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Feb 272014

CounterPoint Music Festival is rolling its way back into the electronic music festival circuit this year with a massive line-up, rivaling some of the biggest festival on the market right now. We know that the allure of Counterpoint for many might be some of the names resting at the top of the line-up like Outkast, Pretty Lights, Krewella, and Big Gigantic. And while no one can argue against catching any of those acts, here are a handful of performances that we’d encourage you to give some serious consideration to if you’re looking to dive beyond the headlining acts into some of the riches offered in the lower rows of CounterPoint’s jaw-dropping line-up.

The Floozies

With funk always in high demand, The Floozies will be your endless source of supply at CounterPoint. Still riding the success of their debut album ‘Tell Your Mother‘, brothers Matt and Mark Hill have garnered a wave of support with their fresh and inventive take on funk from the objective of electronic music. The duo is making its way up the ranks opening for acts like GRiZ and Lettuce and landing on major festival like SnowBall and Wakarusa and when The Floozies take the stage, you’ll want to make sure you’re there for their set from start to finish.

Shreddie Mercury

Jonathan Kane, aka Shreddie Mercury, has amounted a great deal of success at such a young age. You might recall the name from 2012 when he was announced as the winner of Zedd’s remix contest for his track with Matthew Koma, ‘Spectrum’. For those not familiar, Shreddie Mercury is a vastly talented electronic music producer who rivals his contemporaries with polished but explosive production that are typically complimented with a cascade of masterful melodic composition. Kane has seen his fair share of performances at top-tier festivals like TomorrowWorld and Electric Forest and there is no doubt that he will be igniting the crowd come April.

Pegboard Nerds

While many of you may already know Pegboard Nerds, they still tend to get put further down on the bottom lines of festival line-ups and there are arguably still a lot of CounterPoint attendees that might over look them. The Scandinavian duo is simply not to be missed. These two put always deliver energy intensive sets and that deliver a range of sounds and style that are mixed beautifully to get you off your feet. They push some of the heaviest and grittiest yet crisp sound through the speakers ranging from electro and drumstep to glitch-hop and moombahcore. If you’re looking for a set to pick you up off your feet for an extended period of time, this is one you should keep on your radar.

Butch Clancy

Butch Clancy has been a prominent presence in the electronic music arena for several years but for some reason, time and time again he seems to be omitted from multiple electronic music festival line-ups when they take shape. Butch is well known for crafting eclectic and energy intensive live sets that catch you by surprise with the track selections. The Detroit native will be making his first appearance at CounterPoint this year and if you’d like to ensure that you’ll walk away with memorable set from a non-headliner, Butch is the way to go.

Real Magic

Real Magic is the musical vision pioneered by California’s Drew Englander and while CounterPoint will undeniably be circulating with an overflow of good vibrations, Englander will be filling up the festival with even more uplifting sensations. Bringing live instrumentation, vocals, and electronic hardware onto the stage, Real Magic pushes the envelope of solo live electronic music performance with a dazzling display of musicianship. If there is one act on the lower-tier of the line-up that you should make an invested effort to catch, Real Magic will definitely not disappoint.

No one can or should be shamed for heading to CounterPoint to catch some of the bigger names on the line-up. The roster is packed with some incredible talent from top-down, but in an effort to capture the true essence of what the festival has to offer in regards to artists, familiarize yourself with some of the other acts at the bottom of the roster. There are so many performers, in addition to selected acts above, who are playing a pivotal role in making CounterPoint one of the most anticipated festivals of 2014. Musically, they have so much to offer and will all be playing an major part in bringing the memorable energy and life in which we expect CounterPoint to explode with.

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Nov 112013

For anyone in or around New York City this weekend, GRiZ is making his return to Terminal 5 on Friday for what is looking like a most promising stop on his Rebel Era tour. With opening sets from The Floozies and Pegboard Nerds, every minute of this show is going to be packed with a flavorful dose of music. Be it from The Floozies’s future-funk aromas, Pegboard Nerds’s demolishing productions, or GRiZ’s soul-clensing electro vibrations, Terminal 5 is going to be going to be lit up into a constant dancing frenzy. Tickets are still available via Ticketmaster for $25 but these will certainly sell out without a doubt. The longer you wait the less there are. If you want to to take your chances at pair of free tickets, Terminal 5 has hidden a pair of tickets in Record Mart inside the Times Square Subway that will be given to the first person to locate them. Check the status below.

Buy Tickets Here

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Sep 182013

While not everyone partakes in Krewella, their music has undeniably garnered them a tremendous amount of success and acclaim. The hype over their ‘Get Wet’ album is still rising, and if you have yet to hear of its pending release or some of the sounds on it, peep it here in full. Set to hit the shelves on the 24th of the month via Columbia Records, as we wait for the releases date, check out this collab the Chi Town trio release with the might Pegboard Nerds. Could do without the vocals on this one but Pegboard Nerds’s grinding style and sounds save the day and come out shining in a monstrous display here. Check it out and snag it up for free if you like.

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Sep 052013

It is without a doubt that Monstercat has provided the electronic music community with a stream of new and impressive sounds from a pool of extremely talented producers that are often overshadowed by industry giants. Their fourteenth mixed artist compilation ‘Discovery’ recently hit the shelves via iTunes and provided a mouth-watering assortment of thirty astonishing tracks from the label’s hottest producers. Featuring names like Au5, Favright, Televisor, Soulero, Fractal, Tut Tut Child, PIXL, Haywyre, Pegboard Nerds, Rameses B, Falcon Funk and so many more, ‘Discovery’ is a perfect collection of tracks for the avid and open minded electronic music listener.

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Aug 222013

One of the earliest dubstep icons, Butch Clancy’s sounds have infiltrated the industry for years and survived the test of time, still gaining praise and playtime. We are soon to see the revival of one of his older tracks, ‘Russian Lullaby’, as he has confirmed via Facebook that he will be re-releasing the track along with remixes from Candyland & Pegboard Nerds, which by the looks of it, is sizing up to be a massive production. Check out the original below if you’ve never heard and be on the lookout for the remixes to come.

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Jul 032013

With each successive release, Pegboard Nerds continues to illuminate itself as one of the most skilled electronic production duos in the scene. Equipped with the ability and versatility to design hits in a variety of genres, the duo recently delivered a bouncy mid-tempo freebie, following up on their massive Monstercat EP, ‘Guilty Pleasures’, which hit the shelves earlier this summer. Snag up ‘Frainbreeze’ for free and if you missed their most recent EP, check out the full EP below and pick up a copy on iTunes.

After making appearances at some huge festival this year like Paradiso Festival and Sunset Music Festial, the Scandanavian duo is set to make their first appearance at one of the largest, world-class festivals the East Coast has to offer, Electric Zoo. If you’d like to catch the rising sensation that is Pegboard Nerds, be sure to check out their performance at the Hilltop Arena where they will be laying it down on the same stage as artists like Carnage, Adventure Club, Sub Focus, and Fedde Le Grand. If you missed, check out our interview with the Nerds where they talk about everything from beer and Daft Punk, to their next moves in the electronic arena. Click “here” to read interview.

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Jun 182013

It is without question that Pegboard Nerds is becoming one of the most sought out and talked about acts in the electronic music community. Widely known and respected musical presence for Constantly delivering ground-shaking hits, the duo has returned to bring us another seismic production in their recent remix of J.Viewz’s ‘Far Too Close’. Bouncing with a gruesome and grinding mid-tempo flow, the Nerds have put together a thrilling remix with a touch of pop flavor induced with the use of the original vocals. The track is now up for grabs on Beatport so give it a preview listen and be sure to sample a taste of their forthcoming Mosntercat EP’ ‘Guilty Pleasures’, which hits the shelves on the 24th of June.

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Jun 062013

One of the many hidden gems in electronic music, EH!DE continues to stun and amaze with each subsequent release. While his fan base is small but growing, the Spaniard producer has crafted some explosive tracks. Skilled at reworking tracks into his own brutal masterpieces, his latest remix of Pegboard Nerds & Tristam’s Razor Sharp is a testament to his ability to craft massive remixes. Taking the original and shaping it with his own style, EH!DE delivers a destructive and filth driven mid-tempo release doing complete justice to original and putting his remix on the map as one of the best remixes of ‘Razor Sharp‘ to date. Snag it up for free and be sure to check out his drumstep remix of Bone N Skin’s ‘Monsta’ which he released on his SoundCloud earlier today. (Buy=Free Download)

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May 062013

One of the fastest rising sounds in the realm of electronic music, Pegboard Nerds, the musical vision pioneered by veteran producers Michael Parsberg and Alexander Odden, has become an unwavering source of unparalleled electronic productions. From ground-breaking remixes to revolutionary originals, Pegboard Nerds has undoubtedly become a beacon of originality and musical influence. A presence that will surely be felt for many years to come, Pegboard Nerds remains a prominent musical figure and will continue to remain at the forefront of electronic music for as long as it has an audience. Delve into the minds of the producers themselves, as we had the opportunity to ask them a few questions regarding their recent successes and their future in the world of music.

HT: Why the name? What is the significance of ‘Pegboard Nerds’ and why the 8-bit design? Is that something that goes back several years before you two started this project or was it something that came about immediately upon the inception of the movement?

It is a big industry secret. No, we had been trying to come up with a name since forever, but all the “bad-ass” names we could come up with seemed to be taken, really. We like to play with words and letters, and so late one night in the studio, we ran our surnames into an anagram generator. At the top of the list was “Pegboard Nerds”. We couldn’t believe our eyes, and found the name fitting, as pegboards are those little spiked plastic boards you put beads on as a kid (Or in some cases, as an adult lol). Also, we view ourselves as nerds. Also, those little boards with their beads are perfect representations of the crude and simple graphics of the early computer and video game era, in which we both grew up. Hence, you have the 8-bit design of our logo.

HT: Earlier in the year, you guys made your first US appearance. What was that experience like and how did you feel you were received? How different is the American scene and crowd compared to some of the other places you’ve played?

It was an amazing experience! Everyone was very friendly and nice, and it was humbling to be so well received. It was good times! To us, American crowds are very open minded and “giving”, which is great! It makes for some great stage-crowd interaction, and also a lot of talking before and after gigs.

HT: Alex, you played a couple of shows your first US shows with an arm brace on. It didn’t appear to hold you back at all, but how difficult was it perform technically and did you at any time consider canceling a show?

Alex: Yes, it was because of a dislocated shoulder the weekend prior to that, and I probably should have been more calm with it, but hey! The show must go on ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily we don’t currently use an advanced setup requiring me to use both arms extensively, but of course it was a bit of a hindrance. Michael does most of the “heavy lifting” when we DJ anyway tho, so I got away with it. We never considered cancelling a show, the only thing that could cause us to cancel a show would be if we weren’t able to get there in time, or the promoter/arranger failing to deliever our most basic technical needs (such as two CDJS and a mixer).

HT: You guys are booked to play some big shows like your opening sets for Knife Party, one at MEGA GLOW in Washington D.C and one in Paris. It’s not your first time opening for them, but how did that come about and is there any chance we’ll see a Knife Party collab in the future? Your styles seem perfect for one another.

They requested us as a warmup at their Mixmag event in London back in November, because apparently they liked our music, having played it at their gigs for some time. Obviously we were very honored to be asked to support them. A collab would be nice….

HT: Can you give us some more insight into your upcoming EP? Are you guys looking to put it up for free or are you searching to get it signed?

It is already signed in fact! Other than that, it’ll feature one collab and finally one of the tunes that was previewed really early last year, but we haven’t really had the time to focus on it until now. It’s mostly 110bpm stuff.

HT: Are you guys fans of any mid-tempo artists right now? Any interest in taking your sounds into the glitch-hop arena? What about some Pegboard Nerds disco?

See the above ๐Ÿ™‚ We definitely have a thing for that 100-112bpm range thing, but it’s really saturated at the moment, many times you can’t tell one tune apart from the other. There are some gems from time to time though. Disco is great! Actually we have a sort of disco-inspired VIP in progress of one of our tunes.. See if you can guess which one..

HT: What are your thoughts on the recent Daft Punk hype? You’ve been around the scene for a while. Are you excited for the release and do you think new electronic music listeners are just feeding off the hype just because it’s ‘Daft Punk’?

Well obviously there’s a lot of industry/scene hype when Daft Punk does something, because they have been around since forever, and have done a lot of great tunes. High expectations for an upcoming release happen naturally when the artist has been around for a long time and consistently tries to push the envelope, move forward and output quality work. Also, mystery and hype is a part of their style, you could say. A lot of new electronic listener are probably feeding off the hype to an extent, because we don’t think all of them know the history and the samples behind Daft Punk’s music. We are excited for the release, and it will probably be good!

HT: You’re scheduled to play Global Gathering and are also booked for the infamous Creamfields in August. How excited are you guys for that? Any plans to hit up any North American festivals?

Very excited for both of them! Also a bit nervous. The lineup on both of them is sick, and many of the artists we are personally fans of ourselves. There are quite a few gigs line up for North America, so watch out. The nerds are coming.

HT: Your remixes have gained you guys widespread attention. Is there one you guys had the most fun producing and one that still stands out in your eyes as the best remake you’ve produced so far? Will we ever get an official free download of your remix of Skrillex’s ‘Make It Bun Dem’? If not, how come?

Each remix was “the most fun” in their own way, because they are all different beasts, and we put a lot of time, effort and little pieces of our souls in them. As we do with all of our tunes. We tried getting permission from the label to release our Bun Dem remix even though it didn’t win, but alas, no luck.

HT: It seems like you guys carry your career day by day, and what come next is what comes naturally. But if you had to look forward a year, where do you see Pegboard Nerds and what do you want people to remember you guys by? What do you guys ultimately hope to accomplish with this project?

Thanks! We definitely do work hard on this every single day, in various aspects. It is our lives. We hope people will remember us as not confining ourselves to a specific genre or style, because we have a big love for music in general, and following that we will try and make just about anything we want, at any given time.

Ultimately, anything goes really, we want to take it as far as we can. We like to let the music speak for itself. The way we do that is by making music we genuinely think is cool ourselves. That is the foundation, and anything that happens as a result of that is an added bonus for us. In a year we will have made a lot of tunes, expanded on our sound, and maybe we will be headlining festivals and gigs ourselves..

HT: If you guys had to drink it for the rest of your lives, favorite beer and from where?

Leffe Blond from Belgium… it has a residency in our studio fridge:-)

Pegboard Nerds: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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Mar 312013

One of the most talented pair of minds at work in the electronic music scene, Pegboard Nerds have repeatedly been at the root of groundbreaking productions. Equipped with an arsenal of polished, exhilarating, and destructive sounds, the duo has come around to deliver another first-rate production. Available now on Beatport via Disco:Wax, Pegboard Nerds have put together a powerful and growling drumstep remix of Morten Breum’s ‘Larva’, a mint release and perfect addition to their catalog of explosive hits. Pick up a copy on Beatport and be sure to snag up their latest freebie, 20K, if you missed it.

Pegboard Nerds: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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