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Dec 102014

Channeling an adoration for hip-hop and soul into a unique house-flavored style, Dutch producer Jengi Beats debuts his latest single ‘Bruh’ on London’s independent label platform, Youtellme. Acting as the first single, digital release for the label, Jengi Beats’s ‘Bruh’ delivers a moving musical offering that will help you circumvent the dipping annual temperatures. Pressing clean with warm basslines, cavernous melodic trickling, vocal aphrodisiacs, and smooth-walking drums, ‘Bruh’ will effortlessly make its way to the top of your “most-played” tracklist.

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Dec 022014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’re probably aware that the shadowy producer Zhu made a buzzed-about pit stop in NYC the other weekend. With so much attention paid to the faceless wonder and his live “Nightday Experience,” it’s easy to overlook the Jersey-based DJ/Producer who warmed up the decks that night. Bender, a DJ/producer with obvious skill, was responsible for getting the crowd in the mood with an opening mix of deep, moody house grooves. Below you can check out his mix containing several of his own impressive remixes as well as a variety of thick, bass-heavy beats that build up a dark vibe that fits perfectly into the Nightday Experience. Check out the mix below and be sure to visit Bender’s Soundcloud page where you can cop his remixes and other sets for free. Keep an eye on this guy as he is bound for good things as house music continues its upward trajectory.

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Dec 012014

Hitting the shelves in a couple of weeks on Ultra Records is Endor’s sensually sultry remix of TWB (The Writers Block) ‘Don’t Look Any Further’. The UK producer is delivering savory mix to the EP and will surely capture your interest if your knees buckle when hearing arousing house productions populated with deep synths, glossy keys, and seductive vocals. The remix is rolling out alongside two remixes from Wankelmut in addition the TWB original on December 15th. Pre-orders are available now.


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Sep 282014

One of Australia’s hottest musical exports has been making waves in the past couple of weeks, and I’m not talking about Flume discussing details of forthcoming album on Triple J. I’m talking about the one, the only, the duchess of house music, Anna Lunoe, and her recently released EP All Out. With more and more “house” music sounding the same—as is the pattern for flavor-of-the-week genres—Anna skillfully sets herself apart from the bass-heavy beats of Oliver Heldens or Tchami, both of whom have carved out sounds that everyone seems to be emulating. All Out features a refreshing combo of upbeat, danceable tracks with just the right amount of bass, melody, and sultry vocals to produce an infectious vibe that forces your body to move. I think it’s probably safe to say that the electronic music world is going to be hearing a lot more from Miss Lunoe in the future, but in the meantime be sure to show your support and grab your copy from iTunes now. Enjoy!

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Aug 232014

After the successful release of their latest album The Night Is Young in February, the funkiest electronic duo in the land is back at work with a very fresh remix of Zhu’s smash hit ‘Faded’. I know what you’re thinking: enough with the ‘Faded’ remixes already! I promise this one is worth the listen. It’s always a risk to remix a song that is steadily becoming a bit played-out; however Big G superbly maintains the deep, sultry vibe of the original and manages to put their own saxy spin on the track. Although they are known for a more dubbstep/bass/etc. sound, Big G has taken a step towards the current flavor-of-the-week sound—so-called “future house”— and created a track that reminds me a bit of Oliver Heldens or Tchami. Of course, I’m not knocking the guys for following the trend as they are known for branching out into various genres with plenty of success. Plus, it doesn’t really matter because a funky track is a funky track no matter how many times it’s been remixed. And if you know what’s good for you, I’d recommend checking out Big G on their Touch the Sky Tour this fall. Enjoy!

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Jul 192014

It’s really no secret that the spotlight in electronic music shines predominantly on the men behind the decks, but considering some of the female talent that has been making noise recently, I think that could be changing in the near future. Case and point—Aussie beat mistress, Anna Lunoe. After shaking things up a few months ago with a great mix on Diplo & Friends, Lunoe impressed me once again with her live set from Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, Michigan—arguably the greatest festival in the country. As a part of her regular “Luney Tunes” mix series, Anna threw down and shared an awesome set at EFF; I just wish I could have been there to see it. Featuring a superb selection of jackin’ and bass house beats, along with new cuts from the likes of Disclosure and Treasure Fingers as well as Lunoe’s latest single “All Out,” her set is the definition of what house music should be. The bumping, upbeat mix with saucy and sexy selections is seriously impossible to not dance to. Grab the free download and show your support any way you can for Anna and the rest of ladies that are killing it out there.

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Jul 122014

After what seems like an eternity, Toronto’s finest export, Zeds Dead, is back with 8 incredible, diverse tracks on their recently released Somewhere Else EP. After being hyped across the twitterverse for months, I can say with confidence that this one was definitely worth the wait. In true Zeds Dead fashion, DC and Hooks have brought the fire while transcending genre boundaries and serving up tastes of everything from hip-hop beats, to bassline house, to dirty dub and drum & bass—all of which have that signature heavy bass that the duo is known for. From start to finish, the EP is an absolute gem, but for my money it doesn’t get much better than thumpers like “Lost You” and “Bustamove,” both of which make me want to cut up a damn rug. But if you prefer a traditional ZD banger, “Hadouken” will literally make you tremble (and possibly have a seizure). Buy the EP below and get ready to get down. Enjoy!

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Apr 072014

In an effort to raise funds to release his first, official album, Canada’s JNL has compiled a compilation of some of his previously released material and rare musical gems, and has generously tossed them up in return for donations of any amount. For those not familiar with the name, JNL has garnered a dedicated following by providing a steady and consistent stream of priceless electronic compositions that seamlessly blend elements of French house, funk, and disco into eclectic and juicy productions. ‘From The Blog’ is the second “pre album release” compilation that cycles through twenty-three must have “refunks”, collaborations, and original productions that each and every funk, disco house aficionado should get their hands on.

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Mar 302014

Reakte, AKA Max Schatz, a producer based in Berlin, Germany, has been producing with Ableton Live for two and a half years. Reakte’s musical scope is massive. His work as a whole is clean and endearing. Between his drum & bass and melodic house, rich savory rolling bass lines, pulsating syncopated keys and classic house percussive drive, Reakte persists in creating his own unique experience. For a producer to have such an extensive pallet and ability is inspirational and addictive. Berlin is a garden for brilliant and groundbreaking electronic music. Reakte is no exception; an artist who actively evolves the sound of todays most progressive genres.

Ice cold lemonade for the soul.

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Feb 242014

This year we have been delivered a handful of album releases from some of electronic music’s top performers, from The Glitch Mob and Big Gigantic, to Gramatik and SAVOY. Yet in the midst of all those compilations, it should be argued that The Noisy Freaks‘s highly anticipated ‘Straight Life’ album rivals the recent albums of those previously mentioned artists, and perhaps even surpasses them in the level of musical complexity, diversity, and ingenuity that it embraces.

‘Straight Life’ was recently released via Tasty Records and yes, it will undoubtedly receive less attention than Big G’s ‘The Night Is Young’ and The Glitch Mob’s ‘Love Death Immortality’. But if you take a deep look into what ‘Straight Life’ has to offer, you will most likely find that it has much more to offer than the albums currently creating a buzz in the mainstream realm of electronic music.

Spanning eleven, full length and meticulously polished productions, The Noisy Freaks’s ‘Straight Life’ album is by far one of the most diverse and unique releases that has surfaced in 2014, and is easily the most advanced release, technically and musically, that the duo has put out in their entire career. ‘Straight Life’ literally offers something for every electronic music listener, satiating cravings of progressive and electro-house fans to dubstep and glitch-hop aficionados. With that said, it is ill advised to pigeonhole any piece of this compilation into a genre as it embraces influences from turntablism, swing, drum and bass, funk, soul, house, hip-hop, disco, and so much more.

A riveting chef d’oeuvre, ‘Straight Life’ epitomizes and embodies what an all-encompassing amalgamation of musical styles fused into an electronic music overtone would sound like, and in a world where free music prevails over priced music, this is the ultimate exception as there is no price-tag that could truly reflect the value of what The Noisy Freaks have birthed with ‘Straight Life’. Their debut album is available now on Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify, courtesy of Tasty Records.

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