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Jun 192014

Earlier in the year The Glitch Hop Community held a remix contest for MC2’s ‘Wesh Up‘, and glitch-hop duo Synergy emerged victorious this month. Synergy’s remix was officially released as part of a MC2 ‘Wesh Up Remixes’ compilation, which touts some heavy and stomping glitch-hop productions for all you mid-tempo fanatics. Lokid’s spin is simply a personal favorite; with its anthemic synth lines, finely tuned chops and samples, colossal yet crisp, bass-cradled breakdowns and irresistible, funk overtone its hard to deny this remix a handful of repeats. With that said, there is something thrilling to be found within each of the renditions on ‘Wesh Up Remixes‘ compilation.

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Mar 032014

Kairo Kingdom, one of Germany’s skilled and versatile duos, experienced its initial rise to fame via Simplify Recordings following the release of their highly successful debut EP ‘Boombox/One Two’. Since, Kairo Kingdom has been rapidly circulating through the realm of electronic music, stamping its style and sound onto numerous remixes and original productions alike. Today marks the release of their latest compilation, ‘I Love You/BeBe’, a gruesome mid-tempo gem that delivers a floor-rattling dose of shuddering frequencies, explosive breakdowns, and fiery chops, all packed into two first-rate productions. Stream the EP courtesy of Simplify Recordings and download an official copy on Beatport.

Download ‘I Love You/BeBe’ Here

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Feb 242014

This year we have been delivered a handful of album releases from some of electronic music’s top performers, from The Glitch Mob and Big Gigantic, to Gramatik and SAVOY. Yet in the midst of all those compilations, it should be argued that The Noisy Freaks‘s highly anticipated ‘Straight Life’ album rivals the recent albums of those previously mentioned artists, and perhaps even surpasses them in the level of musical complexity, diversity, and ingenuity that it embraces.

‘Straight Life’ was recently released via Tasty Records and yes, it will undoubtedly receive less attention than Big G’s ‘The Night Is Young’ and The Glitch Mob’s ‘Love Death Immortality’. But if you take a deep look into what ‘Straight Life’ has to offer, you will most likely find that it has much more to offer than the albums currently creating a buzz in the mainstream realm of electronic music.

Spanning eleven, full length and meticulously polished productions, The Noisy Freaks’s ‘Straight Life’ album is by far one of the most diverse and unique releases that has surfaced in 2014, and is easily the most advanced release, technically and musically, that the duo has put out in their entire career. ‘Straight Life’ literally offers something for every electronic music listener, satiating cravings of progressive and electro-house fans to dubstep and glitch-hop aficionados. With that said, it is ill advised to pigeonhole any piece of this compilation into a genre as it embraces influences from turntablism, swing, drum and bass, funk, soul, house, hip-hop, disco, and so much more.

A riveting chef d’oeuvre, ‘Straight Life’ epitomizes and embodies what an all-encompassing amalgamation of musical styles fused into an electronic music overtone would sound like, and in a world where free music prevails over priced music, this is the ultimate exception as there is no price-tag that could truly reflect the value of what The Noisy Freaks have birthed with ‘Straight Life’. Their debut album is available now on Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify, courtesy of Tasty Records.

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Sep 052013

It’s always a treat to relish in a release from TheFatRat. Equipped with an impressive musical dexterity, the talented producer is always whipping together something with a new and tasty electronic flavor. The latest remix from TheFatRat camp is a bouncy and extremely catchy 106bpm remix of Janelle Monae’s ‘Q.U.E.E.N’, available now on Beatport.

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Aug 202013

Earlier in the summer you might remember us sharing F.O.O.L’s ‘Feelings EP‘, a compilation that soared to the #1 spot on Beatport’s Top Releases chart. If you caught the EP upon its release then you most certainly feasted on one of the most explosive remixes on EP from UK’s Lets Be Friends. If you missed it, give it a play below and check out their most recent release, an electrifying 110bpm production that unleashes a fiery torrent of bouncy drumwork and sizzling soundscapes.

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Aug 192013

Gracing the mid-tempo arena with some phenomenal productions, LaFunkt is hitting it out of the ballpark once again with a new and stunning production. Reviving Protohype’s recent hit from his ‘Hear No Evil EP’, ‘Fly’, LaFunkt couples the original with a heavy, bouncy neurohop flavor and a consecutive stream of snarling and pulsating sounds. Balanced with the gripping vocals and harmonies of the original, LaFunkt delivers a first-rate remix of a first-rate production.

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Jul 172013

It’s been a while since we shared an Astrio release, but we’ll never forget his incredible electro-house revival of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin”, which stormed the web late last year. Surfacing again through Play Me Records, the young and dexterous Canadian producer has brought his first release in the glitch-hop, and by the sound of it, you’d expect him to be a seasoned mid-tempo producer.

Kicking off with a catchy sitar sounding hook, Astrio quickly lures you into the track with swooshing synths, bouncy drumwork, and a funk ridden groove that is fueled through the interjection of a tasty string riff. After a smooth and quick build-up, Astrio transitions the track into a snarling, gritty, and ricocheting breakdown, exploding with a brutal force while maintaing an intoxicating, funky undertone. For a his first mid-tempo release, Astrio works his way into the genre with a flawless production.

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Jul 122013

Hailing from the City of Angles, Steve Christy, the stage presence of Aquaholic, is one of the many prime examples of how much talent and innovation is arising out of the electronic music industry. Skilled in producing melodically rich and energy intensive tracks, Aquaholic showcases a knack for tastefully blending harmonies with powerful and often brutal elements of bass music. Re-released earlier today via NOIZE, Aquaholic’s ‘Starfish Jazz Club’ is one of his many immaculate combinations of catchy, scintillating melodies with explosive and filth-driven soundscapes. Peep the release below and if you’re not familiar with the name, get acquainted with his sound in an additional track below.

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Jul 102013

Another prime example of how much young and unheard talent there is in the field of electronic music, Estonia’s sixteen year old producer Futuristik has tremendous potential and demonstrates a sophisticated grasp on what makes for a first-rate production. His second EP, ‘Deep Curse’, recently hit the shelves via NOIZE, one of the many daughter label of Germany’s Plasmpool. ‘Witch’s Curse’ is the opening track on the compilation where Futuristik synthesizes a grueling glitch-hop production, exploding with fierce drumwork, sizzling basslines, and raw and brutal mid-tempo energy. With the quality that this resonates with, one would expect a track like this to come from a seasoned or veteran producer and thus it is without question this music visionary will be providing us with some massive release in the near future.

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Jul 092013

While it may be a surprise to many, Mexico is a heavy consumer and contributor to the electronic music industry. Paramyth, a rising star from Guadalajara, Mexico is a testament to the kind of production talent that is coming out of that country. ‘Heavy’, featured on his debut EPh that recently hit the shelves via Simplify Recordings, is packed with a pouding and bouncy drumstep grime, flushing a stream of grinding, booming, and bone-rattling sounds through the speakers. Peep a preview of the release, and check out some of the other tracks on the EP, each offers a different flavor of mechanized sounds and heavy bass.

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