Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Nov 302014

Here you have some serious musical knowledge applied in a way that yields an incredibly expressive, emotionally rich and lively electronic production. Sushi Killer resides in Salinas, California and appears at first glance to be yet another young and versatile producer with a boundless musical imagination. The Cali-based producer self-describes Sushi Killer’s genre as “Future Anime”, a fitting classification for a track that brilliantly fuses 8-bit and early 90s game console sounds into a medley of cascading electronic synths, melodies, and basslines. Snag up ‘Too Kyun’ for free and do be sure to sample some of his other works on SoundCloud.

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Nov 302014

Keep a close eye on this rather elusive producer coming out of New Jersey. Jimmy Butler, soon to be known commonly know as ‘buji.’, for better or for worse, is touting some serious sound production at the age of fifteen. Butler recently showcased his remix of Drake’s ‘The Ride’ as a turkey day treat. No telling if this will be released for free but it certainly pounds with enough force and flavor to keep you invested in determining if it does get tossed up for grabs. The remix spans a lengthy five plus minutes and buji. creates a radiating oceanic-bass flavored anthem, flooding your sound system with an sweeping mist of electronic synths, bleeps, melodies, and percussive breakdowns. Do take note of the name as there is sure to be more musical delights pooling in from this young and talented northeastern producer.

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Nov 112014

A collection of intricate electronic sounds and explorative styles can be found within the catalog of Atalanta Georgia’s Kolossus Records. The label recently featured a new single from чk., letters “y” and “k”, a UK based solo-production headed by Nathan Robertson who touts a relatively small fan base, but brings a tremendously full, textured, and absorbing sound to the table. Robertson’s musical craftsmanship and maturity ring clearly in ‘Rainbows and Skunks’, as he playfully syphons the listener through a harmonically vivid, oceanic-bass adventure. From the crest of cascading melodic waves to the deeper turnings and splashing of the single’s lower frequencies, чk. presents us with a glistening electronic-pearl production.

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