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Mar 032014

Never deny the possibility of an up-and-coming dusbtep producer making a name for themselves in the genre. Even though dubstep may lack some ingenuity and originality in some respects, there are still producer putting out some top-notch productions like EH!DE. The solo producer based out of Spain has been unleashing a flood of tracks that leave nothing standing in their tracks. Capable of delivering monstrous productions in numerous electronic music style, EH!DE’s niche undoubtedly rests in the realm of dubstep, evidence by his destructive remix of Protohype & 12th Planet’s ‘Like This’. The original track stands strong on its own but EH!DE puts his own, savory bass swing to it giving it some new life and appeal.

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Feb 192014

If you reside in or near a major city in the North American continent, you’ve most certainly felt the waves created by the SMOG City Tour; a full scale show circuit headlined by bass music icon 12th Planet alongside 2014’s number one artist to watch according to the BPM Network, Protohype. Earlier in the month they were kind enough to sit down with us to discuss a host of topics ranging from their recent collaborations and age restrictions at shows, to their thoughts on instruments’ role in the future of electronic music and Star Wars that they live through vicariously.

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Jan 132014

This is arguably one of the biggest tours that is descending on North America in the first part of 2014. Datisk and his Firepower Records army are prepping and building anticipation for a nation-wide tour that is making stops in some of the biggest cities in the States with some of the biggest names in bass music. Supporting acts for each show varies, but each selected opener, ranging from Antiserum, MUST DIE!, heRobust, Getter, Protohype and others, is guaranteed to bring what is needed to get things going. Tickets are going for as low as $20 in some areas so if you’re adding shows to your list of events to catch in the upcoming months, any of these would be a good one to add to the collection.

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Aug 192013

Gracing the mid-tempo arena with some phenomenal productions, LaFunkt is hitting it out of the ballpark once again with a new and stunning production. Reviving Protohype’s recent hit from his ‘Hear No Evil EP’, ‘Fly’, LaFunkt couples the original with a heavy, bouncy neurohop flavor and a consecutive stream of snarling and pulsating sounds. Balanced with the gripping vocals and harmonies of the original, LaFunkt delivers a first-rate remix of a first-rate production.

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Jul 152013

Following up on his tremendously successful Firepower Records EP, ‘Hear No Evil’, Protohype’s Max Hype has brought some life back into to Music Mondays with a new and savory VIP of his collab with ETC!ETC!, ‘Bad Boy Flow’. Revamping the original feel of the original into a grinding dubstep production, Protohype tactfully revives the original to deliver a powerful and gritty remake, further distinguishing himself as one of the most talented and well-versed musical minds in the electronic music arena. Snag it up for free and if you missed it, be sure to check out our interview with Protohype that went live earlier in the year.

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Jun 012013

The flourishing of electronic music has brought upon an influx of productions that often over-saturate the industry with repetitive sounds. In that crowded, overflowing sea of electronic producers, there are ones that elevate and distinguish themselves from the rest with originality and a progressive musical mentality. Among that class of artists is none-other than Protohype, the bass music extraordinaire who has swept the electronic music community by storm with a flood a unparalleled releases. As he continues on his path to stardom, take a glance into the the mind of the producer himself as we had the opportunity to ask the rising star a few questions.


HT: 2012 was a huge year for you as you stepped deep into the limelight. 2013 is already sizing up to be a big year for you but for those who aren’t familiar with the name or for people who you just meet, what do you tell them Protohype is about? How did you gravitate toward the current Protohype sound and where is it going?

Protohype is all about Electronic music influenced by Hip Hop and all different sorts of genres. It is also about bringing the party and getting HYPE. I gravitated towards the current Protohype sound by learning more about production techniques and experimenting with new genres. I’m not sure where the directions is going honestly. I’m moving towards the more melodic direction, while still maintaining a heaviness that can blend melodies while being able to smash with high energy sounds. 

HT: Most of your tracks have been centered around that 140 or 170 BPM region. Do you ever toy with the idea of making an electro-house track, maybe dropping down to the 128 region or maybe even some 110 style Protohype? Any electro-house artists right now that you appreciate listening to or does that style just not suit your taste?

Yes! Killagraham, 12th planet and I just made a house tune. I am also experimenting with tunes around the 90 BPM. I have been in to DYRO’s music lately. DYRO is a great producer. I think he is putting out some great electro-house tunes. 

HT: You just recently performed at Summer Camp Music Festival. To date, this has been one of your biggest performances. How excited were you for it and did it turn out the way you expected? What was it like performing for a festival sized crowd and do you have plans to return to the festival circuit soon?


I was really excited to play Summer Camp Music Festival. I had never played a big music festival and I actually hadn’t attended one in over 4 years. So, I was pumped to play Summer Camp Music Festival with some of my favorite artists and it turned out great! The energy of the crowd was very unique. It made my experience that much better. I hope to play as many festivals as I can. 

HT: Earlier in the year you were on a pretty wide-scale tour with Minnesota. What was that experience like? Any possibility we’ll see a Minnesota & Protohype collab in the near future?

The tour was really fun! I went to a lot of states that I had never been to before. I got to play to a wide variety of crowds, which was also a unique expeirence. It was my first time at experiencing “life on the road”. It was a 6 week long tour so that in itself was a learning process. Minnesota and I made a few tunes on the road together. Not exactly sure of what is going to happen to them at this point. 

HT: Last year you mentioned something along the lines of a Griz – Too Young For Tragedy (Protohype Remix). Is there any chance we might still get a taste of that?

The track is finished. It kind of got lost in the pipeline of my releases. Not sure if it will see the light of day or not. 

HT: You and Carnage have put together some incredible collabs recently. How did that come about and do you two have any plans to get back together and put out a new release?


Me and Carnage started working together thanks to Twitter. We got into the studio and knocked out both tracks in one day. As soon as our schedules allow we plan on getting back into the studio for another track. 

HT: How did your signing to Firepower Records come about? What’s it like to be in that community with so much talent? Are there any downsides to being on the label that you didn’t foresee?

Datisk had been playing some of the tunes off my Rottun Ep. I met Datsik when he came to Avalon on the Firepower Tour last fall. We exchanged info and started talking about potentially working together and now here I am. Being a part of the FP Community, really is a dream come true. I feel like the FP crew is an amazing group of producers as well as people and I am just happy to be a part of it. My experience with the label has been nothing but enjoyable. 

HT: Your ‘See No Evil’ EP was tremendously successful, topping several Beatport charts and receiving a huge wave a support from your fan-base. What can we expect on your ‘Hear No Evil’ release coming June 4th and its successor ‘Speak No Evil’ later in the year? Have you looked beyond these releases yet and maybe considered what your next move is after this trilogy of EPs?

“Hear No Evil” will be making progress into the more melodic side of dubstep. There are a lot of vocals on these tunes as well as on that I’m particularly proud of called Fly. “Speak No Evil” is going to be all collaborations with some of my favorite artists right now. You can expect that album out late Summer. I’ve been writing a lot of tracks lately. I am currently working on an EP with 12th Planet that will be coming out on Smog later this Fall. 

HT: Who do you consider pioneers of the contemporary dubstep sound? Is there an artist, or artists, that you feel is pushing things to a new level in the genre and one who maybe prompts you to push the boundaries of your own style and sound?

I would say Skrillex, Datsik, Nero, Flux Pavilion, and Noisia have all influenced the landscape of how we view dubstep right now. I am constantly impressed with Flux Pavilion and Doctor P. I feel like they are always pushing their style and sounds to new levels. 

HT: Last year you consistently unleashed a flood of releases for ‘Music Mondays’. How difficult was it to put out a track weekly and if you had to choose, which of those was your favorite and why?

It wasn’t too difficult to put out a track a week. A lot of the tracks were older, from stuff that I had been working on for awhile. My favorite would probably by my Adventure Club remix. Out of that collection I think it was the best one. 

HT: At such a young age, how much longer do you see yourself making music in the electronic arena? Is this something you hope to pursue for several more years or do you see yourself traveling a different musical path in the years to come?

I’m going to pursue electronic music till electronic music doesnt want me anymore. At the same time, I am always trying to branch out and expand into as many different genres as I can. 

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May 282013

A remix crafted to ignite crowds into a frenzy, Protohype and Logun have put forth an absolutely monstrous collab that’ll shock and destroy. Resonating with a fierce and brutal grind, Protohype and Logun’s latest collab escalates from a hyped up intro to incendiary, cranium rattling, and vicious crunkstep breakdown. Available for free download, this latest remix should not escape the ears of any ardent bass fanatic.

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Feb 152013

After their last collaborative remix of ‘All Gold Everything‘, it was only a matter of time before these two producers got back together to bring us another priceless musical gem. Earlier today, Protohype & Carnage finally released their remix of ‘Röyskopp & Susanne Sundfor’s ‘Running To The Sea’, preserving the entrancing and melodically moving qualities of the original while infusing it with striking and powerful dubstep soundscapes creating an immeasurably massive tune. This one will definitely be circulating around for a while so give it a listen and be sure to snag it up for free.

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Nov 132012

‘Music Mondays’ is back from Protohype, someone who has continuously filled the walls of this site with priceless sounds and his supreme musical ingenuity, a feat which has brought his name into a class of top tier producer whose vision and influence is inevitably going to be seen and felt from coast to coast.

Over the last couple of months, Protohype has created one of the most consistent trends: releasing massive productions at the start of the week, making Monday tolerable with a source of explosive and energetically arousing electronic creations. His latest addition to the ‘Music Mondays’ collection is his long awaited remix of Krewella’s ‘Can’t Control Myself’. This is another amazing tune in the recent thread of Krewella remixes that have come out so be sure to snag it up for free and catch up on previous ‘Music Monday’ releases if you’ve fallen behind.

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Nov 012012

Brand new EP hit the shelves yesterday featuring a phenomenal collaboration between two of the best up an coming sounds in the dubstep domain, Protohype & Kezwik, both names which have shared a place on our thread in the past. Now available on Simplify Recordings, this latest collaborative compilation is a two track journey cycling through various flows, tempos, and sounds, giving you a full throttle blast of raw grinding energy, wobbling with a nasty bass attitude, while simultaneously keeping you entranced in melodic hooks and passages in a mastered blend of harmonies. This is a massive and phenomenal EP from Protohype & Kezwik, and as both these two have given us some priceless freebies, show a little support and head over to Beatport for a copy.

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