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Jan 152014

We have previously noted that Chi-town duo X5IGHT, formed by Brandon Levinson and Jerry Kurty, is a presence to watch closely in 2014. The young and dexterous duo, with tremendous potential, has been rising the ranks with a continuous stream of first-rate 128bpm productions. The latest release from Levinson and Kurty comes in the form of a remix of James Egbert’s ‘Exit Wounds’, where the two producers create a brilliant blend of Nina Sung’s vocals with clean yet driving percussion, and a slew of passion filled melodies and harmonies. Pick it up for free below.

Download X5IGHT’s ‘Exit Wounds’ Remix Here

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Nov 252013

If you missed a taste of this earlier in the month, dive into James Egbert’s newest single ‘Exit Wounds’. Available now on Beatport via Fuzion Muzik, the Colorado powerhouse delivers a crushing production, complimented by the atmospheric vocals of Nina Sung. With a storm of explosive electro breakdowns and a collage of emotive melodies, Egbert slips another transcendent production into his catalog.

Download ‘Exit Wounds’ Here

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Oct 222013

While he is typically known for his ground shattering electro-house productions, James Egbert’s latest addition to his unparalleled catalog of releases rolls in with a different but nonetheless enormous sound. Remixing ’17 Crimes’ from globally acclaimed American rock band AFI, Egbert crafts a brilliant remix that captures the feel of the original and drives out an absolutely colossal moombahcore remix. The only crime here would be to pass this up. A Best Buy US and Japan exclusive, as weird as that sounds, Egbert’s remix is available solely through an affiliated Best Buy outlet. We’ll keep this updated if a digital form is released.

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Oct 072013

A relatively new producer, James Egbert has a powerful sound that could rival even the biggest names. James has been on the rise like crazy since he first topped beatport charts with his single “In The Beginning”. He shows no sign of slowing down with this release only a month old! This track is massive, some of the most tasteful sound design and perfect sequencing I have ever heard. Whether it is, electro house bangers or soothing trance that gets you going Egbert has got you covered, this blissful track has such a beautiful feel to it, even when it hits its hardest. Die hard Electro lovers will worship this song and any edm listener appreciate its greatness, I can’t wait to hear more from this guy!

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Apr 022013

Though an unsuspected pairing, what Schoolboy and James Egbert have put forth in their latest collaborative EP, ‘Silver Lining‘, is nothing short of ground-breaking. Measure to measure, Schoolboy and Egbert beautifully merge their styles to create a set of tracks with immeasurable ferocity. Packed with crystalline melodicism, emotive soundscapes, and the dreamy vocals of Taylr Renee, this three track compilation delivers an onslaught of staggering, filth-driven sounds, bone-rattling bass, and absolutely monstrous breakdowns, any of which will wreak havoc in every live setting. Perhaps one of the most impeccable collaborative releases of the year, ‘Silver Lining‘ should not escape the ears of any ardent electronic music aficionado. Purchase an official copy on Beatport and iTunes via InfraRed Music.

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Feb 082013

It’s been far too long since we shared a James Egbert track. Yet even through the absence of his sounds on this thread, the Colorado based producer continues to resonate as one of the most prolific sounds in the scene. Coming off his extremely successful single release on Burn The Fire Records, ‘Chopper‘, earlier today Egbert dropped a radio edit of his forthcoming remix of Emeli Sandé’s ‘Next To Me’, where he’s once again brilliantly synthesized an ethereal electro-house production that bursts with immense energy powered by extremely radiating, vocally hypnotic, and emotionally-laden soundscapes. Definitely be sure to give this a play and if you missed his ‘Chopper’ release, check it out below, snag up a copy on Beatport, and keep a lookout for when this remix hits the shelves via Virgin/Capitol Records.


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Dec 212012

For the last couple months we’ve had the opportunity to share some absolutely incredible freebies from James Egebert, from his remix of Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘September‘ and Far East Movement’s ‘Dirty Bass‘, to his remix of Eva Simons ‘Renegade‘ and now his latest remix of Busta Rhymes’s ‘Break Ya Neck’. If you’ve missed out on any or all of these, now is a great time to catch up on what has been an incredibly series of releases, each with a different feel but an equally exhilarating in sound. His latest release, showcases exactly why he’s been one of the most exciting acts to follow as he’s always switching it up, dropping tracks in a multitude of genre, and his latest remix traverses through the style of drumstep creating a monstrous and explosive sound, the perfect fourth addition to his latest train of remixes. Snag it up for free on his Facebook.


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Nov 102012

Since mid October, every other Friday we have had the privilege of sharing the sounds and creations of one of the most innovative and musically talented electronic producers, James Egbert. In the spirit of this recent tradition, earlier today he released a new Friday freebie, a supreme, powerfully fueled, explosive and melodically captivating dubstep spin on Eva Simons’s famous hit, ‘Renegade’. As always, Egbert unleashes a fury of electronic sounds, hitting with incredible force and with a complex yet detailed and intricate style that has become a signature trademark of every one of his productions. Only time will tell if we can keep looking forward to these bi weekly musical gems but in the meantime, catch up on any of Egbert’s Friday freebies if you’ve missed them, and before you embark on your weekend adventures, get a taste and jolt of pure energy with his latest fresh and priceless remix. ☺Enjoy☺



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Oct 262012

At last, it is here. The long awaited Halloween weekend has arrived in full force, inevitably set to absorb you in the extravagant wonders and experiences of the annual spookfest. But before you take the night any further, regardless of where ever your weekend adventures are going to take you, you mustn’t proceed to any celebrations before blasting James Egbert‘s latest ‘freemix’.

You should recognize the name from earlier in the month when we share his jaw dropping remix of Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic track, ‘September’. If you missed it, do not sleep on it as it is easily the best infusion of an American past time with the contemporary sounds of electro-house. And after such an amazing release, Egbert is back again with a dark and rumbling floor shaker, taking Far East Movement’s ‘Drity Bass’ track and giving it a real dose of bass pounding electro gold. Prime the night, make sure to snag this one up for free and greet the night with a prefect tune. ☺Enjoy☺



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Oct 132012

You are treading thin ice when remixing a legendary musical figure, and what awaits you below the surface, is a cold bombardment of criticism and scorn if you destroy the essence and nature of the original masterpiece. In this case Earth, Wind, & Fire, one of the most iconic American bands of the twentieth century whose legacy lives on today and for many years to come, and their famous and arguably most adored track, ‘September’, the enlivening, celebratory, and soulful anthem, travel through the musical time machine and become reborn through the expansive musical imagination of the one and only, James Egbert. Don’t hold your breath. I know all too often great classics get the short end of the stick in many electro remakes, but Egbert, naturally, is in a class of musical visionaries whose talents and ear for music grant them the ability to make a classic hit coexist in harmony with elements of contemporary electronic music.

From the get go, Egbert creates an amazing intro, giving you a taste of ‘September’s soulful leads over an underlying electro base which progresses into a heavy electro-house breakdown, a distinguishing feature of Egbert’s style. The song quickly smoothes into a melodically uplifting rhythm, transitioning into this absolutely perfect sounding disco dance groove, a part of the song I just can’t get enough of. He lets the vocals play out mid-way, in their true form, hardly edited, as they should be, putting the icing on the cake and creating a perfectly balanced mixture of electro, soul, and funk. There is no better jam to carry you through the weekend and I sympathize with anyone who doesn’t get their hands on this for it’s truly an amazing track. It is guaranteed to get you up off your seat, on your feet, and slap a smile on your face so crank this up, show some support, share, and repeat. ☺Enjoy☺

Free Download


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