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Dec 042013

Electro-house doesn’t get much heavier than this. Although only a preview, this slams with a crushing and demolishing sound, a very common element in Rocket Pimp’s catalog as he is always tossing something with incredible force and power. The full release will hit the shelves via Lazy Rich’s Big Fish Recordings next year in January. Listen and download Rocket Pimp’s remix of Tegan and Sara’s ‘Closer’ if you missed it last month.

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Dec 132012

It’s been a while since we shared a Jan Waterman track, however his name has and will never fall off our radar as he has been one of this most consistent sources of explosive and ground-shattering electronic productions, primarily in the realm of complextro. Earlier in the week, Sick Slaughterhouse released a two track compilation featuring remixes of Electric Soulside’s ‘America’ from DJ Scotty Boy & DJ Red and Jan Waterman himself. Both tracks are available on Beatport but be sure to peep the remix below, a personal favorite, as Waterman spins the original track into a massive complextro bomb.


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Oct 242012

It has been a while since we shared a Jan Waterman track. You might remember the name if you followed earlier in the year when we posted several of his releases on Big Fish Recordings. We’ve continued to keep up with his steady movements in the electro-house/complextro genre and highly recommend you do the same. Earlier today he released his forthcoming remix of Gimbal & Sinan‘s ‘Windfields ft. Veela’, a brilliant complextro masterpiece whose release date is to be announced. Again, if you’re not familiar with Jan Waterman, get accuainted with one of complextro’s most talented and explosive producers. Be on the lookout for the official release of this massive tune and be sure to snag up Waterman’s latest hour mix from his most recent ‘No Mercy!‘ podcast. ☺Enjoy☺