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Jun 172014

We’ve known Party Ghost to be incredibly well-versed in producing electronic music, but his latest compilation just might be the greatest testament to that statement. Once a steady crafter of explosive and exhilarating productions ranging from electro and dubstep, to mid-temp and mash-ups, Party Ghost has flipped the script with the delivery of his recent EP, ‘VPR’.

Spread over four productions, ‘VPR’ is an idyllic example of how a producer can evolve and transform their style and sound to create works of music that still have the capacity to grab and engage their listeners. While ‘VPR’ doesn’t quite have your typical Party Ghost electro stompers, it is nonetheless filled with moving, emotionally rich and lustrous arrangement of electronic sounds from emotive vocal bits, stirring hi-hats, and punchy snares to deep kick drums, burst of spirited melodies and anthemic breakdowns. Whether this is a new direction for Party Ghost or an simply experimental EP, we’ll take it either way, with pleasure.

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Jan 042014

Two close friends and talented producers with tremendous potential have come together, finally, for a collaboration that is igniting a surge of support and acclaim. ‘Waiting’ is Party Ghost and Spock’s recent collaborative work, a track that they recently unveiled to all their fans for free. While both producers are proficient in producing across the various genres of electronic music and their debut collaboration excites the nerves with an exhilarating and lively electronic flow, one spiraling with bursts of high-spirited melodies, booming drums, and serene vocals from Spock himself.

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Dec 182013

It it ill advised to allow for a Party Ghost release to escape you. The young and musically virtuous producer has been a highlight for the electronic music community for the past couple of years and if his sounds have yet to reach your plate, put it on your agenda to get acquainted. Party Ghost has lifted the spirits of many with a continuos stream of galvanizing and eclectic electronic productions, and because there is no genre that can completely describe his style, you really have to soak in a bunch of his work to get an accurate feel for what “Ghost House”, as it is called, is really all about. ‘Static’ was released this week and for listeners new and old, the Ghost has returned with an electrifying and booming electro freebie.

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Aug 082013

Always crafting exhilarating productions, Party Ghost has been an unwavering source of electronic music that hits with crystalline melodicism, emotion, and captivating drumwork, all working together to create uplifting works of music. Out now with his latest release, the Ghost has put together an incredibly catchy mashup where he gorgeously combines the contrasting sounds of artists like Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars, the King of Pop, Daft Punk, Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso to create a gripping and truly enlivening electro creation that flows with a sounds that will capture the mood of any listener and bombard it with a dose of pure, elated and heartening soundscapes.

Daft Punk – One More Time
Bruno Mars – Treasure
Whitney Houston – How Will I Know
Michael Jackson- Black and White
Alesso/Sebastian Ingrosso – Calling

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Mar 262013

Perhaps one of the most genuine styles to surface in recent times, Party Ghost has become a source of pristine, irresistible and undeniably moving electronic productions. Encompassing a talent for producing first-rate compositions in a variety styles, Party Ghost continues to elevated himself to a plateau of rightfully deserved adoration and respect with each subsequent release. In his latest creation, the Ghost takes Capital Cities’s ‘Safe and Sound’ and revamps it into an emotive, heartfelt, and incredibly uplifting remix. Radiating with glistening melodic leads, passionate vocals interjections, and euphoric soundscapes, Party Ghost adds yet another brilliant hit to his flawless line of releases. Snag it up for free and be sure to check out his latest mix if you missed it.


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Mar 072013

Anyone who follows the footsteps of IDestiny will recognize this original single, ‘Tired Of Waiting’, a monstrous and grinding mid-tempo hit that was one of the first releases on his SoundCloud several months back. What followed, was a series of phenomenal tracks that were all released free of charge. So if you’ve been one of the many recipients of his free musical treasures, now is a great time to give back by shedding some support for his ‘Tired Of Waiting EP’.

Out on iTunes, IDestiny has gathered an extremely talented group producers to help him put together a flawless remix compilation of ‘Tired Of Waiting’. An EP that flows with an explosive feel from the first to the very last second, this is a set of releases that is worth every single penny and more. Stream the EP in its entirety and head over to iTunes for an official copy.

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Dec 172012

Not too long ago Party Ghost dropped this track only to be scolded by his managers shortly after which forced him to remove it from SoundCloud. Sad indeed, but as of recently, a “leaked” track surfaced on Party Ghost’s SoundCloud lifting up the spirits of everyone that had the misfortune missing out on this simply amazing creation from the fast-rising sensation.

If there is one thing we have and will continue to remain certain of, it’s that Chris Mehrtash, the brainchild of Party Ghost, will inevitably surpass his contemporaries and arrive on a plateau of stardom. The word “unique” gets thrown around a lot when people search for words to describe artists, but if there is anyone who encompasses and rightfully deserves this title, it’s non other than Party Ghost as he has truly brought an unparalleled and irresistible sound to the EDM community, evidenced by nearly every single one of his releases, this one included. Given that this is a “leak”, it will not be available indefinitely so get it while you can as this is one of those songs that induces chills with its harmonious, scintillating, and energetic flow. If you want to show some extra support, even though he is comfortably in the lead, lend Party Ghost a vote on Indabamusic so that he receives the opportunity to perform at Light All Night in Dallas for New Years Eve; you will be doing everyone there a massive favor. ☺Enjoy☺


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