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2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Nov 302014

Those of you who have kept tabs on the The Cancel here on this thread and on other platforms, may have been slightly disconcerted at the announcement of the duos disbandment. The Ukrainian production team anchored themselves deep into the stream of jazzy hip-hop instrumentals and together delivered a vibrant stream of memorable singles and lengthy compilations. The fate of the project is, thankfully, not looking grim as one of the members will be continuing the advancement and expansion of the The Cancel’s musical catalog from now and well into the foreseeable future.

‘Criminal’ surfaces as The Cancel’s first full-length solo album since the split, and the nineteen track compilation will not leave any fan disappointment by any means. Packed with an array of musical essentials, the majority of releases featured on ‘Criminal’ cycle through a melancholic terrain, rooted with rich and gentle melodies, soothing vocal hymns and punchy gusts of percussive breaks; ideal for the upcoming cozy winter days. The Cancel albums always deliver a return greater than their monetary value, so if you’re in the mood for giving, snag up the newest installment in the latest phase of The Cancel musical history.

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Nov 282014

Sydney based producer Pedram Rouzbehani, the mind behind the musical presence of P.R, recently made an appearance on Cult Classic Records to answered his fans’ calling with a densely populated compilation, ‘The Instrumentals‘. The release was pieced together in response to waves of requests for multiple P.R instrumentals. So without further adieu, lo and behold the instrumentals for numerous of P.R’s most coveted releases from his sultry catalog. The seven track bundle comes ready to soothe or excite, with seamless hip-hop jazz-infused soundscapes that effortlessly excite you to bounce or move you into the domains of serenity and delight.

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