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Feb 142014

Those who follow the stream of PrototypeRaptor’s release are well aware of his capacity to piece together incredibly diverse compilations of electronic music productions. His latest EP, ‘Tristram’, is yet another polished and stunning assortment of sounds from the Raptor, ranging from electro and progressive house to trap and dubstep flavored passages. For a mere five dollars, you can pick up seven of what are arguable some of PrototypeRaptor’s most finely-tuned releases that can fill your surroundings with an intricate array of sounds, appropriate for any the time of day and mood.

Download ‘Tristam EP’ Here

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Oct 292013

Rolling in at the perfect time of the month, PrototypeRaptor reveals what he has been holding up his sleeve for quite some times by unleashing his bootleg of the King of Pop’s iconic hit, ‘Thriller’. The bootleg was released earlier today and while the producer acknowledged that this “is a terrifying song for an artist to remix”, the Raptor has put an delicious electro funk spin on the original, bringing it to life in a new and incredibly tasteful fashion. ZippyShare seems to be reducing the quality of the track so if you want a good sense of what it really offers, download it first before you listen.

Download Here

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Apr 092013

One of the most consistent and unwavering distributors of superior electronic productions, Tasty Network, the precursor to what is now Tasty Records, has driven its presence into the market by promoting a unique selection of unparalleled electronic releases. Continuously bringing underground artists into the limelight, Tasty Records has quickly become a venue for some of the best sounds in the industry. The third EP to hit the label, Urban Contact’s Starburst EP, is a prime example of the talent the label fosters.

Urban Contact’s ‘Starburst’ has been on hold for quite some time, however, the wait was not without a spectacular reward. Not only is ‘Starburst’ now available, the original release is featured in an EP that contains remixes from some profoundly talented artists. From the likes of Rabbit Killer, PrototypeRaptor, Farleon, and others, each remix in the ‘Starburt EP’ is brilliantly crafted, flows with a pristine quality, and delivers an incredibly delectable assortment of sounds for electronic music listeners of all tastes. Worth every penny and more, the ‘Starburst EP’ is a release every ardent electronic music connoisseur will be guilt-riddend for not picking up. Stream the EP below and be sure to purchase a copy on Beatport.

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Feb 262013

In his entire history of producing, there has never been release that doesn’t incorporate the sounds that distinguish PrototypeRaptor from his contemporaries. Known for his 8-bit infused electronic masterpieces and his use of scintillating melodic leads, PrototypeRaptor has done what so many others find difficulty accomplishing or never accomplish at all in the world of electronic music: crafting a unique style and sound.

Released earlier today via Lovenest Records, PrototypeRaptor’s remix of The Two Friends ‘Feel Me’ is glistening electro funk production that hooks the listener with enlivening synths, melodies, and up-beat breakdown and of course, the use of the passion-filled vocals from the original track. This remix was featured as part of a remix album that includes remixes form various artists. Though this is a personal favorite, be sure to check some of the other remixes below, (Clark Kent’s dubstep remix is free) and snag up a copy of this and any other you like on Beatport.

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Jan 172013

This week we have seen a flood a remixes for Computer Club, the Los Angeles based producer, which has amounted to the release of a remix EP titled ‘Win Or Lose’. Among the remixes on the EP is one very special remake coming from the collaborative efforts of Rule of Eight and PrototypeRaptor, two Oklahoman producers with tremendous talents, one of which we’ve featured here before upon the release of his ‘Thrillseeker/Vintage Swag EP‘. Their remix of Computer Club’s ‘Party Tonight’ is a personal favorite as it’s a completely different sound than we’re used to from both of them, and they put a massive moombah spin on the original track that could not have been crafted any better. The track is up for grabs so give it play, get a copy and be sure to check out some of the other remixes on the EP below as there are several names you should recognize.

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Dec 022012

Stepping out of silence, earlier today, Jonathan Paulsen, the stage presence of PrototypeRaptor, released a free and unsuspected EP which delivered two amazing but starkly different productions. ‘Thrillseeker’, as the name implies, is a thrilling and vibrant electro-house track that resonates with those signature glitchy fidget breaks and melodic explosions that PrototypeRaptor has distinguished himself with in the past.

The second production, ‘Vintage Swag’, is an experimental departure from the Raptor’s usual style as he completely deviates from his mastered electro sound and formulates his own take on the exploding trap influence that can be heard throughout all sects of EDM. Both these releases should satisfy the music needs of listeners on all ranges of the electronic music spectrum so give ’em a play and snag them up for free. ☺Enjoy☺

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