Heady | adj. \’he-dē \

1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Sep 052013

It is without a doubt that Monstercat has provided the electronic music community with a stream of new and impressive sounds from a pool of extremely talented producers that are often overshadowed by industry giants. Their fourteenth mixed artist compilation ‘Discovery’ recently hit the shelves via iTunes and provided a mouth-watering assortment of thirty astonishing tracks from the label’s hottest producers. Featuring names like Au5, Favright, Televisor, Soulero, Fractal, Tut Tut Child, PIXL, Haywyre, Pegboard Nerds, Rameses B, Falcon Funk and so many more, ‘Discovery’ is a perfect collection of tracks for the avid and open minded electronic music listener.

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Apr 012013

Easily one of the most talented young producers in the electronic music arena, Noisestorm has been an unwavering source of pristine electronic compositions. Adept at producing in a variety of genres, the youthful music virtuoso has rightfully found his way onto Monstercat. If you have yet to hear his latest single, ‘Together’, be sure to treat yourself to a deeply moving, emotive, and passionate tune that explodes into a monstrous and shuddering dubstep breakdown. Give it a play below and be sure to pick up a copy on Beatport.


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Dec 082012

Earlier in the week Glitch Hop Community, one of the most steady and respected sources of glitch-hop, celebrated their first official release, a compilation that hit the shelves title ‘Life’s A Glitch Volume 1’ featuring five superb glitch-hop hit from Noisestorm, Freddy Todd, Mongoose, Jay Elder and Dubsective. Each track was mastered by the oracular AMB, a name you should be familiar with as we recently featured his ‘Duck Club release. The compilation is out now on multiple outlets so get it while its hot, and show some support for a movement that for the last couple years, has provided us with some of the finest and most delectable creations in the glitch-hop arena.

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