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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Sep 122013

We always take pleasure in sharing the sounds of up-and-coming artists. One producer who we have kept our eyes on is IndO was has consistently gifted us with first-rate productions spanning a range of genres. His latest creation is electro-house mashup of Madeon’s ‘Technicolor’ and Zedd’s ‘Clarity’. A compelling mix, IndO delivers a powerful and heavy-hitting track that’ll cater to the like of many of you. Snag it up for free if you’d like.

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Jan 192013

Earlier in the week the youthful French producer Shaun Angel took a stab at re-crafting his fellow countryman’s hit single, ‘The City’, and as an aspiring, up-and-coming producer, the quality of sound and creativity weaved into the mix is actually superb. It’d be surprising if this track doesn’t get some additional exposure as Shaun Angel does an amazing job of transforming the original flow of the track into a massive, energetically thrilling electro anthem, a sound he refers to as “complextro pop”. All in all, Shaun Angel has crafted a whomping, top-notch electro remix of an already golden tune ,and if this is any foreshadowing of what is to come, we can all expect big things from him in the future. Give it play below and snag it up for free if you’d like.


Dec 102012

Earlier today Madeon’s label popculture distributed a new release from The M Machine who recently reinvented his now famous track, ‘The City’. Even though it hit the shelves just recently, I’ve been seeing a lot mixed reviews about this remix; some people are arguing that it sounds too mainstream, others are ecstatic saying that it sounds amazing, while many others are complaining that it does not do justice to the original and that they expected more from The M Machine. All that aside, before you formulate an opinion, don’t be influenced by these claims; be sure give it a play and decide for yourself whether you like it or not. All in all, this another well-produced, harmonically driven, and vibrant electro-house production by the duo from “The City”, California. You can pick up a copy on Beatport unless you wish to wait for it to come out on a different outlet.


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Nov 242012

Another fresh new release from the Hungarian mashup artist PWNED stormed the web recently, adding another commemorable addition to his latest line of releases. In the past couple of months we’ve seen a surge of mashups from his end with a new one, if not more, coming out practically every week. His latest blend is a vivifying and energetically stimulating electro-house fusion of some very familiar and stimulating sounds. Check out his latest mashup below but be sure to HD the video; it really does make all the difference. ☺Enjoy☺



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