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Oct 082013

Even with the genre being over-saturated with repetitive and generic sounds, there are still producers out there taking some of trap’s foundations and creatively expanding on them to give rise to new and fresh ideas in the genre. INDO recently teamed up with fellow Californian producer Kuno for a DirtyDuck Audio release, ‘My Machine Moves’, bringing a tumbling trap release to the table, one that cycles through an arsenal of fiery sounds and shuddering breakdowns that hit with a different force each time.

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Sep 122013

We always take pleasure in sharing the sounds of up-and-coming artists. One producer who we have kept our eyes on is IndO was has consistently gifted us with first-rate productions spanning a range of genres. His latest creation is electro-house mashup of Madeon’s ‘Technicolor’ and Zedd’s ‘Clarity’. A compelling mix, IndO delivers a powerful and heavy-hitting track that’ll cater to the like of many of you. Snag it up for free if you’d like.

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Aug 122013

A prime example of how much talent is floating around in the electronic music domain, California’s IndO has demonstrated his keen proficiency in the realm of electro-house by crafting destructive productions with a first-rate musical ingredients. His latest release, which hit the shelves earlier today via Audiophile Live, showcases his ability to deliver cranium-rattling sounds, as his remix of King Kornelius’s ‘Early Morning’ tactfully balances vocals and melodies with a deep, jarring, and seditious electro flow. Available now on Beatport, IndO piles on another hair-raising production to his growing catalog of polished releases. Peep the remix below and if you missed it, check out our recent interview with IndO where he touches on variety of topics.

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May 032013

A new but fast-rising presence in the electronic music arena, IndO is quickly storming through the ranks with a sound that is out to capture the attention of the masses. Equipped with the capacity to synthesize electronic productions of pristine quality, IndO has become a Beatport chart-topping name with his massive recent debut EP, ‘Eviscerate’. Undoubtedly a name to keep an eye on in the future, check out this interview with the City of Angels’s hottest up-and-coming electronic artist.


HT: Give us an introduction on your musical background. How did you come around to producing electronic music? What were your influences before you decided that electronic music was a career that you wanted to pursue?

My journey began with classical piano starting at age 8. By age 13 I came enthralled with mastering the art of guitar, and it soon became another primary instrument for me. I started writing my own music around age 15, and I was playing guitar and touring in a band called Verses Us. My big influences at the time were bands like Saosin, Thrice, Augustana, The Format, Sherwood, Say Anything, Bright Eyes, Mae, The Starting Line, Unearth etc…The band broke up around when I graduated high school and I soon started dabbling in sound design. I was making some hip hop beats on the side for some friends that were making rap songs for fun. I got sucked into the EDM world in 2010 with Rusko’s “Woo Boost EP.” I started making some dubstep tunes and putting them on soundcloud as free downloads. Then one day I heard Zedd’s remix of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and my whole world got turned upside down. From there I started to make my mark on the Electro House world. I started signing individual tracks in 2012, and I just came out with my first EP, “Eviscerate EP,” on April 1st of 2013.

HT: A lot of new producers struggle with creating a polished sound. How did you come to craft the crisp yet massive sound you’re able to push through the speakers? How long were you producing before you started to release your productions?

Developing a polished/ massive sound takes loads of experience, trial and error, as well as a drive to seek out the knowledge your looking for via tutorial, forum, blog, interview, youtube, or any other form of gathering the information you are seeking. I’ll often hear young producers say things like, “man I need to get some patches like that” or “the sounds are what I want but its still not slammin.” Sound design is only half the battle. Getting really involved in developing your synths and experimenting with Macros, Modulation, and Automation are ways to really get some unique characteristics in your synths. Also, understanding advanced mixing concepts is really important to being able to shape and bring out the tones that you want. Understanding gain structure, compression techniques, cutting absent frequencies, proper EQ’ing, complete knowledge of the frequency spectrum, saturation, stereo imaging, mono/stereo, input/output structures, trims, limiters, multi-band dynamics/limiting, brickwall limiting, changing, bussing, maximization, and harmonic excitement are all vital components to a achieving a polished sound.

HT: How would you describe your style? Do you model it off anyone that inspires you, if so who, or have you really worked at creating a style of your own? Some of your releases could potentially fall into what many call the complextro genre, given the complexity and tremendous array of sounds that go into your tracks. Would you agree or do you consider it strictly electro-house?

I would describe my style as “energy impacted bass music”. Artists I like to listen to on my own time come from various genres such as: Zedd, Popeska, James Egbert, Feed Me, Skrillex, Diplo, Dillon Francis, Major Lazer, Tom Fall, Pegboard Nerds, Knife Party, Zomboy, Schoolboy, Tom Fall, Leon Boiler, Bauer, Showtek, and Beats Antique. When it comes to making my own music, I like the word limitless. By this i mean the only rule I have when I’m producing is: “If it sounds cool to my ears then I like it and it stays.” I don’t try and model my songs after other people’s songs, I just try and be innovative and make music that I like. I don’t like to get caught up in the thought of “ok, i’m gonna make a track that is this genre specifically…” I simply pick a BPM to work at and have at it. So many songs fall into the category of electro house that I sort of like the idea of sub genre’s, however the word “complextro” bothers me for some reason hahaha it sounds like a mode on a blender or something.

HT: What are you currently using to produce and what do you use to perform live?

Currently I’m using Ableton 9 to produce. My primary plugins are NI Massive, Sylenth, Nexus2, Predator, Waves Bundle, Sonalksys Bundle, Tracks Bundle 3.0 and 3.5, FabFilters Bundle, and Ozone5. Live, I use a traktor s4 and a traktor f1.

HT: Your ‘Eviscerate EP’ has received tremendous support and is currently charting high in the Beatport charts. How long was this EP in the works before you decided to send it out to some labels and how happy are you with the turnout of the release?

I’m beyond happy with the support I’ve been receiving from the Eviscerate EP, as well as the success its had on the Beatport charts. The EP peaked at #2 on GlitchHop Top 100 Releases, #4 on Electro House Top100 Releases, and #22 on Top 100 Releases for all of Beatport. The EP was in production for about a month and a half before the mixes were finalized and sent out. I could have sent it out a little earlier, but because I had put so much effort into this EP I felt the the mixes deserved a sitting period. Once I had completed these songs, at the end of each week I would go back to these mixes and make tweaks, adjustments, and execute any newly inspired ideas which ended up well worth the extra time and effort.

HT: ‘Crush It’ carries with a slower but monstrous flow compared to the other two tracks on the EP. You specialize in the electro-house sound but can we expect some more tracks like ‘Crush It’ from you in the future? Any freebies coming along? What genres of electronic music do you have the most interest right now?

“Crush It” did tremendously well topping Beatport’s Glitch Hop Genre Top100 at #8 and remaining in the top ten for the whole month of April. Although Electro House is my comfort zone, you can absolutely expect more Moombahcore and variations of 110-112 bpm in the future. This month I’ll have at least 3 new remixes coming out for free download. The genre of EDM I have the most interest in right now, is the genre that has yet to be created 🙂

HT: Any bookings that you’re really excited about right now? Who would you be most humbled to open up for? Obviously the west coast is a prime location for electronic music but do you have any plans to make your way out east?

On May 17th, I’ll be at SunGod Music Festival (set time: 3:00-4:30pm) sharing the stage with Porter Robinson, Kendrick Lamar, Adrian Lux, Portugal The Man, and more. I would love to make my way out east and its definitely in the works. I’m without a booking agent right now so my management is pulling double duty to keep my tour schedule busy, but hopefully I’ll be touring on the east coast sooner than later.

HT: Favorite electro-house artists at the moment and why?

My favorite artist right now has to be James Egbert. Not only does he have unique sound design, composition, and arrangements, but his mixing skills are phenomenal. He achieves such clarity in his mixes and has a true understanding of how to balance the frequency spectrum. His mixes are completely signature. Every time I hear a James Egbert tune, I can recognize that its him within the first 30 seconds.

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Apr 022013

A prime example of how much remarkable talent is circulating in the electronic music scene, Calidornia’s IndO is a force that’s out to storm the ranks in the months to come. Out with his latest ground-shattering EP, ‘Eviscerate‘, IndO crafts a gravity defying compilation of three incendiary tracks, two blasting and pounding with a brutal electro-house force and one with a gruesome moombahcore grit. Available now via BugEyed Records, ‘Eviscerate’ is a set of releases that are geared to ignite stadium and festival sized crowds, for anything smaller would be incinerated by the sheer power of each track. For any ardent electronic music connoisseur, this is a priceless EP you should not be without. Peep the release in its entirety below and purchase an official copy on Beatport.

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