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Dec 102014

Tastefully reminding us that France is beyond adequately populated with incredibly talented electronic music producers, The Noisy Freaks deliver their remix of Jamiroquai’s ‘Virtual Insanity’. The duo serves up an emblematic remix, staying true to the The Noisy Freaks’s rudimentary stylistic encompassing of funk, soul, and electro. Leaving little to nothing left to be desired, The Noisy Freaks fill the release with wiring electronic glitches, bleeps, and cuts, all position within and around bouncy funk-laden rhythms, talk-box like vocal snippets, and enveloping bass notes, all mixed to you leave swathed in a cocoon of essential musical nourishment.

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Apr 072014

In an effort to raise funds to release his first, official album, Canada’s JNL has compiled a compilation of some of his previously released material and rare musical gems, and has generously tossed them up in return for donations of any amount. For those not familiar with the name, JNL has garnered a dedicated following by providing a steady and consistent stream of priceless electronic compositions that seamlessly blend elements of French house, funk, and disco into eclectic and juicy productions. ‘From The Blog’ is the second “pre album release” compilation that cycles through twenty-three must have “refunks”, collaborations, and original productions that each and every funk, disco house aficionado should get their hands on.

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Apr 022014

From the duo that brought you the fiery remixes of James Brown’s ‘People Get U’ and Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Wish’, Canada’s WET PAINT returns with yet another tasty finger-lickin remix. Reworking Pharrell’s ‘Lost Queen’ track off his recent G I R L album, WET PAINT tactfully adds a new vibrance to the original with an uplifting flow of watery melodies that trickle over a stream of bouncy percussive elements and inventive and musical use of vocal samples from the original. In typical WET PAINT fashion, the remix is up for grabs and is the perfect release to lure you into the swing of spring time weather.

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Mar 262014


Lo and behold the latest creation from the now Colorado based electro, funk and soul blending music extraordinaire, Kill Paris. This release disrupts a brief period of inactivity since his preceding remix of Far East Movement’s ‘There Will Be No Rain’‘ and beautifully illustrates why Kill Paris has and continues to absorb and garner the support of electronic music listeners, even as they wait through months of no new material. His spin on French duo Carbon Airways’s cycles through a flood a seemingly familiar Kill Paris sounds: crisp and punchy percussion, tactfully and harmoniously sliced vocal samples, and explosions of scintillating and glistening synth work.

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Mar 222014

Over the past year, 21 year-old Australian producer, Paisley, has created an array of tracks illustrating the true beauty of simplicity. Paisley’s new song, “With You” features some funky jazz clarinet samples perfectly laid over a solid beat. This producer definitely knows how to make a beat, as the arrangement beautifully highlights the strong rhythmic quality of the song. If you like this track you can download it for free by following this link -> Free Download. You should also check out Paisleys new EP “Beach Holiday” now partially released on SoundCloud.

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Feb 242014

This year we have been delivered a handful of album releases from some of electronic music’s top performers, from The Glitch Mob and Big Gigantic, to Gramatik and SAVOY. Yet in the midst of all those compilations, it should be argued that The Noisy Freaks‘s highly anticipated ‘Straight Life’ album rivals the recent albums of those previously mentioned artists, and perhaps even surpasses them in the level of musical complexity, diversity, and ingenuity that it embraces.

‘Straight Life’ was recently released via Tasty Records and yes, it will undoubtedly receive less attention than Big G’s ‘The Night Is Young’ and The Glitch Mob’s ‘Love Death Immortality’. But if you take a deep look into what ‘Straight Life’ has to offer, you will most likely find that it has much more to offer than the albums currently creating a buzz in the mainstream realm of electronic music.

Spanning eleven, full length and meticulously polished productions, The Noisy Freaks’s ‘Straight Life’ album is by far one of the most diverse and unique releases that has surfaced in 2014, and is easily the most advanced release, technically and musically, that the duo has put out in their entire career. ‘Straight Life’ literally offers something for every electronic music listener, satiating cravings of progressive and electro-house fans to dubstep and glitch-hop aficionados. With that said, it is ill advised to pigeonhole any piece of this compilation into a genre as it embraces influences from turntablism, swing, drum and bass, funk, soul, house, hip-hop, disco, and so much more.

A riveting chef d’oeuvre, ‘Straight Life’ epitomizes and embodies what an all-encompassing amalgamation of musical styles fused into an electronic music overtone would sound like, and in a world where free music prevails over priced music, this is the ultimate exception as there is no price-tag that could truly reflect the value of what The Noisy Freaks have birthed with ‘Straight Life’. Their debut album is available now on Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify, courtesy of Tasty Records.

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Feb 242014

Release after release, we’ve had the pleasure of reveling in the incredibly flavorful sounds of Canada’s emerging producer, Flavours. Harboring a sound that is hard to formulate into a verbal description, Flavours’s musical style brings a whole new listening experience to electronic music consumers. In his latest musical creation, Flavours tackles Adina Howard’s ‘Freak Like Me’ and flips it into a galvanizing mid-tempo groove, vibrating eardrums with bouncy percussion, seductive vocal clips, atmospheric sounds, and an overflowing dose of funk-laden passages. As always, Flavours has tossed up this release for free, and if it leaves you craving more, be sure to snag up his ‘Juice EP‘ if you missed it.

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Jan 272014

Over the weekend one of Colorado’s emerging electronic music artists, Vibe Street, preformed his first “all-original live set” at The 1up in Denver. He released the mix of that recent live set, which spans a little over an hour, and if Vibe Street is a name that has not met your eyes and has not graced your ears, delve into this mix headfirst to get a taste of the musical flavors he’s bringing to the table. A full serving of this electro, soul, funk and folk, genre-blending mix will nourish and instantly replenish your energy reserves.

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Jan 142014

Coming off their incredibly sultry and finely-tuned EP, ‘Right Beneath Your Feet‘, Colorado’s Krooked Drivers has resurfaced in full force with a staggering new remix. Spanning over six minutes, the Denver based duo has created a enveloping release, mapping verses from DMX’s ‘Where The Hood At’ and seductive guitar licks from Albert King’s ‘I’ll Play the Blues for You’ over a fiery electro, funk and soul infused soundtrack.

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Jan 042014

In the weeks preceding the arrival of 2014, UK’s Star Slinger released a series of four track edits titled numerically from I-IV. And while each edit has been floating around individually, we are now able to revel in each and every one, from beginning to end, as they have been arranged into a mini compilation for our listening pleasure. Each edit offers a rejuvenating assortment of sounds from house and disco to the enlivening vibrations of funk and jazz, a fascinating musical display where Star Slinger effortlessly captures sounds from all corners of music and elegantly unifies them to create a series four splendid electronic productions. ‘IV’ and the rendition of Sade’s ‘Smooth Operator’, ‘III’, cater to some personal tastes but each of these edits can be consumed with an irresistible enjoyment.

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