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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Dec 102014

Tastefully reminding us that France is beyond adequately populated with incredibly talented electronic music producers, The Noisy Freaks deliver their remix of Jamiroquai’s ‘Virtual Insanity’. The duo serves up an emblematic remix, staying true to the The Noisy Freaks’s rudimentary stylistic encompassing of funk, soul, and electro. Leaving little to nothing left to be desired, The Noisy Freaks fill the release with wiring electronic glitches, bleeps, and cuts, all position within and around bouncy funk-laden rhythms, talk-box like vocal snippets, and enveloping bass notes, all mixed to you leave swathed in a cocoon of essential musical nourishment.

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Dec 022014

Dr. Dre & Eminem will always be one be one of the greatest hip-hop collaborations of all time. Of course, they’ve both been remixed plenty of times, but this one is by far one of the dirtiest I’ve heard. The LA-based duo niceFingers has taken the Dre & Em classic, “Forgot About Dre,” and flipped it into a dark, low-end thumper. Starting out with the haunting violin sample from the theme song of Requiem for a Dream, the remix adds in a fat helping of bass to take things to the next level. Best of all, the original rapping/vocals are untouched, so you still get all the hip-hop goodness with a little something extra. Besides this gem, check out niceFingers’s Soundcloud page where you can delve into plenty of quality bass music, most of which is available for free. Enjoy!

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Dec 012014

Hitting the shelves in a couple of weeks on Ultra Records is Endor’s sensually sultry remix of TWB (The Writers Block) ‘Don’t Look Any Further’. The UK producer is delivering savory mix to the EP and will surely capture your interest if your knees buckle when hearing arousing house productions populated with deep synths, glossy keys, and seductive vocals. The remix is rolling out alongside two remixes from Wankelmut in addition the TWB original on December 15th. Pre-orders are available now.


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Nov 302014

Keep a close eye on this rather elusive producer coming out of New Jersey. Jimmy Butler, soon to be known commonly know as ‘buji.’, for better or for worse, is touting some serious sound production at the age of fifteen. Butler recently showcased his remix of Drake’s ‘The Ride’ as a turkey day treat. No telling if this will be released for free but it certainly pounds with enough force and flavor to keep you invested in determining if it does get tossed up for grabs. The remix spans a lengthy five plus minutes and buji. creates a radiating oceanic-bass flavored anthem, flooding your sound system with an sweeping mist of electronic synths, bleeps, melodies, and percussive breakdowns. Do take note of the name as there is sure to be more musical delights pooling in from this young and talented northeastern producer.

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Jun 192014

Earlier in the year The Glitch Hop Community held a remix contest for MC2’s ‘Wesh Up‘, and glitch-hop duo Synergy emerged victorious this month. Synergy’s remix was officially released as part of a MC2 ‘Wesh Up Remixes’ compilation, which touts some heavy and stomping glitch-hop productions for all you mid-tempo fanatics. Lokid’s spin is simply a personal favorite; with its anthemic synth lines, finely tuned chops and samples, colossal yet crisp, bass-cradled breakdowns and irresistible, funk overtone its hard to deny this remix a handful of repeats. With that said, there is something thrilling to be found within each of the renditions on ‘Wesh Up Remixes‘ compilation.

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Jun 032014

Without fail, Mr FijiWiji repeatedly surfaces with productions that effortlessly move their way into your pores and hit home at the heart. The latest release from the young yet multi-talented producer comes in the form of a remix of Myon & Shane 54 + Late Night Alumni’s ‘Under Your Cloud’. Though Mr FijiWiji himself admittedly states that this resonates that this was made in his “older style”, we’ll take it. Regardless of whether it was crafted with an old or new style, the Pittsburg based producer crafts a hypnotic take on ‘Under Your Cloud’, laced with a chilling ambience, mesmerizing key chords, and a flooring, smooth breakdown. The remix is part of a multi-remix compilation which can be downloaded courtesy of Ride Recordings.

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Jun 022014

Lenno’s remix of Tropic Of Pisces’s ‘Symmetry’ has been circulating throughout the web for a several weeks now. But with a pushed back release date, and because so much music slips through the cracks of almost everyone’s electronic music radar, be sure to take a listen to this truly pristine and uplifting remix if it has yet to meet your acquaintance.

Ideal and perfectly suited for the emerging summer atmosphere, Lenno’s take on ‘Symmetry’ seamlessly aligns some of the most yearned for musical elements into one gratifying nu disco production: spirited melodies, clean, upbeat percussion, anthemic tenor, and moving vocal bits. Out now via Ooh La La Recordings, Lenno’s spin on ‘Symmetry’ will undoubtedly get you spinning for days. If you’re looking for a audiovisual treat, be sure to luxuriate in the music video for the remix which aired on Thump earlier in the year.

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May 302014

Among the many talented hidden gems in electronic music, Cormak has gifted his listeners with the privilege of absorbing a wave of a phenomenal electronic productions ranging from electro-house, dubstep, nu disco, and glitch-hop. The greater privilege of following Cormak has been witnessing the development and advancement of his sound and production skills, respectively. The latest release from the Swedish prodigy comes in the form of a remix of Aloma Steele’s ‘Neptune Man’, where Cormak masterfully creates a riveting drumstep production inspired by the original. Embellishing ‘Neptune Man’ with a compelling emotive backbone, moving melodic passages, a beautiful use of the original vocals, and a massive, speaker-rattling breakdown, Cormak compliments the original with a golden touch.

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Apr 072014

From the brilliant mind that brought the intoxicating and uplifting remix of Les Loups’s ‘Change’ Vanilla shines through the electronic music filter again with an engulfing remix of French house artist Vallès’s ‘St. Lucia’. The remix debuted earlier this year on Neonized Records as part of a six track EP, which features this savory Vanilla ‘St. Lucia’ spin that will endlessly feed the needs of funk craving house, electronic music consumers and will without a prompt you to overindulge in its musical essence.

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Apr 022014

From the duo that brought you the fiery remixes of James Brown’s ‘People Get U’ and Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Wish’, Canada’s WET PAINT returns with yet another tasty finger-lickin remix. Reworking Pharrell’s ‘Lost Queen’ track off his recent G I R L album, WET PAINT tactfully adds a new vibrance to the original with an uplifting flow of watery melodies that trickle over a stream of bouncy percussive elements and inventive and musical use of vocal samples from the original. In typical WET PAINT fashion, the remix is up for grabs and is the perfect release to lure you into the swing of spring time weather.

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