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2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Aug 142014

Detroit-native GRiZ has been on a non-stop tour between shows and festivals for the past few months. He recently took some time before the HARD Summer Music Festival in Los Angeles to do a morning show for Jason Bentley who hosts a segment at KCRW titled Morning Becomes Eclectic. To start off his funky set GRiZ showed off one of his new songs that he hasn’t quite released for download just yet called “A Fine Way to Die”. His set continued with fan favorites such as “DTW to DIA” and of course “Gettin’ Live”. GRiZ also took a break in the middle of his set to answer some questions about his music and how he got into the industry. If your a GRiZ lover I highly recommend you check out the 45 minute segment below where he jams out on his saxophone and gives us a piece of his mind.


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Aug 072014

Who needs some funk in their life? Well here’s your daily dose of saucy futuristic bass music to get your loins a-quivering. About a month ago, the trumpet-tooting beatsmith Russ Liquid unlashed a beast of album—a sexy beast, I might add—on Gramatik’s Lowtemp label. Driven by its varied percussion and synth work, the appropriately titled In Love combines a spot-on mix of sultry samples, hyper-detailed compositions, and smatterings of a hauntingly beautiful trumpet to create a musical gem that completely defies any notion of genre while incorporating elements from several of them. The deep, spacey sounds underlined by subtle bass meld together seamlessly and make this album sound like it could have been the soundtrack from a futuristic Seventies porno movie—and I mean that in the best way possible. If you’re looking for something to smoke to or just a bit of lovemaking music, grab this free download and thank the #digitalfreedom revolution. Enjoy!

Just FYI: You will have to download each track individually as there is no .zip to be found. Sorry!

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Apr 042013

Quenching the thirst of electronic music fans of all tastes, GRiZ has undeniably become one of the hottest acts to infiltrate the scene in recent times. Fueling some of the heaviest, rawest, funk-driven, and soul infused sounds, GRiZ’s ingenuity has garnered him an exponentially growing fan base and a reputation as one of the most original pioneers in the electronic music arena.

Out with his latest freebie, ‘Gettin’ Live’, the music prodigy has once again delivered a full-force, explosive, and breathtaking electronic grind. Anyone who attended Snowball Music Festival might remember Grizmatik opening their set with this track. For those of you who have yet to hear it, delve into a masterfully wobbling jam, featuring guitar solos from Muzzy and a slew of sexy instrumental grooves.

If you have yet to experience GRiZ live, and be certain that is something that is priceless, be sure to catch him on some of the remaining shows on his Spring Tour. Come summer time, GRiZ will be making appearances at some major festivals like Wakarusa, Summercamp, Governers Ball, Lighting In A Bottle, and will be making a much needed return to Electric Forest where he’ll be playing as part of a Grizmatik set.

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