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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Oct 222013

While he is typically known for his ground shattering electro-house productions, James Egbert’s latest addition to his unparalleled catalog of releases rolls in with a different but nonetheless enormous sound. Remixing ’17 Crimes’ from globally acclaimed American rock band AFI, Egbert crafts a brilliant remix that captures the feel of the original and drives out an absolutely colossal moombahcore remix. The only crime here would be to pass this up. A Best Buy US and Japan exclusive, as weird as that sounds, Egbert’s remix is available solely through an affiliated Best Buy outlet. We’ll keep this updated if a digital form is released.

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May 082013

Constantly crafting heavy-hitting productions, UK based producer Skifonix has driven his name under the spotlight with his impressive musical versatility. Adept at synthesizing hits in a variety of genres, Skifonix has made an appearance to deliver a grinding moombahcore freebie with a sample of one of the most classic lines from Billy Madison. As we wait for his forthcoming EP and his ‘Latota’ single that is set to drop on Sweet Shop Records next week, snag up ‘Wrong Answer’ for free and check out a clip of ‘Latota’ below.

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Apr 302013

Perhaps one of the most valuable hidden gems in the world of electronic music, Spain’s profoundly talented producer EH!DE has once again delivered a breath-taking production. Flawlessly shifting styles from his from his preceding monstrous dubstep remix of Tim Ismag’s ‘Shanghai Flight’, EH!DE creates a booming moombahcore remix saturated with explosive, grinding breakdowns, which are tastefully complimented with aggressive, grueling, and gravity-defying soundscapes. Peep the remix below and be sure to snag up his recent dubstep remake of Tim Ismag’s ‘Shanghai Flight’ if you missed it.

EH!DE: Facebook | SoundCloud | Beatport

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Apr 202013

Further establishing themselves as one of the most talented duos to grace electronic music, I.Y.F.F.E has driven another monstrous remix through the speakers. Taking the anthemic dubstep flow of ‘Tut Tut Child’s Hummingbird‘ and morphing it into a dark, bouncy, and growling moombahcore hit, I.Y.F.F.E has tastefully morphed a grade-A tune into a new, powerful and grueling remix.

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Mar 042013

One of the most consistent sources for pristine electronic music, Simplify Recordings relentlessly delivers some of the most explosive sounds circulating in the market. With releases from well-known producers but more importantly, from hidden unknown gems, it is ever-fitting the ClarK’s two track EP found a place on the label. Out now on Beatport, ClarK puts forth an absolutely brutal moombahcore assault with ‘Rock It’ and ‘The Punch’, two gruesome, ground-shattering, and filth-ridden productions, perfectly designed to wreak havoc in any setting. Anyone in search of a trip through complete madness, ClarK’s latest release is one you cannot do without. Check out the previews as that is all you need to be compelled to purchase a copy on Beatport.

ClarK: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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Jan 142013

At last the wait is over and Delta Heavy’s seemingly endless hiatus is finally over. Earlier today the sensational and revered UK duo finally dropped with their highly anticipated single, ‘Empire’. If you’re familiar with Delta Heavy, then you’re already accustomed to the style they have pioneered, which is often considered a perfected fusion of dubstep, moombah, and drum n bass.

While the track has already received several accolades, I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed reviews on this one. Many people are already shouting out negative comments and ridicule. I will say the track takes a while to get to its breakdown, and it could perhaps have done without the verbose intro. Nonetheless, this track still hits with that massive, grimy, and explosive Delta Heavy sound and is another huge production on their part which I’m sure will be getting play form here on out; give it listen and see what you think. The track is available for free but if you’d like to show some extra support, head over to iTunes or Beatport via Ram Records.


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Jan 122013

It’s been a while since we shared a Skifonix track, although you might recall when we featured his ‘Flatine‘ release that dropped on Monstercat a few months back. If you missed it, be sure to check it out in addition to his latest single, ‘Headrush’, a filthy moombahcore jam that hits with Skifonix’s signature, powerful and explosive grind. Any of you not familiar with Skifonix, pick up some freebies below and if you’d like to show some extra support, head over to Beatport for an official copy of ‘Headrush’, courtesy of Burn The Fire Records.


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Dec 242012

If you’ve been following I.Y.F.F.E closely, then you’ve probably heard this track as it was the first track they dropped on their SoundCloud several months back. Originally title ‘Hollywood v2.0’, this track is now up for free and was released on Buygore’s recent compilation, ‘Buygore All Stars’, a twelve track release with some massive original productions and remixes from the likes of Dead Audio, Ookay, Dr. Ozi, Borgore, Kennedy Jones and more. I.Y.F.F.E’s ‘Hollywood’ is the perfect track to finds its way into the package as it’s a huge and filthy moombahcore hit exploding with a powerful and volatile sound. Snag it up for free below and if you’re interested in checking what else is featured on ‘Buygore All Stars’, just click the image below, enter your email, and have the DL link sent directly to you.


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