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2. marked by or showing good judgment.
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Jan 272014

Hailing from Southern Ontario, Canada’s Nick Rennie, who goes by the musical moniker of Rezonate, has delivered a new EP on Monstercat that is not to be overlooked under any circumstances. Spanning five tracks, Rennie crafts a chilling compilation, appropriately described by an enveloping and gorgeous blend of funk, heartfelt melodies, spirited vocals, anthemic breakdowns, and an overall musical finesse. Though it caters to those with a predilection for nu-disco or indie dance styled productions, ‘Prelude’ offers a journey through intricately detailed electronic music, rich with emotion and passion.

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Jan 142014

While this is just one of the many incredible releases that we can expect to surface from the Monstercat camp this year, Astronaut’s ‘Quantum EP’ arrives with a splendid and quality assortment of productions that should not go unnoticed. With two, high-intesity original Astronaut releases and a melodically entrancing drum & bass remix from MitiS, this is without questions of the most polished released to surface this month. Electro fans, strap yourselves in. Astronaut delivers two sweeping, melodically and energetically rich releases that blast through the speakers with a gripping balance of gritty electronic soundscapes, blissful harmonies, and absorbing, emotive vocals.

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Nov 292013

Thirty-one tracks for $9 seems like a steal but once you look into Monstercat’s ‘Discovery’ compilation and see who they have brought onto the release, you’ll quickly realize that this is the jackpot. With original productions from artists like Rogue, Haywyre, Favright, Televisor, Soulero, Stephan Walking, and so many more, this is an incredibly delectable assortment of electronic sounds primed and meant to be listened to from beginning to end without intermission. Stream the full compilation below courtesy of Monstercat.

Download ‘Discovery’ Here

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Nov 062013

This track comes straight off Rogue recent Mosntercat album, ‘Earth’. The EP is filled with a diverse selection of track but ‘Cataclysm’ shines through with its stimulating electro sound, complimented by Meg Dean’s unblemished vocals. Punchy with crisp beats and lively melody, Rogue serves up a deep production rooted with rumbling and electrifying sounds.

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Oct 252013

Gifting us with another incredible track, Favirght launches us into the first weekend of Halloween celebrations with a destructive original production. Released for free via Monstercat, Favright crafts a dark and haunting electro-house track that is sure to fire up your energy reserves with its stomping beat and its crisp yet growling vibrations.

Download Iceladen Here

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Oct 222013

Two brilliant melodic pioneers coming together on one track gives you this radiant gem from Soulero and Mr FijiWiji. ‘Nebula’ is quickly rising in Beatport’s charts and is currently sitting at #2 spot on the Chill-out Top 100, though Beatport may have misplaced it in that region as the track hits with more of an electronic pop feel. Nonetheless, ‘Nebula’ resonates with a celestial sound and feeling, an entrancing 128 bpm composition from the ground up is seasoned with emotive vocal bits and glistening melodic passages that are true to Mr Fijiwi and Soulero’s style; something a consistent follower of their sounds should pick up on instantly.

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Oct 142013

Protostar’s ‘Scorpion Pit’ was a widely successful release for the rising producer from the UK. The original rapidly received tens of thousands of views and continues to receive support and praise form listeners across the globe. A recent Monstercat compilation was put together containing a VIP mix and three fresh original takes on ‘Scorpion Pit’ from Madorli, Disprove, and Audeka. The EP caters to those who revel in deep and grueling glitch-hop productions, the kind with a dark and murky ambiance. If you missed the original check it out below in addition to the remixes on the compilation. The EP can be snagged up for free via Monstercat’s Facebook.

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Sep 052013

It is without a doubt that Monstercat has provided the electronic music community with a stream of new and impressive sounds from a pool of extremely talented producers that are often overshadowed by industry giants. Their fourteenth mixed artist compilation ‘Discovery’ recently hit the shelves via iTunes and provided a mouth-watering assortment of thirty astonishing tracks from the label’s hottest producers. Featuring names like Au5, Favright, Televisor, Soulero, Fractal, Tut Tut Child, PIXL, Haywyre, Pegboard Nerds, Rameses B, Falcon Funk and so many more, ‘Discovery’ is a perfect collection of tracks for the avid and open minded electronic music listener.

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Aug 262013

Following up on the release of is widely successful drumstep remix of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Burn’, Razihel has returned brining a new, scintillating production to the Monstercat label. Available now on Beatport, Razihel has crafted an uplifting dubstep production, complimented by the alluring vocals of Taryn Manning. If you missed it, be sure to check out his free remix of Goulding’s ‘Burn’ and peep the full stream of his most recent release, ‘Seeking’.

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Aug 192013

Mastering his craft in the electronic music arena, Rameses B has shaped his style to allow for the release of incredibly inspiring and uplifting productions, one right after the other. Bringing glistening melodies and impressive drumwork together into one cohesive and complimentary musical unit, Rameses B’s releases always hit with an authentic flavor. ‘Full Force’, a 110bpm concoction of illuminating harmonies, lively percussion, and cultural tones, is the most recent release that Rameses B brought to Monstercat which officially hit the shelves earlier this month. Peep the release in its entirety and pick up a copy on Beatport.

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