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Jul 082013

Serving as one of the foremost sources for electronic music, Audiophile Live has consistently provided the community with first-rate productions from under the radar producers with tremendous talent. Gathering artists whose sounds fall into a variety of genres, the label caters to electronic tastes of all sorts, be it for something heavy or something light. The latest freebie from the label comes from Norwegian producer H3Y!, a virtually unknown name but one that shows promising potential. An explosive and seismic complextro tune, H3Y!’s ‘Cool Drinks’ rattles with brutal and electrifying breakdowns that are balanced by crystalline melodic bursts and high-pitched synths, delivering a mint and intricately detailed composition that grab the attention of those who enjoy thrilling electro productions.

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Apr 142013

Perhaps one of the most talented up-and-coming producers in the industry at the moment, Au5 has fueled some of the most polished and gruesome productions in recent times. His latest remix of Shockone’s ‘Lazerbeam’ finally hit the shelves earlier today via Viper Recordings. As usual, Au5 puts together a monstrous dubstep hit adding another brutal hit to his recent line of releases. If you’re not familiar with Au5, take the pleasure in getting acquainted with the youthful visionary and be sure to check out some of his notorious collaborations with I.Y.F.F.E.

Shockone – Lazerbeam (feat. Metrik & Kyza) (Au5 Remix)

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Oct 132012

On numerous occasions I’ve noticed that people get impatient with electronic music. They strain to sit through progressions, hear out the build up, and while I agree that you often need something that gets you hooked and moving immediately, hidden musical gems, in my experience, are found in tracks that are built to tell an auditory tale, the ones that cycle through unpredictable stages and sounds to keep your ears in a state of suspense. As we’ve previously stated, and as you might already know, no one does this quite as well as the young French virtuoso, BioBlitZ.

Distributed through Funk Sound Recordings earlier this week, BioBlitZ’s remix of Montee’s ‘Blow Up The Fest’ is a perfect example of how electro gems are created through detailed engineering. (This is just a side note, but if you ever listened to the French duo ‘Air‘, as I did, and are currently an ardent electro fan, BioBlitZ’s style is the perfect recipe for your liking.) BioBlitZ keeps the degree of complexity extremely high in his productions, you’re not going to call his next move. If you think you’ve heard the drop in this one, then you probably only made it two minutes through.

While the intro is carried by soft electronic keys, BioBlitZ brings about the first breakdown in a subtle fashion, adding fragments of sound that only hint at what is to come. After a growling brake, he clashes the bass leads and present melodies with electronic bleeps, glitchy crackles, vintage synths, vocal chops, and crunchy wobbles in harmony, with so much funk and so much soul, once again, creating a groove unlike any other and something that I like to call, a chef ‘oeuvre.

If you haven’t noticed, the French have an untouchable army of electronic producers strapped with a brilliant musical imagination. There is so much fresh and creative talent coming out of that country, it’s remarkable. Anyhow, head over to Beatport for a copy of BioBlitZ’s latest release, which has already been featured in Beatport’s Top 10 Must Hear Electro-House chart this week, and rightfully so. Such a great track and a perfect tune to set you off for your Saturday festivities. Stay tuned! BioBlitZ is soon to release a tribute track to all of his fans to thank them for getting him to three-thousand Facebook likes. A freebie is in works! But in the mean time, turn this one up, show some support, and pick up some freebies if you’ve missed out on them. Enjoy.


Oct 072012

While we wait for Savant’s forthcoming album, The Alchemist, which will be his fifth album installment this year, a truly amazing feat in itself, dampen the anticipation with his latest remix freebie, an electro revamp of Danger’s ‘4h30’. If you’re a Savant fan, which people are becoming increasingly fast, then you’re probably asking the same question that many of his followers, me included, are wondering; how on earth does he put out so much content and keep it consistently powerful, fresh, and unique?

No one quite knows the answer to this question but what we can be certain of, is that Savant will always live up to what his name implies. He is abnormally proficient in electronic music production and his output rate is unmatched by any current producer. Seriously, you couldn’t name an artists who puts out as much content as he does. There is no end in sight for Savant, so if you haven’t become acquainted with this unparalleled musical mastermind, get on board and stay tuned for his forthcoming album set to release on the twelfth of Decemeber. Make sure to grab this one for free and pick up some freebies. ☺ Enjoy ☺

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Oct 062012

I have to say, and while many of you will disagree, as much as I love Dada Life, I really wasn’t feeling the vocals in their latest single, ‘Feed The Dada’. But that’s just me. And nothing against Dada because male vocals in electro just don’t do it for me most of the time. Needless to say, Spaveech, with his remix wizardry, puts a spin on ‘Feed the Dada’ that makes it into a massive moombah tune.

Not to long ago we featured his remix of Alesso’s ‘City of Dreams’, an electro remix masterpiece in itself. This is his latest remix, and like his previous ones, he incorporates so many tracks into one production, if it wasn’t for his own original sounds, you could venture and call it a mash-up. You’ll hear a couple of Dada Life tracks and some excerpts from, arguably, dubstep’s most famous producer, who was recently featured in Forbes magazine. If you missed his previous remix give it and play and be sure to snag these up for free. Spaveech is only hinting at potential greatness that his talents could bring us in the near future, so stay tuned. Who knows what he’ll bring next, but after this, you can assure yourself it’ll be huge. Enjoy.


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Oct 062012

Need some soothing and revitalizing sounds? Why not, and with Soulero, how could you ever go wrong? I have yet to find a time and place where his music is not appropriate. In all seriousness, it has been quite the privilege to be exposed to someone so young, with so much talent, and an ear for music that results in some of the best electro currently storming the market.

If you’re not familiar with Soulero, this Sweedish born producer has truly crafted an inimitable style. His productions explode with feeling and emotion while keeping a gentle but crunchy electro sound. He has mastered the art of using female vocals, so subtly, but in such a way it leaves you engulfed in a moving and passion filled musical experience.

This is his latest single which was released on Monstercat. If you’re a Soulero fan, this is another magnificent tune, which like all his others, is packed with a feeling of elation and gaiety. If you’re new to Soulero, be sure to pick up some of his other songs after giving this a play. ‘The World’ is Soulero at his best where he uses melodies, echoing vocals, and an energetic electro flow to keep you wrapped in a state of bliss. Again, there is no better way to start off the day so turn this one up, pick up some freebies, and if you missed his EP collaboration with The Noisy Freaks, be sure to pick it up for free; it’s a MUST HAVE. ☺Enjoy☺


Sep 272012

For the most part, many of us witnessed OVERWERK make an explosive appearance onto the electronic music scene and have since watched him expand the reach of his influence to the masses. His releases are plentiful, growing in number, and becoming increasingly polished in quality, sound, and style. For anyone unfamiliar with OVERWERK, this Canadian producer should be an act you keep your eyes on for it is only a matter of time before he takes his rightful place on the festival circuits.

Earlier this week OVERWERK released a bundle of free tracks that he has been playing out in his live shows. Mashup packs like these are great since as they give you a of taste of what an artists brings to the live setting. You’ll hear sounds from the likes of Porter Robinson, ARTY, Mat Zo, Mord Fustang, Alesso, and OVERWERK himself, mixed into a series of incredible electro mashups. Pick up the bundle for free and if you’re not familiar with OVERWERK, snag up some free downloads, and get on board with one of the most promising sounds coming up in EDM.

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