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Jun 132014

One of the most elusive collectives in electronic music has finally decided to step out from the shadows where they’ve been lurking since the smashing success of their previous album, Welcome Reality, tapered off. That’s right folks, Nero is back, and the electronic world is abuzz to say the least. After releasing a long-awaited single, ‘Satisfy’ a few weeks ago, the English bass trio—made up of Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray, and vocalist Alana Watson—have treated their fans to a tantalizing hour-long mix of tracks that have inspired their current music journey. In true Nero fashion, the mix is deep, dark, and technical with incredible attention paid to the little details. Due to its somewhat frightening vibe, this is not likely to suit everyone’s fancy, but if you are a Nero fan, you probably know what you’re getting into. All I can say is that their upcoming album is going be just as intense and unique as Welcome Reality was in 2011. You can buy the mix below, but I’d recommend listening before making your purchase. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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Oct 222012

I feel like this isn’t getting as much love as it should be. And while I don’t usually say it, this track is just nasty in all regards. Not because of the fact that it is coming from Nero, undoubtedly one of the most respected and soon to be legendary electronic duos of the 21st century, but simply because you just don’t hear electro this good on a daily basis.

If you missed the official release, the Won’t You (Be There) [Remixes] EP is now available via MTA Records for purchase. You might already recognize Nero’s Won’t You (Be There), the Baauer remix, which we shared last week, and the Club Cheval remix, most recently heard in Skream & Benga’s BBC Radio 1 spot. If you have yet to hear ‘Etude’, you’re in for a treat.

As an act that originated as a Drum n Bass group, there is nothing more impressive than hearing something like this. Beginning with a dark and symphonic intro, ‘Etude’ progresses into a tremendous and filthy electro tune, blasting with crisp and powerful sounds, many which are now signature aspects of the more recent Nero style. As I said, you just don’t hear electro this good unless it’s coming from renowned and veteran artists like Stephens and Ray. Give it play, pick up a copy, and be sure to catch up if you’ve missed any of the tracks mentioned here. ☺Enjoy☺


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Aug 162012

Another great track from the UK duo Delta Heavy, headed by Ben Hall & Simon James, hit the Beatport charts a few days ago. This is their remix of Excision & Downlink’s ‘Crowd Control’ track, available now on Rottun Recordings. Delta Heavy has become a celebrated act, recognized for pioneering sounds in dubstep, moombah, and drum ‘n’ bass, while influencing the entire electronic music scenic on a whole. If you’re new to Delta Heavy, check out some of their other original tracks and snag some free downloads. ☺Enjoy☺

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