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1. tending to intoxicate or make giddy or elated.
2. marked by or showing good judgment.
3. intellectually stimulating or demanding.

Jan 142014

Coming off their incredibly sultry and finely-tuned EP, ‘Right Beneath Your Feet‘, Colorado’s Krooked Drivers has resurfaced in full force with a staggering new remix. Spanning over six minutes, the Denver based duo has created a enveloping release, mapping verses from DMX’s ‘Where The Hood At’ and seductive guitar licks from Albert King’s ‘I’ll Play the Blues for You’ over a fiery electro, funk and soul infused soundtrack.

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Jan 132014

This is too smooth to snooze. mononome has returned with a lengthy freebie production that’ll inundate your senses with a rich and lush combination of soothing beats, hypnotic, jazz flavored melodies, and elegant samples. The Greek beatmaker has been leading the frontier in his respective style and if there is any certainty surrounding his status, it’s that he will continue to be a prominent presence this year.

Download ‘We Forgot To Be’ Here

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Jan 122014

Music discovery can be a long and tedious process when you’re looking for something that hits the spot just right and fits the mood perfectly. Romo’s fourth beat tape rolls in with a slew of tracks that are geared toward easing one’s efforts in finding something that is simultaneously soothing and musically stimulating.

‘Afterthoughts’ is a ten track compilation packed with a range of sounds hovering around the trip-hop and downtempo domain. With punching beats, lively melodies, and a stream of appetizing samples, Romo’s latest EP offers an arrangement of glowing productions that can be enjoyed from beginning to end without cessation.

Download ‘Afterthoughts EP’ Here

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Jan 042014

An unwavering and revered presence in the realm of music, Uppermost continues to astonish his base of listeners with successive releases of magnificent caliber. A truly dexterous and versatile producer, the French visionary has gifted us with a stimulating new release that penetrates your ear canal with vibrations that are heavily concentrated with heartening melodies, emotive vocal bits, and inspiring electronic frequencies. Striving to find the right dosage of music that’ll uproot any dormant, malicious trains of thought? ‘Reminder’ offers the perfect panacea for a cloudy conscious and more.

Download ‘Reminder’ Here

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Jan 042014

In the weeks preceding the arrival of 2014, UK’s Star Slinger released a series of four track edits titled numerically from I-IV. And while each edit has been floating around individually, we are now able to revel in each and every one, from beginning to end, as they have been arranged into a mini compilation for our listening pleasure. Each edit offers a rejuvenating assortment of sounds from house and disco to the enlivening vibrations of funk and jazz, a fascinating musical display where Star Slinger effortlessly captures sounds from all corners of music and elegantly unifies them to create a series four splendid electronic productions. ‘IV’ and the rendition of Sade’s ‘Smooth Operator’, ‘III’, cater to some personal tastes but each of these edits can be consumed with an irresistible enjoyment.

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Jan 042014

A few months ago we had the pleasure of premiering ‘MARAUDER‘, a blazing EP from the DMV’s passion-driven Trill Edgar. The sample based producer is leaving no stone unturned and has been steadily serving up new, fiery productions onto the plates of listeners within his growing fan base. ‘Passin Through The City’ surfaces as one of Edgar’s latest singles, a rumbling and gritty spin on The Pharcyde’s ‘Passin’ Me By’, seasoned in length succulent synths, galvanizing bass, and smooth percussion.

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Dec 242013

This is one of many holiday musical treats that we’re going to get and the bar has been set high with this one. Leave it up to Spain’s EH!DE to flip one of the most staple Christmas songs into a brutal and crushing masterpiece. EH!DE has had a tremendous year, tossing up freebies left and right, releasing EPs, and now he wraps up the year with one of the most explosive renditions of Jingle Bells. Definitely be sure to snag this up and share the holiday cheer with this monstrous bass freebie.

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Dec 232013

Before the year wraps up, SubVibe has returned to give us some massive sounds to roll in the new year with. While the duo has been relatively silent for the last few months, ‘Conflict’ unleashes a crippling and booming storm of ricocheting sounds that whirl together to create a shuddering and snarling glitch-hop freebie. With a new look, and some new sounds, SubVibe is sure to surface again in 2014 with some seismic productions.

Download ‘Conflict’ Here

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Dec 232013

Earlier in the month, in a conversation we had with Electric Joy Ride, the producer mentioned that we should expect to hear some new sounds from him arising from a new region of electronic music. ‘I’m Still Alive’ contrasts Electric Joy Ride’s electro-house catalog with a chilling and heavy dubstep backbone though the release is adequately balanced with a gripping melodic undertone, a signature aspect of the UK producer’s sound.

‘Download ‘I’m Still Alive’ Here’

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Dec 192013

Lo and behold the latest compilation from the dexterous Denver duo Bass Physics, a presence soaring up the ranks among musical contemporaries in Colorado. Comprised of A.P. “Applied Physics” Adair and Luke “DataBass” Sims, Bass Physics embodies the mentality of spreading positivity through the outlet of music and with an astonishing display of musicality, the duo does just that with their ‘Where Do We Turn EP’.

Spanning four sultry and intricate productions, the duo crafts a potent blend of soulful undertones, electronic vibrations, and polished instrumentation that hits with a gentle yet powerfully gritty grind; a compelling musical aphrodisiac for any electronic music consumer. For those of you spending New Year’s Eve at Decadence in Colorado in a couple of weeks, Bass Physics is not to be missed. Catch them at the Bass Arena on December 30th.

Download Where Do We Turn EP Here

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