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Jan 272014

Rocket Pimp is one of those artists that forces you to shake your head in disbelief whenever you hear his productions. Though he has not amounted a particularly large following over the years, he has consistently amazed his fan base with the caliber of his releases. We’ve been treated with a few previews from him lately and earlier in the month Rocket Pimp released another preview of a colossal forthcoming track, ‘Red Mist’. The preview runs for a little under two minutes but it is nonetheless a snippet of a track that gives a broad sense of what the entire release has in store; this incendiary electro tune his with an inexplicably massive and demolishing, bass cradled flow.

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Dec 042013

Electro-house doesn’t get much heavier than this. Although only a preview, this slams with a crushing and demolishing sound, a very common element in Rocket Pimp’s catalog as he is always tossing something with incredible force and power. The full release will hit the shelves via Lazy Rich’s Big Fish Recordings next year in January. Listen and download Rocket Pimp’s remix of Tegan and Sara’s ‘Closer’ if you missed it last month.

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Nov 192013

This arrives on here with the acknowledgement that there have probably been far too many ‘Closer’ remixes than needed. And if you followed that stream, they may have become repetitive and tiresome but, Rocket Pimp slaps a fresh imprint of his explosive style onto the original. Up for free download, the UK producer carefully works pieces of the original into a heavy-hitting mid-tempo grind.

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Jul 092013

Time and time and again, Rocket Pimp and Chrizz Luvly are always brewing up an explosive collab. You might recall a couple of their collabs from Chrizz Luvlys’ ‘The Album 3‘ ‘Out Of The Cage‘ & ‘Access‘, which we shared earlier in the year. If you missed those two, check them out and peep a snippet of their most recent collab, a booming and rowdy electro-house remix Jaycen A’mour’s ‘Stage Dive’.

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Jun 102013

Among some of the most explosive figures in electro-house, Rocket Pimp & Jaycen A’mour have both driven some incredible releases through the speakers. Teaming up together in their latest Burn The Fire Records collab, which hit the shelves earlier today, Jaycen A’mour & Rocket Pimp craft an electrifying electro-house original. Shifting sounds into full force gear after a stimulating build up, ‘Over Your Head’ is aptly titled as the production resonates with an aggressive and high-energy electro-house grind, leveling the surface with a pounding and rumbling flow. Peep the teaser below and be sure to purchase a copy on Beatport.

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Jun 052013

Out with another track preview, Rocket Pimp teams up with Marie L, a vocalist who has been featured on numerous tracks, to bring us an explosive electro production. While the vocal may not cater to every listener, Rocket Pimp quickly dissipates the intro into bouncy and shuddering electro grind, fueled by grueling and growling soundscapes. A track has the potential to be featured on his upcoming album, Rocket Pimp heightens the anticipation for what is to come next with this latest snippet.

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Jun 012013

A name that has assumed a place on this thread numerous times in the past, UK’s Rocket Pimp has steadily provided the electronic music community with staggering productions. ‘All Was Lost’ was recently uploaded to his SoundCloud and with a new EP in the works, it is possible that we might see this track on a forthcoming release. However with no official word on the release date of an EP or what is to happen with this track, one can only simply enjoy the harmonic and incendiary dubstep production that Rocket Pimp has put forth. Preview the track below and be sure to check out his recent ‘Stop The Rain EP‘ if you missed it.

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Apr 222013

Well versed in almost every style of electronic music, Rocket Pimp has injected his influence into the scene with a catalog of impeccable releases, all rich in substance and polished in sound. Out now with his latest EP, ‘Stop The Rain’, Rocket Pimp has once again demonstrated why he is one of the most proficient and gifted producers in the scene. The entire compilation spews with gut-wrenching bass, grinding bursts of force, and shuddering soundscapes catering to dubstep and mid-tempo fiends from measure to measure. Featuring an explosive remix from Nishin Verdiano and the hypnotic vocals of Marie L. in every track, ‘Stop The Rain EP’ is something you cannot do with out. Stream the releases in its entirety below courtesy of DUSTLA and pick up a copy on Beatport.

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Apr 122013

Easily one of the most talented figures in the realm of electronic music, Rocket Pimp has fueled an incredibly diverse set of releases during his career. Out with his latest melodically rich and vibrant electro tune, Rocket Pimp has delivered another grade-A production with ‘Optimize’. Driven by uplifting harmonies, growling and electrifying breakdowns, Rocket Pimp’s latest release is another testament to his profound talent for synthesizing phenomenal electronic compositions.

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Mar 102013

Two minds whose musical thoughts blend in perfectly with one another, Chrizz Luvly and Rocket Pimp have repeatedly released first-rate collaborations. From the quality and diversity of their sounds, to the powerful and moving flow of each track, each production resonates with a incredibly polished touch. This is one of their recent collabs that came out on Luvly’s ‘The Album 3‘ earlier in the the year. With a deeply emotive and passionate feel, Chrizz Luvly & Rocket Pimp craft a glistening and uplifting progressive house tune with ‘Access’, delivering a release with intense emotionality and euphoric soundscapes. Give it a play below and be sure to check out their ‘Out Of The Cage‘ collab if you missed it.

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