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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Aug 052013

After having some issues with SoundCloud’s mindless copyright infringement system, Canada’s Psychic Type was finally able to get his highly anticipated edit of Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends VIP’ up on the web. While merely an edit, Psychic Type lays down a massive moombahton take on one of Knife Party’s most viral releases. Surely plenty of people have been beaten to the pulp with this release on the internet and at shows and festival, but Psychic Type comes from a new angle that adds a nice spice and bounce to the original that can alleviate any aversions to the hearing a new take on the original.

Psychic Type: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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May 072013

Continuing their trend of releasing at a relentless rate, California’s sensational duo Candyland has breached the surface once again to deliver another stunning electronic production. Before the onslaught of Knife Party remixes ensues as a result of their ‘Haunted House EP’ release, be sure to check out Candyland’s Knife Party certified and supported remix of LRAD, an echoing electro trap infused hit that is rightfully stamped with the Candyland OG signature. Snag it up for free and their Facebook and be sure to check out the original if you haven’t already.

Candyland: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Official

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Feb 142013

There’s literally no predicting what Tom Budin is going to throw at you next. One day it’s a hypnotizing progressive house track or a powerful electro-house tune, only to be followed shortly after by some monstrous dubstep or drum n bass production. The Aussie native is literally all over the place and regardless of the genre he directs his focus to, it’s always massive, without question. Just recently he put together this perfectly crafted mashup of Zomboy’s ‘Deadweight’ with Knife Party’s ‘Centipede’, and if those two names don’t give you any idea of what you can expect to hear, I will say no more as you are in for quite a filthy treat. Snag it up below and if you’d like to see the live mix, peep the video below.

Tom Budin: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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Jan 242013

This track has been floating around for a while but if you still have yet to hear it, do yourself a favor and get on board with what has been a musical spectacle in the past couple of days. ‘Power Glove’ was officially previewed on Knife Party’s virtual set which aired on turntable.fm earlier in the week but you’ll most likely recognize this if you’ve been to any of their recent live shows. The track is set to drop on their third, forthcoming EP that is rumored and expected to be released sometime in February. So in the meantime, to satisfy your Knife Party cravings, delve into another massive release from the infamous Australian duo for a signature sounding Knife Party creation, something they would more appropriately describe as “seizure music”. Enjoy.


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