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Aug 302012

Tracks like this make you wonder, what methodology did Zedd and his team use to determine the winner of the ‘Spectrum’ Beatport Remix Contest? With over two-thousand submissions, it’s hard to believe that every remix received equal review and consideration. I’m sure many were ruled out after thirty seconds of play but that doesn’t account for all the other remixes that were well produced and tastefully mixed. While Shreddie Mercury bathes in the glory of victory, and so he should, I understand why listeners & producers alike found difficulty in accepting the contest results. Since so many submissions prevented Shreddie from obtaining a unanimous win, it only seems fit to salute them, this one included.

From new sensations like Madeon to older and more treasured acts like Daft Punk, France has furnished some of the most influential figures in EDM. This is an amazing & authentic French production, the result of a collaboration between French duo The Noisy Freaks and French producer Guillaume Cloutou, aka Blaster. As a Noisy Freaks fan and supporter, I have yet to hear a release on their behalf that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy or love. I will comment and say that I think this remix jumps into the Spectrum vocals too quickly, but with what follows, I have no additional remarks other than the fact that this is griping funk based complextro jam with a bouncy and ebullient flow. Be sure to snag a free copy.

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Aug 282012

If you have not been restless and aching with anticipation for SAVOY’s ‘Supertrail’ EP, I’m not sure what kind of forthcoming album releases you get excited about. I’d venture and guess that anyone who hasn’t been patiently waiting for this album, has yet to discover Savoy’s greatness.

Since their introduction to the electronic music scene, Savoy has distinguished themselves apart from other acts with the unique intensity of their sound, an adrenalizing and hammering rock based electro buzz, and the wave of titanic energy they disseminate during their live shows. Their following has increased exponentially as they continue to define themselves as one of the most unprecedented, brilliant, and talented acts to penetrate the electronic music platform. With groundbreaking live performances and ingenious productions, Savoy has launched themselves to a soaring altitude of stardom, towering with originality, finesse, and esteem.

Without question, this will go down as one of the best free album releases of the summer. So how do you thank Savoy for such a magnificent gift? Go to one of their shows! I guarantee you will be blow away and if you’re not, well you will be so lets leave it at that. In the meantime, check out some of the tracks on ‘Supertrail’. The EP is available for free download so snag a copy, show some support, and crank the volume dial before you hit play.


Aug 262012

“Do you do the Dada?” Recently, it seems like everyone is asking that question, and if your answer is no, then maybe champagne and bananas just aren’t for you. If you have ever had the privilege of seeing Dada Life live, then you understand why they have become the sensation that they are. Touring worldwide, releasing tremendous hits, outperforming other big name electronic artists, these are all things Dada Life does nonstop, and extremely well. If you still have yet to catch a Dada show, I can only hope that you make plans to catch at least one of their shows during their fall tour. [Tour Dates]

Accolades aside, here’s a new remix of Dada Life’s classic, ‘Fight Club Is Closed’ by Canadian artist Ali Nadem. With the exploding interest in Electro-House & Complextro, Ali Nadem was able to gain recognition as a talented and innovative producer with his unique hardcore electro style. Nadem pioneered some of the most staple sounds in Electro-House & Complextro and he remains one of the most productive and inventive producers out there. This is his massive electro remix which was recently released on his SoundCloud. Grab a free copy and while you’re at it, be sure check out Titanoz’s complextro remix, also available for free download. ☺Enjoy☺

Titanoz Remix

Aug 252012

Since we’re going to be throwing up a ton of Zedd ‘Spectrum’ remixes, it only seems appropriate to acknowledge the winner of the Beatport Remix Contest before we do so. Another personal favorite, Shreddie Mercury’s ‘Spectrum’ remix yielded the win in spite of the fact that it did not have the popular vote. Even though most spectators believed that Savant’s remix, which we will post soon, deserved the win, you have to respect all the contenders for their efforts and submissions.

With that said, and in all honesty, Shreddie’s remix is a phenomenal Electro-House track that truly deserved every ounce of the victory. Unfortunately, because his submission won, it will not be available for download as it is to be released via Interscope Records in the near future. However, as a thank you gift to all voters and supporters, Shreddie released a free track on his SoundCloud. Powerglove: Pt 2 is a perfect fusion of Electro-House and Moombah, one that should really appeal to any EDM connoisseur. Snag a free copy, peep the ‘Spectrum’ remix, and check out some of his other freebies. ☺Enjoy☺

Aug 102012

One of the many great things about Adventure Club releases is that they always bring on a massive wave of remixes. If you have yet to hear Candyland’s official remix of AC’s ‘Need Your Heart ft. Kai’, approach this track with an open mind otherwise you might be caught off guard. Candyland, the Californian duo consisting of Josie Martin & Ethan Davis, have engorged their following with a consistent delivery of hard hitting, heavy electrifying bass, and high energy masterpieces. In comparison to the sound and style of their previous tracks, this remix takes a different form with its funky progressive melodic dance feel, which gracefully unfolds into a groovy upbeat nu-disco jam. Give this is a chance and turn it up. The track is available as a free download via Candyland’s SoundCloud page. ☺Enjoy☺

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Aug 102012

If you happen to be someone who considers the task of creating a mashup to be simple and effortless, this track will certainly provoke you to reshape your opinion. Nishin Verdiano embarked on a mission to demonstrate that mashing and sampling 100 songs into a six minute mix could be successfully and tastefully accomplished. Verdiano puts together a mix that has to be one of the most complex and perfectly composed mashups I have ever heard. Combining the sounds of Franz Ferdinand, Queen, Jay-Z, POD, and Linkin Park, to more familiar EDM icons like Daft Punk, Justice, Tiesto, Knife Party, and Deadmau5, this track left me utterly speechless to say the least. If you have any appreciation or liking for mashups, I highly and fervently recommend you to listen and download this track.

Free Download

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Aug 092012

Again and again, release after release, Christian Srigley & Leighton James, the masterminds behind the fast rising dubstep electrto duo Adventure Club, mesmerize their fan base and keep their followers enthralled with an energetically captivating and invigorating style. By entrancing the EDM community with their explosive and enlivening sound, Adventure Club has navigated to a plane where they are recognized with reverence and praised with adoration and acclaim. They have surmounted and broken through the boundaries of genre classifications by integrating various musical influences into a sound that truly resonates as their own. This is their latest release that will hit home for any AC fan and any EDM enthusiast for that matter. ☺Enjoy☺

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Aug 092012

I may speak for myself when I say I’ve been seriously craving a Feed Me fix. Can you blame me? Ever since Feed Me’s music landed on the table for my ears to feast on, it has repeatedly and consistently satiated cravings that yearn for a phenomenally brilliant electro tune. Feed Me, aka Jonathan Gooch, holds a glorified and proclaimed stature in EDM with his musical prowess and ability to craft a unique sound that stands untouched or matched by the vast majority of EDM producers. This is a short but dazzling mix that aired on Annie Nightingale’s BBC Radio 1 show. It features some amazing new Feed Me tracks that will remedy anyone else suffering from insufficient levels of Feed Me saturation. ☺Enjoy☺

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