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Dec 182013

It it ill advised to allow for a Party Ghost release to escape you. The young and musically virtuous producer has been a highlight for the electronic music community for the past couple of years and if his sounds have yet to reach your plate, put it on your agenda to get acquainted. Party Ghost has lifted the spirits of many with a continuos stream of galvanizing and eclectic electronic productions, and because there is no genre that can completely describe his style, you really have to soak in a bunch of his work to get an accurate feel for what “Ghost House”, as it is called, is really all about. ‘Static’ was released this week and for listeners new and old, the Ghost has returned with an electrifying and booming electro freebie.

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Dec 092013

It has been a while since a Tannk release found its way on this thread. We first encountered his sounds upon the release of his ‘Skyfall‘ remix and have since followed the stream of his releases. ‘Without You’ surfaced recently and Tannk has put together an entrancing melodic dubstep freebie that showcases a dramatic refinement and evolution of his sounds.

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Nov 292013

It has been a while since we’ve heard any original productions from xKore but this short hiatus has ended with the arrival of his sizzling 4×4 EP. The tracks on the EP have been circulating for a few days and have now been posted to SoundCloud for free. If you missed some of them earlier on in the week, check what xKore has been working on throughout the months. If you’re craving some high intensity bass productions, look no further than what is before you.

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Nov 292013

If the arrival of this VIP doesn’t jog your memory back to March when we were gifted with the original production, today is a great way to refresh your memory with a double dose of ‘Hummingbird’. The original production saw its release via Monstercat and stirred up a wave up acclaim as Tut Tut Child and Augustus Ghost created a spell-binding, melodic dubstep production. As a Thanksgiving treat, Tut Tut Child tossed up a brutal dubstep VIP that compliments the original with a heavier and more aggressive flow. Check them both out and snag up the VIP for free.

Download Here

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Nov 292013

There are so many peerless productions oozing out of the CloZee camp. The talented French visionary never fails to create a gripping and engrossing production and her latest remix only further showcases her ability to craft detailed electronic compositions. While this may start off with a dreamy and sedative flow, CloZee slips in a crushing dose of mechanized grinds, bleeps, and glitchy soundscapes that work effortlessly with Chet Faker’s vocals to create a snarling new remix. As always, the release is up for free download.

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Nov 292013

The debilitating Thanksgiving feasts may be gone but there is always room to gobble up some OVERWERK. The latest EP from the Canadian powerhouse arrives in a spectacular fashion, serving up four incredibly polished and energy rich electro-house productions designed for an electrifying and thrilling auditory perusal. ‘Conquer’ is a phenomenal follow up to OVERWERK’s ‘After Hours EP‘ and is a gem of a compilation that should not escape the ears of any ardent electro-house fan.

Download ‘Conquer EP’ Here

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Nov 252013

Paying homage to one of his admired musical figures, Texas’s Psymbionic has regenerated Peter Frampton’s 1970’s hit with a touch of funk-flavored, mid-tempo vibrations. The original production has been sitting in musical archives for over thirty-five years and Psymbionic tastefully feeds portions of the original through a template that gives birth to a delicious and stomping “funkhop” production. Frampton himself gave shout-out to Psymbionic via Twitter with three gracious words: “I LOVE THIS”. We agree fully. Definitely be sure to snag this up.

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Nov 252013

If you have not heard heard and seen Kanye’s ‘Bound 2’, you could very well consider yourself spared. To those of you who consider have having the misfortune of hearing/veiwing it, we can agree that it will always be in desperate need of a major musical facelift. Regardless of the population you fall in, if your in need of song that will revitalize your mood and replenish your energy reserves, indulge in Solidisco’s take on ‘Bound 2’ as they seamlessly blend enriching and uplifting disco stylings into a track that seems to lack any coherent musical backbone. As always, the release is up for free. Enjoy!

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Nov 192013

This arrives on here with the acknowledgement that there have probably been far too many ‘Closer’ remixes than needed. And if you followed that stream, they may have become repetitive and tiresome but, Rocket Pimp slaps a fresh imprint of his explosive style onto the original. Up for free download, the UK producer carefully works pieces of the original into a heavy-hitting mid-tempo grind.

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Nov 192013

If these are the kind of tracks that ak9 is stacking up to pass the time, we can only imagine what is in store for us when we get a taste of the productions that have been meticulously crafted. Pieced together during a slump of boredom, ak9 latest remix once again showcases his ability to step into another genre of electronic music and walk out with a huge production. We’ve seen a range of releases from the producer on this thread and this only adds to the diversity of his catalog. If you’re in need of a potent and powerful trap style elixir, drink up ak9’s rendition of Carnage’s ‘Mara’.

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