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Oct 132014

A sufficient allotment of time is needed to unravel the marvels crafted and hidden within Frequent’s most recent EP, ‘Fluidity EP’. A fast and impatient listen renders one incapable of immersing themselves in the undulating pools of musical textures and ambiances. The four-track compilation rises and falls through a billowing storm of deep, hypnotic hymns, trembling, vibronic baselines, swirling vocals verses, and tumultuous glitch-hop breakdowns, offering delight to those that find solace in musical compositions that cultivate a symbiotic relationship between the heavy and the blissful. ‘Fluidity EP’ is available available for free download or for purchase.

Download ‘Fluidity EP’ Here

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Jul 012014

Germany’s Virtual Riot has charted a path of steadily syphoning productions into the stream of electronic music, and when doing so, thousands take to listen with an almost guaranteed certainty of being duly pleased. Musically versatile and armed with a skilled command of various sounds, Virtual Riot can bring you all the sensations aroused during an explosive, melodically rich, and floor-rumbling bass music experience, but wuith varying tempos or styles, and in do say, he never looses his grasp of how to continuously satisfy your musical interest and desires. ‘Earth & Sky’ emerges as the latest freebie from the German bass music juggernaut, offering you an entrance to an auditory landscapes swirling with dreamy, melodic delight, harmonized vocal chops, and of course, a volcanic burst of gritty, molten glitch-hop sound waves.

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Jun 192014

Earlier in the year The Glitch Hop Community held a remix contest for MC2’s ‘Wesh Up‘, and glitch-hop duo Synergy emerged victorious this month. Synergy’s remix was officially released as part of a MC2 ‘Wesh Up Remixes’ compilation, which touts some heavy and stomping glitch-hop productions for all you mid-tempo fanatics. Lokid’s spin is simply a personal favorite; with its anthemic synth lines, finely tuned chops and samples, colossal yet crisp, bass-cradled breakdowns and irresistible, funk overtone its hard to deny this remix a handful of repeats. With that said, there is something thrilling to be found within each of the renditions on ‘Wesh Up Remixes‘ compilation.

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Jun 172014

Froxic is an emerging Dutch electronic music producer who, as of late, has been garnering an increasing amount of support and attention for his productions. Recognized as of Plasmapool’s many talented and creative producers, Froxic is still receiving praise for his ‘Fracture EP’, which hit the shelves back in May of this year, so much that the EP anthem, ‘You Can Dance’ has been re-released as a single. With its spacy, mechanized vocals and a punchy, pop-style glitch-hop grind, ‘You Can Dance’ serves as an emphatic reminder that music will never loose its capacity to cause to you drop everything you’re doing and bounce rhythmically to a stirring soundscape.

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Apr 072014

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, Guillermo Gonzalez, who goes my the moniker of Pyramyth in the realm of electronic music, has breached the surfaced with his long-awaited EP, ‘Pharaoh’. Following up on his massive Simplify Recordings ‘Heavy EP’, ‘Pharaoh’ arrives on the shelves as Gonzalez’s longest solo compilation to date. Packed with a sultry and explosive blend of bass flavors from beginning to end, ‘Pharaoh’ calls out to the most ardent glitch-hop fanatics, and offers them a passage to traverse through a whirlwind of four monstrous and incendiary mid-tempo productions.

Download Here

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Mar 042014

Hailing from Southern California, Crush Effect is emerging with a sound that should not go unnoticed by any electronic music listener. ‘Until The Next’, the latest installation to their first-rate discography, showcases a crisp, polished and deeply refined sound whose influences stem and embrace aspects within multiple realms of music from dubstep, trap, and glitch-hop, to blues, funk, and soul. Truly designed to be devoured from beginning to end, Crush Effect craft an assortment of tracks that syphon an eclectic and enveloping sound through your sound system, one that could easily fall into the caliber of releases that are being unleashed by some of the top contenders in the electronic music arena. The compilation is available at a donation basis, and while you might be tempted to snag this up for free, you might want to invest something into this project as this is a movement that merits support on every level.

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Mar 032014

Kairo Kingdom, one of Germany’s skilled and versatile duos, experienced its initial rise to fame via Simplify Recordings following the release of their highly successful debut EP ‘Boombox/One Two’. Since, Kairo Kingdom has been rapidly circulating through the realm of electronic music, stamping its style and sound onto numerous remixes and original productions alike. Today marks the release of their latest compilation, ‘I Love You/BeBe’, a gruesome mid-tempo gem that delivers a floor-rattling dose of shuddering frequencies, explosive breakdowns, and fiery chops, all packed into two first-rate productions. Stream the EP courtesy of Simplify Recordings and download an official copy on Beatport.

Download ‘I Love You/BeBe’ Here

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Feb 242014

This year we have been delivered a handful of album releases from some of electronic music’s top performers, from The Glitch Mob and Big Gigantic, to Gramatik and SAVOY. Yet in the midst of all those compilations, it should be argued that The Noisy Freaks‘s highly anticipated ‘Straight Life’ album rivals the recent albums of those previously mentioned artists, and perhaps even surpasses them in the level of musical complexity, diversity, and ingenuity that it embraces.

‘Straight Life’ was recently released via Tasty Records and yes, it will undoubtedly receive less attention than Big G’s ‘The Night Is Young’ and The Glitch Mob’s ‘Love Death Immortality’. But if you take a deep look into what ‘Straight Life’ has to offer, you will most likely find that it has much more to offer than the albums currently creating a buzz in the mainstream realm of electronic music.

Spanning eleven, full length and meticulously polished productions, The Noisy Freaks’s ‘Straight Life’ album is by far one of the most diverse and unique releases that has surfaced in 2014, and is easily the most advanced release, technically and musically, that the duo has put out in their entire career. ‘Straight Life’ literally offers something for every electronic music listener, satiating cravings of progressive and electro-house fans to dubstep and glitch-hop aficionados. With that said, it is ill advised to pigeonhole any piece of this compilation into a genre as it embraces influences from turntablism, swing, drum and bass, funk, soul, house, hip-hop, disco, and so much more.

A riveting chef d’oeuvre, ‘Straight Life’ epitomizes and embodies what an all-encompassing amalgamation of musical styles fused into an electronic music overtone would sound like, and in a world where free music prevails over priced music, this is the ultimate exception as there is no price-tag that could truly reflect the value of what The Noisy Freaks have birthed with ‘Straight Life’. Their debut album is available now on Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify, courtesy of Tasty Records.

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Feb 242014

Release after release, we’ve had the pleasure of reveling in the incredibly flavorful sounds of Canada’s emerging producer, Flavours. Harboring a sound that is hard to formulate into a verbal description, Flavours’s musical style brings a whole new listening experience to electronic music consumers. In his latest musical creation, Flavours tackles Adina Howard’s ‘Freak Like Me’ and flips it into a galvanizing mid-tempo groove, vibrating eardrums with bouncy percussion, seductive vocal clips, atmospheric sounds, and an overflowing dose of funk-laden passages. As always, Flavours has tossed up this release for free, and if it leaves you craving more, be sure to snag up his ‘Juice EP‘ if you missed it.

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Jan 222014

We have been highly anticipating the release of The Noisy Freaks’s forthcoming album. And while the full release is still pending, the talented French duo has given us a full listen of one of the releases on ‘Straight Life‘. With ‘French Club’, The Noisy Freaks seamlessly deviate from their usual electro-house style and create a booming, funk-landen, and melodically rich mid-tempo gem. Though this is merely one release off the album, if it is any indication of the caliber and quality of the rest of the album, we can’t expect this to be one of the best compilations of 2014. The full release will be out on Beatport, iTunes, and Spotify on the 17th of February, but for those looking to lock it down today, pre-order ‘Straight Life’ on Bandcamp.

1.The Noisy Freaks – Prelude
2. The Noisy Freaks – Love Robot
3. The Noisy Freaks – Freaks Orchestra
4. The Noisy Freaks – Straight Life
5. The Noisy Freaks – French Club
6. The Noisy Freaks – Cheer Song
7. The Noisy Freaks – Funky Kids
8. The Noisy Freaks – Bring It Back (feat. None Like Joshua)
9. The Noisy Freaks – Selection
10. The Noisy Freaks – Hell & Back
11. The Noisy Freaks – Outro (Bonne Nuit)

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