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Oct 282013

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing a few Nishin Verdiano releases, but this one takes the cake. The Polish born producer, owner of the now widely popular label DUSTLA, has remained extremely quiet on his Facebook and Twitter, and thus the release of his entire discography for free comes in an odd fashion. If this is not a mistake, listeners have just got their hands on one of the widest selection of track with sounds and styles from a vast array electronic genres from one of the industry’s most talented producers. This is feast so prepare to satiate every last musical urge.

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Jan 302013

Earlier in the week, DUSTLA released a four track remix compilation of Nishin Verdiano & AK9’s highly acclaimed 2012 electro-house masterpiece, ‘Bitch Please’. If you have yet to hear the original, give it a listen below as it was a tremendously successful hit on DUSTLA and peep a personal remix favorite from Tha New Team, the talented and perfectly matched French trio that took ‘Bitch Please’ and morphed it into a brutal and monstrous dubstep smasher with a nasty grind. The track is available on Beatport, give it a full play and check out of the other remixes. Teddy Killerz whip up bouncy glitch-hop remake and Receptor lays dawn a massive moombahton re-fix, both adding the perfect compliment to an extremely diverse sounding compilation. Enjoy.

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Dec 182012

If there is one label that plenty of people will tell you is all about the money and not about the well-being of their artists, its non other than the greedy Plasmapool. For that reason, we tend not to share tracks that get distributed on their label or any of the daughter label but when Belgium’s Nishin Verdiano’s remix of Hyptser’s ‘Easy Sundays’ came out of the speakers, there was just no way it couldn’t go up. As always, regardless of what style he’s working with, Nishin Verdiano lays it down big he’s brought us a massive and filth ridden remix that hits with heavy and powerful dubstep grind. This track was released on the compilation, ‘The Hypsterical Remixes’, an album of remixes from Hypster’s ‘Hypsterical’ album which dropped earlier in the year. This is a personal favorite but if you want to check out some of the other remixes (Joe Garston’s is good), head over to Beatport to preview the entire release.

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Aug 102012

If you happen to be someone who considers the task of creating a mashup to be simple and effortless, this track will certainly provoke you to reshape your opinion. Nishin Verdiano embarked on a mission to demonstrate that mashing and sampling 100 songs into a six minute mix could be successfully and tastefully accomplished. Verdiano puts together a mix that has to be one of the most complex and perfectly composed mashups I have ever heard. Combining the sounds of Franz Ferdinand, Queen, Jay-Z, POD, and Linkin Park, to more familiar EDM icons like Daft Punk, Justice, Tiesto, Knife Party, and Deadmau5, this track left me utterly speechless to say the least. If you have any appreciation or liking for mashups, I highly and fervently recommend you to listen and download this track.

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