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Mar 032014

The stream of releases from I.Y.F.F.E has been pretty stagnant since the original duo split back in 2013. The group was reassembled and is now comprised of two of Brazil’s revered electronic music producers, Alex Mind and Darth Vader. After months of very little activity, I.Y.F.F.E has emerged with a new freebie titled ‘Mermaids’, in which the duo showcase a splendid assortment of electronic styles fused to create incendiary original production in which they categorize as “moombahglitchplextro” – a mouth full but you’ll grasp the idea once you give it a listen.

Download ‘Mermaids’ Here

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Oct 072013

Tossed up as a present to us from Dillon Francis on his birthday, this remix of Oliver’s ‘Night Is On My Mind’ this the latest activity we’ve seen on his SoundCloud since his ‘Without You Feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs‘ release. Hitting the shelves on the 14th of October via Fools Gold Records, Francis is delivering a bouncy, forthcoming moombah groove with this tasteful impression of the original.

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Aug 202013

Earlier in the summer you might remember us sharing F.O.O.L’s ‘Feelings EP‘, a compilation that soared to the #1 spot on Beatport’s Top Releases chart. If you caught the EP upon its release then you most certainly feasted on one of the most explosive remixes on EP from UK’s Lets Be Friends. If you missed it, give it a play below and check out their most recent release, an electrifying 110bpm production that unleashes a fiery torrent of bouncy drumwork and sizzling soundscapes.

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Aug 052013

After having some issues with SoundCloud’s mindless copyright infringement system, Canada’s Psychic Type was finally able to get his highly anticipated edit of Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends VIP’ up on the web. While merely an edit, Psychic Type lays down a massive moombahton take on one of Knife Party’s most viral releases. Surely plenty of people have been beaten to the pulp with this release on the internet and at shows and festival, but Psychic Type comes from a new angle that adds a nice spice and bounce to the original that can alleviate any aversions to the hearing a new take on the original.

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Apr 022013

A prime example of how much remarkable talent is circulating in the electronic music scene, Calidornia’s IndO is a force that’s out to storm the ranks in the months to come. Out with his latest ground-shattering EP, ‘Eviscerate‘, IndO crafts a gravity defying compilation of three incendiary tracks, two blasting and pounding with a brutal electro-house force and one with a gruesome moombahcore grit. Available now via BugEyed Records, ‘Eviscerate’ is a set of releases that are geared to ignite stadium and festival sized crowds, for anything smaller would be incinerated by the sheer power of each track. For any ardent electronic music connoisseur, this is a priceless EP you should not be without. Peep the release in its entirety below and purchase an official copy on Beatport.

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Mar 042013

One of the most consistent sources for pristine electronic music, Simplify Recordings relentlessly delivers some of the most explosive sounds circulating in the market. With releases from well-known producers but more importantly, from hidden unknown gems, it is ever-fitting the ClarK’s two track EP found a place on the label. Out now on Beatport, ClarK puts forth an absolutely brutal moombahcore assault with ‘Rock It’ and ‘The Punch’, two gruesome, ground-shattering, and filth-ridden productions, perfectly designed to wreak havoc in any setting. Anyone in search of a trip through complete madness, ClarK’s latest release is one you cannot do without. Check out the previews as that is all you need to be compelled to purchase a copy on Beatport.

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Mar 042013

Another phenomenal release to hit the shelves via NOIZE, Trampboat’s ‘Pug Life’ is a deliverance showcasing the extent of the duo’s versatility. Out now on Beatport, ‘Pug Life’ is a bombastic and rowdy moombahton hit that resonates with some of the fiercest, electrifying, and enthralling sounds from their musical stockpile; bound to be one of their most lucrative track of the year. Peep the release below in its entirety and be sure to purchase a copy on Beatport.


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Mar 042013

One of the newest additions to the set of remixes of DANK’s ‘Blow Me‘, City of Sin producer Simba has taken ‘Blow Me’ and morphed it into a melodically rich yet thrashing, chopped-up, and powerful glitch style 113bpm groove. The track is out now on Beatport, and though a personal favorite, be sure to check out some of the other remixes on the compilation below. If you still have yet to hear DANK’s original, be sure to give it a play, snag it up for free, and scoop up a free copy of FTampa’s massive electro-house remix.

Free Download


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Feb 222013

A prime example of how much you talent and potential there is in the realm of electronic music, Stylish Rodent, the fifteen year old visionary from the UK, is sizing up to be a very promising act. Released earlier in the week on his SoundCloud, this remix of Hazardous’s ‘Sync’ showcases how polished and refined his sound is even at such a young age. What is to come, should he continue to produce as this caliber, will only amount to sounds and production of a pristine quality. So while we keep on eye out on this one, be sure to peep this crunchy and growling moombah/electro blend and snag it up for free below.


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Feb 112013

The time has come, and if you’ve been waiting for the final installment to complete Milo & Otis’s highly anticipated EP ‘The Memebahton’, the wait is over. Earlier today the perfectly paired duo released the final track that formally brings together their latest three track EP. ‘Me Gusta’ is the perfect compliment to the two tracks that previously stormed the web in the past two weeks, ‘Bitch Please (Virgin Ya)’ & ‘(Feel) Like A Sir‘. If you have yet to her any of these, peep the release in its entirety below as this is moombahton galore, crafted in a perfect fashion and style for any ardent moombahton fanatic. Snag it up for free on their Facebook.


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