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Dec 092014

He’s baaaack! The man, the myth , the Mad Liberator, Griz, is back to grace your eardrums with yet another masterful production off of his upcoming album which is due out in Spring 2015. Featuring Orlando Napier on vocals and keys, the single “A Fine Way To Die” is about as funky as it gets. From the groovy opening guitar riff to the layers of original instrumentation (mostly played by Griz himself in addition to several other musicians), this one is a certified electro-funk heater. The bass-heavy breakdowns and jazzy horn sections—including some of the finest sax around—highlight this track as yet another signature Griz masterpiece, loaded with good vibes and layers of intricate production. As is his way, this one (along with his entire catalogue) is available for free download. Keep your ears open for more Griz tunes in the coming months. And if you’re in the Detroit area, you can still grab tickets for Grizmas (with support from ODESZA, Will Sessions and Gosh Pit) at the Masonic Temple. Enjoy!

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Aug 142014

Detroit-native GRiZ has been on a non-stop tour between shows and festivals for the past few months. He recently took some time before the HARD Summer Music Festival in Los Angeles to do a morning show for Jason Bentley who hosts a segment at KCRW titled Morning Becomes Eclectic. To start off his funky set GRiZ showed off one of his new songs that he hasn’t quite released for download just yet called “A Fine Way to Die”. His set continued with fan favorites such as “DTW to DIA” and of course “Gettin’ Live”. GRiZ also took a break in the middle of his set to answer some questions about his music and how he got into the industry. If your a GRiZ lover I highly recommend you check out the 45 minute segment below where he jams out on his saxophone and gives us a piece of his mind.


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Mar 192014

As he prepares to embark on a massive spring tour across the eastern half of the United States, Michigan’s Grant Kwiecinski, better known by his revered staged presence, GRiZ, has gifted us with a savory treat from his music catalog. Revamping Lettuce’s ‘Slippin Into Darkness’ with the help of Jessica Griffiths, GRiZ seamlessly kicks up the pace of the original and masterfully manages to infuse it with some additional funk-laden soundscapes, engulfing the listener with some very familiar musical aromas- be it the lively and vibrant sax leads or the gritty electro-funk breakdown ensued after the increasingly popular phrase, “Get The Funk Down”. As always, the release is up for grabs so pick it up for free and be sure to catch GRiZ live with Pretty Lights Music’s Michal Menert and many others in the upcoming months.

Download Here

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Dec 042013

In recent times, Pretty Lights Music seems to be plagued with leaks of releases, from ‘So Bright’ to ‘ACMOTS’ and now with the official ‘ACMOTS’ remix album. This album leaked sometime last week at the fault of an online distributor and while efforts have been made to keep it under wraps there is still a ton of people are have heard this or are getting their hands on it. If you are on of those individuals who has yet to hear this album, Pretty Lights uploaded a full stream on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. The album is out for free download on December 10th via PrettyLightsMusic.com or for purchase through iTunes, Beatport, and Amazon.

Nov 112013

For anyone in or around New York City this weekend, GRiZ is making his return to Terminal 5 on Friday for what is looking like a most promising stop on his Rebel Era tour. With opening sets from The Floozies and Pegboard Nerds, every minute of this show is going to be packed with a flavorful dose of music. Be it from The Floozies’s future-funk aromas, Pegboard Nerds’s demolishing productions, or GRiZ’s soul-clensing electro vibrations, Terminal 5 is going to be going to be lit up into a constant dancing frenzy. Tickets are still available via Ticketmaster for $25 but these will certainly sell out without a doubt. The longer you wait the less there are. If you want to to take your chances at pair of free tickets, Terminal 5 has hidden a pair of tickets in Record Mart inside the Times Square Subway that will be given to the first person to locate them. Check the status below.

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Oct 212013

Many may think its a feat to take a GRiZ original and remix it into something better. From a different perspective, his composition act a source of tremendous inspiration and give rise to a flood of musical ideas within producers. With that said, CloZee has simply taken GRiZ’s ‘Keep The Dream Alive’ and added her own musical flavor to the original, inspired to do so as the original was a personal favorite from ‘Rebel Era’; and lets just say she knocks it out of the ball park with a fiery and staggering bass cradled remix of the original. Check out some of her other freebies below, her remix of Pretty Light’s ‘Around The Block’ hits hard, and head over to her Bandcamp for some acoustic delight with her ‘Guitar Covers Album‘.

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Oct 152013

At last the moment has arrived and we can officially dig into GRiZ’s long awaited sophomore album, ‘Rebel Era’. Unfortunately the release was plagued by some complications as the compilation leaked earlier today on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. With an expedited album release, GRiZ had this to say upon its official release.

Despite the mishaps, ‘Rebel Era’ has arrived in a glorious fashion. The release of ‘Hard Times’ yesterday was a merely a small taste and look into what the new album was going to bring and while comparisons between ‘Mad Liberation‘ and ‘Rebel Era’ cannot be made, GRiZ’s newest compilation is a testament to the fact that his production skills, musical imagination and ingenuity have and will continue to evolve and improve at an exponential rate.

A musically balanced compilation from the ground up, ‘Rebel Era’ serves up some staple GRiZ productions, emotional-ladden soundscapes, capsizing baselines, crystalline melodicism, that rattling, crunchy electro GRiZ grind, while introducing new aspects to his sound that have been integrated with expertise. As always, each and every sound has been meticulously designed to be expressed and defined within every measure of every minute however, ‘Rebel Era’ implements the workings of one musical instrument in full force: the electric guitar. Prevalent in almost every track, the abundance of electrifying guitar solos and riffs adds the ultimate touch to the GRiZ’s musical creations.

The two collaborations on the album, ‘Simple’ & ‘How It End’, serve up some fresh and invigorating sounds that are unlike anything we’ve heard from GRiZ in the past. Together, GRiZ & The Floozies unleashes a consuming and entrancing vibe, catching you by surprise with a hypnotizing instrumental jam crafted with with mechanized vocalizations, sax, strings, bass, clean percussion and keys. ‘How It Ends’ brings about an end to the album with a deep, smooth groove from GRiZ and Dom Lalli of Big Gigantic, where Lalli unleashes the full range of his sax playing capacity with an absolutely monstrous solo in the latter half of the track.

If there was any notion of GRiZ being at his prime upon the release of his ‘Mad Liberation’ album, ‘Rebel Era’ shatters that thought to pieces. The first release on his newly founded Liberated Music label, ‘Rebel Era’, most appropriately titled, marks the dawn of a new phase in the career of one of electronic music’s most gifted and prolific producers. The album is up for free, but if you’d like to show some extra support, head over to iTunes or Amazon to purchase the release. If you still have yet to catch GRiZ live, there a handfuls of opportunities to see him perform during his Rebel Era Fall Tour.

One question still remains, where is that GRiZmatik album?

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Oct 142013

If you have been aching to get a taste of GRiZ’s long awaited sophomore album, ‘Rebel Era’, brace yourself before you feast on one of the best releases on the album. ‘Hard Times’ was tossed up on SoundCloud earlier today and gives us a glance into the greatness that the entire album embodies. Packed with musical emotion, soulful vocal cries, an explosive guitar solo mid-way, GRiZ’s signature bass lines and the leading vocal hook of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Gimme Back My Bullets‘, ‘Hard Times’ primes us for tomorrow’s ‘Rebel Era’ release, a day that will go down as one of the most memorable days in 2013 for electronic music. Snag it up for free and check out the official music video for the single.

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Oct 022013

To help ease the wait for his highly anticipated ‘Rebel Era’ album, GRiZ has given a new freebie to eat up. A stylistic change from what you’re used to hearing from the Michigan producer, GRiZ’s bootleg of Dead Gambino makes clear that he is moving and working in different musical environments to give rise to new chilling, smooth groove productions like this one.

‘Rebel Era’ is expected to drop sometime this month so be on the lookout and check out the dates and locations for his huge ‘Rebel Era’ fall tour. Detroit and Chicago locations have been announced.



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Sep 192013

If you remember how long we waited for the release of ‘Mad Liberation‘, then this should not come as a surprise to you. That album got pushed back so many times but of course in the end, it was well worth the wait as that album was easily one of the best releases of 2012. So if you were anxiously awaiting the arrival of GRiZ’s ‘Rebal Era’ album that was set to drop this month, you’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer.

Earlier in the week GRiZ took to Facebook to let GRiZ Family Facebook group know what the official status was on the album.

Mid October is only a month away and if it means the album is only going to be perfected beyond our expectations, then the wait is going to be that much more rewarding. If you missed the announcement, check out the dates and locations for GRiZ’s upcoming Rebel Era Tour, featuring support from some huge acts like Pegboard Nerds, Two Fresh, SuperVision and more.

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