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Nov 302014

Don’t be fooled by the title of ProleteR’s most recent EP, as the caliber of producer that is inferred by its name could not be further removed from the truth. ‘Rookie EP’ is the French beatmaker’s most recent compilation of tracks, stretching the greatest lengths and reaching peak heights of ProleteR’s polished abstract, jazzy hip-hop style.

Complimenting his previous line of musical works, ProleteR once again flawlessly blends the sounds of 20s and 30s jazz into the bouncy, hip-hop flavored beats. ProleteR’s powers clean but stomping percussion, layering his drums tastefully behind and in front of textured, lively, and savory brass and vocal samples. Be sure to snag up ‘Rookie EP’, on Bandcamp as this is surely one of ProleteR’s most energy-rich compilations.

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Aug 122014

French beatmaker ProleteR has steadily flushed the musical banks of abstract, hip-hop instrumentals with fluid, cohesive and stunningly attractive creations. With a discography rich in quantity and lush with lively quality, ProleteR adds a new compilation to his shelves with ‘Tribute to the Masters Vol. 1’, a six track assortment of ProleteR tribute remixes that bring new life to decades old classics such as ‘Hello Dolly’ by the great Louis Armstrong, ‘That’s Life’ by The Sultan of Swoon, Frank Sinatra, and ‘Having a Party’ by soul music icon, Sam Cooke. ProleteR adds a flavorful and stirring hip-hop bounce into each and every tribute, leaving you duly pleased with the blend of sounds new and old. Stream the full release and pick up a copy free of charge via Bandcamp.

Download Here

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Sep 192013

Made as a tribute to the great soul music pioneer Sam Cooke, France’s ProleteR has tastefully reworked ‘Having A Party’ into a new musical creation. Infusing the original with some clean and bouncy beats, ProleteR maintains the vintage sound of the original while creating a new and emotive groove. A track thats falls right into that ProleteR sounds, this tribute is a commemorative productions highlighting Cooke’s everlasting musical influence and ProleteR’s ever-growing productions skills. As always, the track is up for free download.

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Aug 112013

One of the many talented beakmakers coming out of France, ProleteR has repeatedly gifted us with first-rate, hip-hop influenced instrumental productions. Masterfully bridging the sounds of bouncy, swinging beats with decade old instrumental leads and vocals, ProleteR has crafted a unique style that never ceases to a bring an enlivening musical mood to the atmosphere.

His latest single, ‘Timekeeper’, was put out earlier today and once again, the French visionary has delivered a pristine beat, hitting with scintillating harmonies and emotive vocals, giving rise to enveloping vintage ambience. Peep the release below and as always, snag it up for free.

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Jul 252013

Steadily pushing out some of the best sounds in the trip-hop and downtempo arena, Beatquick has illuminated itself as a label that prides itself on promoting the sounds of profoundly talented beatmakers from across the globe. We’ve had the pleasure of sharing various releases from the label, namely mononome’s flawless ‘Come Close‘ compilation and Yegor Cergei peerless ‘Hip Hope‘ album, and to add to that list, today we bring you the eleventh release on Beatquick, ‘Remixed Business’.

A compilation devoted to remixing Kill Emil’s ‘Risky Business’, which you can check out below, ‘Remixed Business’ is an incredible assortment of polished remixes, beautifully shuffling through an array of soulful jazzy soundscapes, soothing, hip-hop influenced drumwork, world-class harmonies, emotive and sedative instrumental passages, all crafted by some of the most talents minds in the trip-hop/downtempo arena. A released meant to be savored from measure to measure, ‘Remixed Business’ hits with an irresistibly delectable musical flavor.

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May 312013

Earlier in the year you might remember us sharing ProleteR’s recent EP ‘Feeding The Lions‘, an expansive eight track compilation filled with some tasty hip-hop instrumentals. If you missed it be sure to check it out in addition to his latest pick-me-up freebie, ‘Can’t Stop Me’, a bouncy percussive instrumental with a slate of soulful vocals, keyboards, and uplifting melodic passages. Snag it up for free below and be sure to check out his ‘Feeding The Lions EP‘ if you like what you hear.

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Apr 142013

Out now with his latest EP, France based musical mastermind ProleteR has delivered a flawless compilation of tracks in his latest ‘Feeding The Lions EP‘. Filled with bouncy, crisp and clean beats, ProleteR puts together a series of eight tracks rich with soul, funk, and a decades-old feel. Deemed as abstract hip-hop productions, ProleteR crafts a set of releases packed with an array of instrumental delicatessens, moving vocal hooks, soothing and invigorating percussive elements for a true chef d’oeuvre. Stream the release below in its entirety and be sure to check out an HT favorite from his previous EP release, ‘April Showers’.

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