplify Recordings has remained at the forefront of electronic music labels, constantly uprooting new sounds and talent from the underground to be heard by the masses. The latest bass monstrosity to be unleashed by the label goes by the moniker The Monster, a recently formed duo comprised of Spain based producer Vendetta and D.Beam. Their latest single to be featured on Simplify will hit home for any mid-tempo connoisseur who revels in bouncy crisp beats, forceful breakdowns, and the tasteful interjection of melody within a gritty soundscape. The Monster’s self titled single is complimented by some equally staggering remixes from Jumo Daddy, Samples, and Beauty Brain.

Download Here

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Mar 032014

Kairo Kingdom, one of Germany’s skilled and versatile duos, experienced its initial rise to fame via Simplify Recordings following the release of their highly successful debut EP ‘Boombox/One Two’. Since, Kairo Kingdom has been rapidly circulating through the realm of electronic music, stamping its style and sound onto numerous remixes and original productions alike. Today marks the release of their latest compilation, ‘I Love You/BeBe’, a gruesome mid-tempo gem that delivers a floor-rattling dose of shuddering frequencies, explosive breakdowns, and fiery chops, all packed into two first-rate productions. Stream the EP courtesy of Simplify Recordings and download an official copy on Beatport.

Download ‘I Love You/BeBe’ Here

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Dec 232013

Simplify Recordings has filled the stream of electronic music with a continuos input of fresh and polished productions from some of the most obscure and unheard of producers. This is a release off a two track EP from the newly founded Ukranian duo Fademan & Oleg K, and while it is only a snippet of the entire production, it is more than enough to give you a taste of the bouncy and staggering glitch-hop sounds that fill the entire compilation. ‘Bang Theory’ is available now on Beatport.

Download ‘Bang Theory’ Here

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Dec 052013

In celebration of Whacka’s latest Simplify Recordings single ‘Funky Sh*t’, Simplify and Whacka have released a track for free download. This is the instrumental of ‘Alive’, which omits vocals of an unknown vocalist, giving you the ability to truly soak up every frequency of sounds that combine to give rise to this explosive mid-tempo grind. Snag it up for free and check out ‘Funky Sh*t’. If you’d like to show some extra support head over to Beatport for an official copy of ‘Funky Sh*t’

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Oct 222013

The Chaotic landed on this thread upon the release of his melodic and electro explosive remix of Dead C∆T Bounce’s renowned track with Emily Underhill, ‘Nothing to Say’. If that doesn’t sound familiar, be sure to check it out in addition to his recent Simplify Recordings release, ‘Rainbow Voice’, a stark contrast to the remix mentioned above with its brutal and capsizing dubstep flow but similar in the phenomenal use of melodies and vocals. ‘Rainbow Voice’ is out now on Beatport via Simplify Recordings.

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Oct 022013

An incredible outlet for the sounds of aspiring and greatly talented electronic producers, Simplify Recordings has brought a new artist under the spotlight for the release of a refined EP from Serenity. Available now on Beatport, Serenity’s ‘Miasma’ is a fascinating combination of melody and drumwork, bringing a spellbinding and thrilling drumstep production to the table. ‘Elixer’ brings you down in tempo to engulf you in a shadowy mid-tempo groove, carrying you through bouncy, shuddering soundscapes grown with growling frequencies and celestial melodies.

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Sep 112013

Released courtesy of Simplify Recordings, Phrenik has brought another powerful yet hypnotizing dubstep production to the table. For those who revel in the shuddering and growling dubstep productions that simultaneously resonate with melodic bliss and emotion, feast your ears on Phrenik’s remix of Mimi Page’s ‘Treading The Abyss’. Crafted with crispy and pounding drumwork, Phrenik slips a torrent of growling and swooshing sounds over the mesmerizing vocals of the “lovely Ms. Mimi Page”. Available for free download.

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Sep 062013

Yesterday you might recall when we shared kLL sMTH’s remix of Love & Light ‘The Cosmic Flutter’, a complex glitch-hop remix that hit the shelves via Simplify Recordings. The remix was featured on a compilation that included two other remixes, one from Atomic Reactor and the one you have here before you.

If you’ve never heard of Cosmic Zebra, he is yet another example of how many talented producers there are in electronic music getting by under the radar. Adding a lively and enlightening feel to the original, Cosmic Zebra flips ‘The Holodeck’ into a thrilling mid-tempo production seasoned with a thick, warm synth lines, cheery melodies, growling soundscapes, and slew of gripping drumwork.

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Sep 052013

Months and months ago we shared one of kLL sMTH’s releases, ‘Whoa Bro‘, off his ‘Serendipitous Travelers‘ compilation which hit the shelves via Simplify Recordings. If you missed, but have a ravenous appetite for glitch-hop production, kLL sMTH is a name you should make an effort to get aquatinted. Always bringing unique and tremendously detailed mid-tempo creations to the speakers, kLL sMTH harbors a pounding and crunchy glitch-hop style, unrivaled by many. Check out his latest remix of Love & Light’s ‘The Cosmic Flutter’, in addition to a personal favorite off ‘Serendipitous Travelers‘, ‘Whoa Bro’.

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Aug 282013

Storming Simplify Recordings with another shuddering production, Doctor Werewolf’s recent remix of Deflo’s ‘Noxious’ adds another first-rate production to the label. Resonating with a dark and haunting flow, the Aussie producer crafts a sweeping and demolishing bass production, one cradled with growling and pulsing soundscapes at a fiery 116bpm. Check out the remix below and pick up an official copy on Beatport.

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