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Feb 222014

Need a little excitement in your life? I’ve got you covered on that front. If you aren’t familiar yet, let me introduce you to MitiS. Trained as a classical pianist, this Philadelphia producer/DJ is one of those rare talents that creates his own mold and sticks to his creative guns. Producing in genres ranging from dubstep, drumstep, drum & bass, trance, and electro-house, MitiS has a sound to fit just about anyone’s tastes. Basically, if Seven Lions, Subfocus, and Mat Zo miraculously had a baby together, that baby would be named MitiS. Since I first heard his Change Will Come mix a while back, I‘ve always been pleased with what hear coming from this guy, and this new mix for his upcoming Touch Tour is no exception. Epic, blissful, and dripping with musicality, this mix, which is packed with original tracks and a variety of genres, is definitely worth the download. Turn it up and enjoy!

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Jan 142014

While this is just one of the many incredible releases that we can expect to surface from the Monstercat camp this year, Astronaut’s ‘Quantum EP’ arrives with a splendid and quality assortment of productions that should not go unnoticed. With two, high-intesity original Astronaut releases and a melodically entrancing drum & bass remix from MitiS, this is without questions of the most polished released to surface this month. Electro fans, strap yourselves in. Astronaut delivers two sweeping, melodically and energetically rich releases that blast through the speakers with a gripping balance of gritty electronic soundscapes, blissful harmonies, and absorbing, emotive vocals.

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Jul 312013

As the fall months roll around, there going to be handfuls of show to choose from with headlining talent ranging from some of the biggest names in electronic music to some of electronic music’s less well know but nonetheless, glistening gems. If you’re familiar with MitiS, then you are as excited as we are to see him launching is first headlining tour as his sounds, which are truly one of a kind, have long deserved to receive nationwide exposure.

Beginning August 29th, Mitis will be launching his ‘Change Will Come’ tour, hitting some major cities like NYC, Boston, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., with support from some exciting openers like Kicks n Licks, one of bass music’s fastest rising producers Mutrix, and Mahi, a familiar name if you remember their ‘Blu’ collaboration. A roster packed with tremendous talent, these shows will certainly be packed with a tremendous amount of energy. Check the dates and locations and be sure snag up MitiS’s massive mix for the fall tour below. Ticket information coming soon.

Track List:
1. MitiS – The Opening (Original Mix)
2. Excision & Skism – Sexism (Far Too Loud Remix)
3.MitiS – Irene (Original Mix)
4. MitiS – Shock Top (Original Mix)
5. Schoolboy & James Egbert – All Systems Go (Original Mix)
6. Emma Hewitt – Rewind (Mikkas Remix)
7. MitiS – Life Of Sin Pt. 3 (Original Mix)
8. Neoteric, Wax Motif – Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix)
9. Martin Garrix – Animals (Original Mix)
10. Tiesto – Driving To Heaven (Mat Zo Remix)
11. MitiS – Expose (Original Mix)
12. Lucky Date – Ho’s and Disco’s (Space Laces Remix)
13. BT – Skylarking (IIan Bluestone Remix)
14. ShockOne – Home Feat. Reija Lee (Original Mix)
15. Tantrum Desire – Get With It (Original Mix)
16. Dope Arcade – Ascension (MitiS Remix)
17. MitiS – Give My Regards (Original Mix)
18. MitiS – Shapes & Sizes (Original Mix)
19. MitiS – Rust (Original Mix)
20. Sub Focus, Alex Clare – Endorphins (Sub Focus Vs. Fred V & Grafix Remix)
21. MitiS – Pain (Original Mix)
22. MitiS – Open Window (Original Mix)

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Jun 182013

One of the most musically driven electronic styles in the industry at the moment, MitiS has successful and indefinitely distinguished himself from his contemporaries. Flooding the market with melodically rich yet explosive productions, MitiS has cultivated a following with emotive, moving, and exhilarating compositions. While most of his releases have been put out for free, the Philadelphian visionary has recently been putting out music for purchase. So for those who understand how much it means to an artist when their fans give back after so much free music, be sure to cop MitiS’s latest album, ‘Open Window’, a scintillating compilation flavored with that sensational melodic MitiS touch.

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Jun 172013

Continuously surpassing listener expectations, MitiS has risen above the confining boundaries of genres and has given birth to a style that is undeniably his. Gifted in generating scintillating melodic passages, the Philadelphian music guru has flooded the electronic community with unparalleled and melodically entrancing compositions. Out now with his latest remix, MitiS reworks Dope Arcade’s ‘Ascension’ in to a glistening drumstep freebie, hitting with both power and beauty, cultivating a sound of immaculate quality.

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Apr 122013

Easily one of the most progressive and innovative sounds to storm the electronic music stage, Philadelphia’s MitiS has delivered some of the most melodically entrancing and explosive hits to the scene. Taking the stage at Euphoria Music Festival on Saturday the 13th of April, MitiS is undoubtedly one of the hottest acts of the weekend, and any Euphorian attending the event will be guilt-riddened for not catching his set. Equipped with the capacity to synthesize electronic productions of all sorts, MitiS is truly a gem for those of you who have not experienced his intoxicating sounds. Snag up some of his freebies and be sure to catch his set at Euphoria Music Festival if you’re attending; it will surely be one of the best highlights of the weekend.

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Mar 202013

It was just recently that MitiS celebrated 30K Facebook fans with the release of ‘Innocent Discretion‘, and yet so soon after, he is thanking his exponentially growing fan-base which peaked 40K on Facebook with a new hit, ‘Rust’. Tactfully delving into his drumstep arsenal, MitiS has created a melodically emotive, grinding, explosive and shuddering heavy-hitter that is perfectly complimented by the dreamy and seductive vocals of Anna Yvette. Pick up the track for free below and be sure to keep on eye out on his forthcoming release, ‘Born’, which is set to hit the shelves on April 9th via Into The AM Records.

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Feb 222013

Originally set for a March 1st release, MitiS decided to give-away his most recent single ‘Innocent Discretion’ in celebration of breaking the 30K like marker on Facebook. Adding to his collection of unparalleled productions, the Philadelphian native has once again delivered an incredibly uplifting, stimulating, melodically brilliant, and exhilarating composition, one that any MitiS fan, or any electronic music enthusiast for that matter, can absorb piece by piece, second by second, to elevate themselves to state of harmonic rapture and enchantment.

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Feb 092013

Continually pushing the boundaries of music, Philidelphia’s Joe Torre, the face and oracular talent behind the beloved electronic presence, MitiS, has executed yet another astonishing production. Departing from the style of his most recent releases, yet maintaining the essence of his greatness, delivering melodically bliss and bewonderment, MitiS has brought us another deep, moving electronic composition, one whose pacifying and mesmerizing melodic ambiance transports the listener into a state of musical hypnosis with a euphoric serenade.


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Jan 252013

What better way to celebrate the beginning of the weekend than with MitiS’s highly anticipated collab with MaHi, ‘Blu’. Earlier today the two delivered an absolutely brilliant and evocative electronic masterpiece that is most appropriately categorized by their description: ‘lovestep’. ‘Blu’ is packed with an array of scintillating sounds, moving harmonies, emotive, and melodic passages, all vibrating in synchrony to expel a simply beautiful auditory stimulus that inevitably evokes a feeling of joy and bliss. If you need something to get your spirits high and mood glowing, definitely be sure to give this one a play.

Free Download

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