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Jun 172014

Froxic is an emerging Dutch electronic music producer who, as of late, has been garnering an increasing amount of support and attention for his productions. Recognized as of Plasmapool’s many talented and creative producers, Froxic is still receiving praise for his ‘Fracture EP’, which hit the shelves back in May of this year, so much that the EP anthem, ‘You Can Dance’ has been re-released as a single. With its spacy, mechanized vocals and a punchy, pop-style glitch-hop grind, ‘You Can Dance’ serves as an emphatic reminder that music will never loose its capacity to cause to you drop everything you’re doing and bounce rhythmically to a stirring soundscape.

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Jan 152014

To date, Plasmapool has consistently been an unwavering source of superb electronic productions from the underground’s most talented producers. One of the latest releases on the label comes from Funxion, the brainchild of Pat Harris, a City of Angeles based producer. His latest ‘Drift’ single shatters any expectations for a glitch-hop production with an aggressive, incendiary, and destructive mid-tempo flow, one that simultaneously sends a flooring dose of crippling bass and polished melody through your speakers. ‘Drift’ is now available on Beatport via Plasmapool’s daughter label, NOIZE.

Download ‘Drift’ Here

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Dec 162013

Hypster’s newest single has arrived on Plasmapool today, breaking the silence and nourishing the ears of fans with a gripping and explosive full length electro-house production. Spanning seven minutes, Hypster packs each measure with immense energy, injecting emotional intensity into each bar with blazing melodies, mechanized blips, and smashing drum work. ‘Robot Alliance’ is available now on Beatport but will be rereleased as part of Hypster’s forthcoming six-track album that is expected to hit the selves in January of next year. So to hold us off until we can gorge ourselves with Hypster’s third compilation, ‘Robot Alliance’ has arrived for us to ride into the new year.

Download ‘Robot Alliance’ Here

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Sep 302013

With no forewarning of release, Mord Fustang surprises us with two new tracks that have been coupled with recent hits, ‘Something Right Meow‘ & ‘If You Want‘, to give us a new EP, ‘Something Music Related’.

Released via one of Germany’s most established labels, Plasmapool, ‘Something Music Related’ brings us a collection of Mord Fustang productions that hit with that iconic Fustang sound. Spanning twenty-minutes with four layered and intricately detailed tracks, Mord Fustang gives us enveloping body of music that drowns you in high-spirited harmonies, lively vocal cuts, crunchy, 8-bit soundclips, and mind absorbing drumwork. Stated by the producer himself in a dated interview with Beatport, Fustang’s sound is “an adventurously nude fluctuant immaculate rainbow-coated thunderstorm with arpeggios, 1-up mushrooms and disco basslines, plus a wobble or two”. ‘Something Music Related’, on every level and in every measure, falls into that description, to the letter. Enjoy the ride.

Available now via Beatport, iTunes, & Bandcamp.

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Aug 052013

Undeniably one of the most influential figures in electro-house, Mord Fustang, an entity whose ora is often mysterious and hidden, has surfaced once again to bring us a fresh new production that hit the shelves earlier today via Plasmapool. A track previewed much earlier in the year, Mord bestows upon us a crunchy, robotic, and synth driven electro original, crafted with intricacy yet with an underlying simplicity, making for a crisp, polished, and savory Fustang production. Stream the full release courtesy of Plasmapool and pick up an official copy on Beatport.

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Jun 102013

Armed with the ability to craft hits in virtually every genre, the New Zealand virtuoso Jp.Moa has illuminated his name under Plasmapool and its many daughter labels by delivering productions of pristine quality. The dexterous and versatile producer just recently released his latest single, demonstrating his mastery of the electro style. Hitting with gripping melodic leads and an electro breakdown geared toward igniting stadium sized crowds, ‘Paradox’ is a thrilling and powerful 128bpm original that’ll cater to the ears of electro fans who feed off off that crisp yet crunchy electro flavor.

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