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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Jun 282014

I don’t think it’s really up for debate whether or not Porter Robinson is a genius. From his older electro house remixes and originals to his stunningly beautiful single ‘Language,’ which seemed to mark a transition in the young producers creative journey, Porter Robinson is one talented producer, and the anticipation for his forthcoming album, Worlds, is definitely a testament to that. After teasing everyone with singles like ‘Sea of Voices,’ ‘Sad Machine,’ and ‘Lionhearted,’ all of which are worlds apart from his earlier work, the 20-year-old- prodigy just recently graced the hallow decks of BBC Radio One’s Essential Mix. The mix features 72 eclectic and unusual songs that are perfectly selected and spontaneously mixed to reveal a lot about where Robinson is creatively and musically. If it’s any indication of what we might hear on the upcoming album, I think I speak for fans everywhere when I say that I’m absolutely pumped. Take an open-minded listen and enjoy!

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Mar 032014

So far, 2014 has been a pretty banner year for reclusive and mysterious electronic producers all over the place. First it was the Glitch Mob releasing a long-awaited album. Then Madeon, the French whiz-kid, graced our eardrums with some freshness about a week ago. And now the man behind the legend, Porter Robinson, has made listeners throughout the world incredibly happy by releasing an incredibly moving single from his forthcoming album ‘Worlds.’ The single, ‘Sea of Voices’ is characteristically epic and euphoric, but if you are expecting a banger like ‘Spitfire’ or ‘Say My Name,’ you’d better change your expectations before playing this one. Instead of a thumping big room track, Porter has changed things up a bit to create a sweeping and beautiful track that burns slowly and cuts to the core of anyone’s soul. Enjoy, and pick up the song on iTunes.

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Jan 202013

Earlier today, the youthful Swedish producer Cormak dropped another freebie on his SoundCloud adding yet another massive hit to his collection of releases. We’ve shared a few of his tracks in the past but if you aren’t familiar with the name, this will give a great idea of the type of sound he brings to every track. In his latest production he’s bravely taken Porter Robinson’s ‘The Wildcat’ and added his own touch to it giving us new, revived, dirty and explosive electro groove that reshapes ‘The Wildcat’ in a tasteful and heavy fashion while not butchering the essence and magnificence of Robinson’s original. The track is up for grabs so give it a play, see what you think, and snag up a copy for free below if you’d like.


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Sep 272012

For the most part, many of us witnessed OVERWERK make an explosive appearance onto the electronic music scene and have since watched him expand the reach of his influence to the masses. His releases are plentiful, growing in number, and becoming increasingly polished in quality, sound, and style. For anyone unfamiliar with OVERWERK, this Canadian producer should be an act you keep your eyes on for it is only a matter of time before he takes his rightful place on the festival circuits.

Earlier this week OVERWERK released a bundle of free tracks that he has been playing out in his live shows. Mashup packs like these are great since as they give you a of taste of what an artists brings to the live setting. You’ll hear sounds from the likes of Porter Robinson, ARTY, Mat Zo, Mord Fustang, Alesso, and OVERWERK himself, mixed into a series of incredible electro mashups. Pick up the bundle for free and if you’re not familiar with OVERWERK, snag up some free downloads, and get on board with one of the most promising sounds coming up in EDM.

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