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Jun 032014

A couple of weeks ago we featured California producer Seven Lions’ impeccable new EP Worlds Apart, and if you still haven’t taken the time to listen, you are truly missing out—seriously, get on it soon! Right now I’d like to draw your attention to the title track from the EP, featuring the other-worldly vocals of Estonian singer/songwriter Kerli. Released as a single today on Ultra Music, ‘Worlds Apart’ blends Seven Lions’ typically massive dubstep style—complete melodic builds and bone-rattling, euphoric drops—with a more progressive/trance-like vibe brought on by Kerli’s ethereal voice and super smooth synth work. In keeping with the rest of the EP, this single is yet another moving masterpiece from the long-haired bass god. Pick up your copy from iTunes or Beatport now—turn it up and enjoy! But be warned, this song is just about guaranteed to cause a few rave tears, so be sure you have the tissues ready.

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May 042014

As most of you know, I appreciate beauty, creativity, and originality when it comes to any music, and any artist that has these three traits and sticks to them is all right in my book. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock (or aren’t a fan of dubstep), I’m willing to guess that Seven Lions is someone whose invaded your eardrums at some point. About a week ago, the long-haired bass god released a stunningly poignant EP called Worlds Apart, and it is everything you would expect from him and more. Despite having only five songs, Seven Lions has managed to pack this EP full of his signature big bass sound in addition to some departures from dubstep—like his collaboration with Myon & Shane 54—that fall more on the trance/progressive side of the spectrum. True to his style, this EP is about as powerful and moving as you can get with bass music featuring songs with big builds and drops, incredible female vocals, and consistent high-quality production. Stream the EP below or grab your copy from iTunes. Enjoy!

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Dec 022012

As many of you already know, voting has commenced for the Seven Lions ‘Days To Come’ Beatport remix contest and with all due respect, I just don’t understand how the Coyote Kisses remix is still holding the #1 spot as this collaboration remix from Au5 (Austin Colling) & I.Y.F.F.E is incomparable on so many levels. Perhaps it’s a matter of personal taste but this submission just so massive I can’t wrap my mind around the prospect of these guys loosing. Anyhow, if you have yet to hear this one out, give it play as it’s a huge and excellently done drumstep remix that adds an explosive and exhilarating feel to the original track. If it earns your support, be sure to head over to Beatport and give it a vote here. ☺Enjoy☺



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Nov 292012

As many of you already know, OWLSA is sponsoring another Beatport remix contest for one of its newest members, Seven Lions, searching for the producer(s) who will whip up the best remix of the title track from Seven Lion’s new EP, ‘Days To Come ft. Fiora‘. As with every Beatport remix contest, their are always so many great submissions that capture the support and votes of listeners, making it extremely difficult to arrive at unanimous winner.

However, if their is one remix that has genuinely caught our attention, it’s the latest submission from Skrux, the young and promising producer from Arlington Texas. Skrux does an excellent job in preserving the atmosphere of the original track while infusing his own personal touch to create a newly revised, hypnotic, entrancing, and euphoric sound. This is a personal favorite but give it a play, see what you think, and if it has earned your support, head over to Beatport and vote here. The track is also available for anyone who wishes to grab a copy. ☺Enjoy☺


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Nov 192012

At the beginning of the year during the winter months, the New England area was swept by a storm of electronic dance music as the first seasonal Winter White Tour (a circuit that filled the region with the sounds of Dada Life, Hardwell, Bingo Players, Dillon Francis, and DSK CHK to name a few) touched ground in the northeast. With its explosive appeal, the tour attracted festival style crowds in some of the rowdiest college towns and locations, hosted groundbreaking events that left its patrons spellbound, and created a lasting reputation that has recently shattered the silence with some massive news.

After a tremendously successful turnout, in less than a month, to kick off the beginning of a new Winter White season, NV Concepts and Mass EDMC are launching the tour’s first stop at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, bringing Dada Life back to the stage with support from San Fransico’s prized duo The M Machine and OWSLA‘s newest member, Seven Lions. If you are in the area, this is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest and most sensational winter blowouts so get tickets while they last; UMass is notorious for selling out quickly.


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Oct 122012

Next week is already looking like a great week for music. And to add to the excitement, Seven Lions, the proclaimed California based producer who has risen to stardom in the past couple of years, basking in international fame, released a track off his forthcoming self-titled EP, set to release via OWSLA exclusively on Beatport, Tuesday, October 16th. If this name is new to your eyes, Seven Lions is definitely an act you want to keep tabs on. ‘She Was’ is a massive glitch-hop funk track, harboring a fusion of cultural sounds and pure electronic energy to create a deep and grimy vibe, perfect for any Friday night setting. Get it now! ☺Enjoy☺