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Feb 102014

Granted many of these songs are dated, Dirty Duck Audio job did a fantastic job of compiling some first-rate productions that filtered into the stream of electro-house last year. With some golden collaborations from Lazy Rich and Hirshee and some top-notch releases from artists like Farleon and Rabbit Killer, this is arguably one of the hottest electro-house compilation put together in recent times. Stream the full compilation courtesy of Dirty Duck Audio, and if you’d like to snag it up, head over to Beatport for an official copy.

Download ‘Migration Vol. 1’ Here

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Dec 042013

Electro-house doesn’t get much heavier than this. Although only a preview, this slams with a crushing and demolishing sound, a very common element in Rocket Pimp’s catalog as he is always tossing something with incredible force and power. The full release will hit the shelves via Lazy Rich’s Big Fish Recordings next year in January. Listen and download Rocket Pimp’s remix of Tegan and Sara’s ‘Closer’ if you missed it last month.

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Apr 092013

It’s rare to see a freebie released from a prominent label like Big Fish Recordings. However, in celebration of the release of ‘Damage Control Remixes‘ compilation, Big Fish has tossed up this exhilarating and funk-driven electro-house remix from the newly founded duo Rowe & Gardner. The remix is up for free but be sure to check out some of the other remakes that are out now on Beatport, including Dirtyloud’s remix and some huge remixes from Barjo and remix contest winner, No Hesitation.

*Free Download*

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Apr 082013

One of the many talented acts coming out of Brazil, Dirtyloud has become one a prominent and extremely influential presence in the world of electro-house. Earlier today their official remix of Lazy Rich & Hirshee’s ‘Damage Control’ hit the shelves via Big Fish Recordings. Their remix is part of a remix compilation that features some phenomenal remixes from the likes of Adam K, Barjo, and the Beatport remix contest winner, No Hesitation. We’ll be sure to share some of the other releases but for now, be sure to check out Dirtyloud’s grinding electro-house take on ‘Damage Control.’

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Jan 212013

Easily one of the biggest powerhouses in electro-house, Lazy Rich’s efforts in the industry and musical talents continue to make him one of the most respected figures in the scene. Not only does he head one of the best labels for electronic music, Big Fish Recordings, which promotes some of the hottest up-and-coming talent, he host monthly radio shows featuring the best releases in EDM and he’s continuously dropping first-rate, trend-setting productions like the one you have here before you. You might be familiar with ‘Brainfreeze’ as it was premiered back in November during the monthly Lazy Rich Show. If not, be sure to check it out it’s a brilliant showcase of Lazy Rich’s signature electro sound thats grinds and pounds with massive and explosive power. The track is available via Sander van Doorn‘s label Doorn Records, so give it a play and pick up a copy on Beatport.


Posted on January 26, 2013

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Aug 212012

Got plans for Columbus Day? Head over to Six Flags in Jackson NJ for a day that will be unlike most days spent at an amusement park. On Saturday October 6, Six Flags will be the hosting ‘Electric Adventure’, an all day event where you can simultaneously enjoy the thrill of sky high rides and experience the exciting performances of artists like Alesso, Arty, and Lazy Rich. Ticket go on sale at 12:00PM on August 28th, mark the date!

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Aug 172012

As always, Lazy Rich surprises us with something that was hidden up his sleeve. Even though this is merely a preview, I’d have to say with my best guess that upon full release, this will be, by far, the best remix of Avicii’s ‘Silhouettes’. If Avicii is the only name here that caches your eye, please, get acquainted. For years Lazy Rich has been a monumental powerhouse in the electro house arena and has been the catalysts for many explosive releases, be it through the workings of his successful label, Big Fish Recordings, or through the upbringing of artists like Porter Robinson and Zedd. He will surely go down as one of the most decorated and accomplished figures in EDM, but thankfully, for now, that moment in time is far away. We can continue to expect nothing but the best, most crisp and crunchiest electro hits from the Lazy Rich department. Give this preview a full play, the second portion is just too too good to be ignored. ☺Enjoy☺

More Lazy Rich

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